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  1. Haven't been to Manhattan in thirty years, huh?
  2. Yeah, and no dead baby jokes either. Matter of fact, no references to children at all, because you know, every time you mention one, somewhere one dies. Do opinions get you banned or just jokes?
  3. I know! And Sanchez put up 13 points, too! How do you NOT win a game when you score THIRTEEN points?? Besides, looking back, Sanchez must have done a pretty damned good job of tackling since the Broncos scored 17 points on 229 yds of total offense. Dont be so hard on the Sanchize.
  4. Good for you, Spider! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtIGwNEpZdE
  5. I hope they win sixteen games. Them, the Cowboys, the Redskins are now my three favorite non-Jet teams. Sick of Giant fans and their mouths. Go Eagles.
  6. Yeah, maybe he can make it a little tougher this year to find something, huh? Because so far it hasn't exactly been Where's Waldo?
  7. All I'm saying is that for a guy that has not done anything football related since he was in a Rams uniform, he sure is good at the criticism. Yet he's not a JOURNALIST, what the hell is he? He's a glorifiied Jet fan but bad mouths them at every turn. Not that his opinion will sway Peyton Manning, but what exactly IS he trying to accomplish here? Because he sure as hell is not HELPING.
  8. Does this guy ever shut up? Jesus Christ, he threw a football for us forty years ago and people quote him like he's ******* Plato.
  9. LOL I agree with everything in this post.
  10. Let's not lose our minds. An upgrade from Umenyiora to Williams doesn't turn a middle of the road defense into the 86 Bears.
  11. Peyton Manning is a bitch if he let's cold weather be the deciding factor. How many HORRIBLE weather games do we play at home anyway? Even many December games are like forty degrees. Is he really that much of a pussy? Maybe Eli is the superior brother...
  12. Name ten quarterbacks playing that would NOT have taken us that far. Okay, seven. Five?
  13. LOL Nope, they got Uday and Qusay but they didn't get Ursay!
  14. Calling a trade up to snag one of the bottom five quarterbacks in the league over the last three seasons one of the "bolder and smarter moves this franchise has made" is just about the dumbest thing I've ever read. Someone please guess which alias this guy uses to post on Jetnation. I have several but those would be personal attacks and unfortunately, will get me banned.
  15. DMC Thread Should Have gotten a mention...That post went on forever
  16. Not even Broadway Joe could make this offense click on all cylinders? We're not asking for all cylinders, that's way too much to hope for, but how about a few? How many cylinders are there anyway? Twelve? Anyone know? I don't even know her point, is she saying that Brees or Rogers couldn't save this offense? Does she really think locker room finger pointing is why Sanchez is a terrible QB? How much locker room finger pointing has there been throughout his career. If anything, this kid has had his a$$ kissed from the time he arrived right up until Holmes threw his little hissy fit. I love this generation and how all of their failures have not being "supported and nurtured" enough at their root. Unreal. Placating his receivers with poorly timed passes?????? Can someone explain THAT sentence to me? I don't even know where to begin on that one. Does she really think Mark Sanchez, is sitting back in the pocket going, "Gotta get this baw to Holmes, he's been weally, weally sad watewy." Again, how long have his receivers been "temperamental"? And how long has he flat out sucked? In one paragraph she says that he has made strides this year and in the next she says that the wide receivers and/or Schotty are mostly to blame for his failures, the fact that he has made poor decision, forced the ball and can still only make one-read progressions after THREE full years as an NFL QB being the other culprits (but hey, those are little things) Can everyone be a writer? What are the qualifications? Good sentence structure?
  17. I'm sure he said the same thing on that swinger's website...
  18. Any thread started by Favorite Toon is my choice.
  19. Every guy in the D league is going to be Jeremy Lin. That's MY theory.
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