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  1. One drive that accounted for 45 percent of the Dolphins total offense for the game is your idea of our defense being ripped to shreds huh? Tom Brady completed SIXTEEN passes IN A ROW against your defense. You were HORRIBLE.
  2. But the Niners didn't win the Super Bowl, how could they?
  3. Alright you're going astray here. The Jets gave up six points for the first three quarters of the game. Tell me what injuries did the Giants have during the Championship game and the Super Bowl? List them and I'll shut up forever.
  4. Oh, we got Tebowed on one drive during a game in which they scored 10 points for the first 58 minutes means the defense is bad, right? Maybe if we scored more than 13 goddamned points ourselves, we wouldn't have been in that position in the first place. Like as if EVERY drive during a football game doesn't COUNT.
  5. If you want to say the Giant defense is better fine. But the idea is that the Jets defense is better being the "funniest thing you've ever heard" either means you are ******* dumb or that you haven't heard many funny things, which is sad. You're right, the Giants won the Super Bowl, so clearly they have the leagues best defense. That makes sense. The Super Bowl winner always has the league's best everything, right down to the trainers and ballboys.
  6. Yeah, the Dolphins offense was KILLING us. They scored six points in the first three quarters. Matt Moore threw for 135 yards for the game and their leading rusher ran for 55 yards. I was mortified. You have no credibility and I should stop typing here but I won't. "Take away Revis and I like our secondary." That's hilarious. Are you taking David Harris away from the equation at linebacker as well? Your linebackers were SO lightning fast they must have run themselves right past ballcarriers since you gave up 4.5 a carry this year. Or was that the fault of your amazing defensive line? Meanwhile, our slow linebackers held opponents to 3.9 a carry. Or was that our horrible defensive line? What injuries did the Giants have in those games? With such an amazing array of talent on the Giants and such a lack of talent on the Jets, again, it is amazing that you guys finished as one of the bottom five defenses in football as we finished as one of the top five. I think it's hysterical that you point to an injury here and there as the reason why your defense was so absolutely putrid during the regular season yet injuries that lead DIRECTLY to wins for you, you discount almost entirely. The fact that you think that it's not even ARGUABLE and actually LAUGHABLE that the Jets have the better defense can be either explained by one of three ways: A) You are a delusional homer. B)You are fifteen years old. C) You say things just to say THINGS BTW The idea of going man for man on when evaluating the strength of a defense is assinine.
  7. 1) In your first video, I could have made that throw. 2) Funny how there is no video of his "highlights" from the rest of that game. He was HORRIFIC for most of it, if you remember. 3) That throw to Edwards was not a great throw by any stretch of the imagination.
  8. What throws? How many starting QB's in the league can you NOT say that about? You talk about playoff records as if he's Bob Gibson. Do you really think Mark Sanchez "won" those games?
  9. You really didn't refute the most important aspect of my post, you know that, right? Hard to play defense when you're on the field all the time and your QB throws two interceptions to 300 lb. linemen. Did you even watch the Dolphin game? Ginn plays, Giants lose. Gronk is healthy, Giants lose. No doubt.
  10. You want to cherry pick games? Okay. Seattle hung a thirty six on you, the Redskins blew you out twice, the Saints score fifty on you, the Cowboys put up a thirty four on you, the Packers a thirty eight, even the Niners scored 27 the first time around and you let Vince Young go 23 for 36 for 250 yards and two tds. You a$$ lucked your way to the Lombardi trophy. Your amazing defense barely beat the 49ers despite having one of the best punt returners in football replaced by a guy that basically handed you the game. You played a New England team without their best weapon in a guy that had perhaps the best year in the history of football at his position. It's amazing with how horrible the Jets are at every defensive position that they managed to finish fifth in the league in total defense, despite being on the field all the time. Imagine if they had the talent the Giants have... My original post was actually playing devil's advocate. I knew it woud be a provocative statement. The fact that you think it's so absurd makes you delusional.
  11. It's not? Tell me more about that. Since it's so funny, obviously this should be a layup for a genius such as yourself. Here I'll help you. During the regular season, the Jets were the fifth ranked defense in the NFL. The Giants, 27th. The Giants have an offense that actually scores and keeps their defense off the field. And yet still, 27th. The Jets on the other hand had one of the worse offenses in football, one so bad that their defense was just finishing their second sip of Gatorade and then putting their helmets back on. You think Eli goes 9 for 27 against the Giants? Obviously, you are the one that is drinking something since you are laughing where there is no joke. And the fact that my post was "the funniest you've ever read" makes me feel sorry for you on a few levels.
  12. I guess you didn't see his game at Virginia. Washington State? Stanford?
  13. If there's hope for Sanchez, then there is hope for almost EVERY bottom five QB, past and present. Yes, by all means, let's wait.
  14. LOL That's great, I mean, awesome. If being in the top 20% of something makes you elite, then, yeah, Eli Manning is elite. But that also makes Angel Pagan one of the elite hitters in baseball. And we all know you can't spell elite without the el at the end of Angel.
  15. I don't think his point was whether Welker's catch would have sealed the game. I think his point was that the perception of Eli being an "elite" quarterback and Hall of Famer is such a fragile thing that easily could have broken if Welker makes that catch and the Giants go on to lose the game. He's the same QB either way but, in one instance he's the greatest thing on two legs and in the other he's the quarterback of a team that was seven and seven and being excoriated by many people, made a lucky run in the playoffs aided by a rookie punt returner and LOST a Super Bowl while only scoring fourteen points (which was INCREDIBLY close to happening) If Welker makes that catch the Giants are almost definitely losing that game and if any of you say that you would bet the other way, I want to know what odds you'd be taking back. Definitely not even money. Let's not even discuss the fact that in all of "Eli Manning's" playoff wins, his team gave up less than twenty points. Most games the opposing offense scored 17 or less. He's a the quarterback of a team that has played great defense, not Bob Gibson. As far as him being "elite", I have no idea what that means, so he may very well be.
  16. I thought the Giants proved that you need guys that can throw and catch the football. But then again, I heard that this guy plays like a bowling ball with butcher knives, so I'm psyched.
  17. If Gronkowski plays, you win.
  18. Luckily, I work for the IRS. Thanks for making my job easier, buddy! Max, I'll need his IP address, thanks. As for me, I had Pats 0, Giants 7 and Pats 0, Giants 3. That safety ******* killed me and possibly cost me anywhere from 625 to 1875 dollars.
  19. Gronkowski's healthy, Giants lose. You can't take away a teams best weapon, one who had maybe the best season in history at his position and then laud the defense for being awesome.
  20. Did Rex Grossman throw for 400 yards or 500 yards against them, I don't remember... Am I the only idiot that still responds to this guys posts, by the way?
  21. I rooted for the Giants the first time. Was in Boston at a conference and my company was holding a Super Bowl party in a ballroom at the Marriott. Surrounded by Patriot fans IN Boston, I couldn't help but root for the Giants to ruin their perfect season. Was a great game. However, this year it will be the Pats I will be (half-heartedly) rooting for, since I can't watch anything without having a rooting interest beyond rooting for Patriot 0's and Giants 3's or 7's at the end of every quarter. Why the Pats? Well, at least I've never had to endure a Patriot fan, at a gf's family dinner refer to me as a "stupid Jets fan", countering every argument I made as to why the Jets COULD beat the Patriots with "well that's because you're a stupid Jets fan". Giant fans are so f'ing arrogant and the Giants are the darlings of NYC again, I just can't root for them or THAT. Go Pats.
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