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  1. Yeah, and Trent Dilfer won the Super Bowl.
  2. Showing up and taking the division from them might be nice as well. Maybe I'm projecting....
  3. Yeah, we need a pass rusher in the WORST way. I mean we gave up TWO HUNDRED yards per game passing A total sieve! If the Pats had our pass defense, they'd be undefeated and the best team of all time. This is only a minor overstatement. A second running back to go with Greene is also impossible to find. Have no idea where we would find a second running back. There just aren't any. When you have one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, it's obvious the thing that is going to get you over the hump is a second running back.
  4. Then all those of teams you mentioned are Super Bowl ready...
  5. I wonder if the whole being-in-the-same-division-as-Brady/Belichick thing would be incentive, deterrent or indifferent.
  6. The Jets beat the Colts. I assume you didn't watch the game, so let me tell you, Sanchez did not beat Manning in any way, shape or form that night. As a matter of fact, his receivers would have had to be twelve feet tall for him to have a game in which you can say he beat Manning. But write what you want. It's bound to stick.
  7. You would think so. Of course I have no idea what the Pats and Packers excuse is then. My original post was in response to the notion that Eli is a better quarterback than Peyton because of "his" amazing playoff record.
  8. Okay, I'll tell you. Those are the number of points given up by the Giant's defense in all seven of ELI MANNING'S single-handed playoff victories. Five games giving up 17 or less. Three games 14 or less. Not one game over twenty points. Eli won those games, right? While we're at it, 4-2 is better than 9-10, agreed? I love when people quote QB's playoff records as if they were boxers or tennis players.
  9. Here are some more: 2, 20, 17 Recognize them now?
  10. 14, 17, 20, 14 Know what those numbers are?
  11. What it comes down to is: those that are faint of heart and think that doing the "safe" thing is always being smart - The Mangeniuses that would rather die the death of a thousand cuts vs those that are willing to take their chances that one of the top five quarterbacks of all time will make a SIGNIFICANT difference over one of the worst five quarterbacks in the league RIGHT NOW. Enough of a difference to overcome some of the sacrifices it would take to get him here. I'm sure the Colts are not winning two games with Manning on the team. Borderline playoff team - at least. I'll take my chances with Manning.
  12. Where does Favorite Toon stand on this one?
  13. Did you just use O'Donnell and Boomer as reasons we shouldn't get Manning?
  14. 1) Band aids do not heal cuts or give you a new knee. Manning is a new knee. 2) Manning is not Favre 3) The Steelers' model of excellent consistency only began when they had a top five QB. Unless you're talking about how great they were for that one year with Neil O'Donnell or going back to the 70's 4) The Ravens' model of excellent consistency had netted them nothing unless you want to count their lone Super Bowl win eleven years ago, following that logic, the Jets' last two seasons have been a shining example of excellence for all the league to aspire to and emulate. 5) The days of ground and pound as a way to win in the NFL are over. This is not Wisconsin vs. Penn State 6) Having an "identity" is overrated. Scoring more points than the other team is more important. What is the Steelers' offensive identity? Do they have one?
  15. Only you would see it that way. Your sentiment WAS fake a$$ and you ARE a horrible poster, in my opinion. What are we supposed to do now, meet and fight, you jackass?
  16. Well this is high praise from the Queen of Horrible Posters. And guess what, Sensitivo, I've BEEN to New Orleans since then, have put ACTUAL money into their economy, not fake a$$ sentiment on an football discussion site. Giggity.
  17. This is the team that destroyed the (please God no) Super Bowl Champion Giants at home in a "must win" game. I swear I don't understand football. Why even bother playing the season? Just roll some dungeons and dragons dice (that game had dice, right?) pick twelve playoff teams from among the Steelers, Giants, Packers, Patriots, and Steelers (that's twelve, right?) and start there. Throw in an occasional natural disaster-destroyed community (sorry Arizona, move the franchise to Wichita, Kansas and we'll give you a looksee) and get your winner from there.
  18. How long do they need to ******* deliberate? I don't even know how many guys get the CHANCE to be one of the bottom five passers in football for three years. Never mind four, or five or however long you're willing to wait.
  19. You know who else had comparable numbers in their third year? Jason Campbell and David Carr. And tons of other mediocre quarterbacks that never turned into Eli Manning and Drew Brees. It's not hard being one of the bottom five passers in football, really it isn't. To get people to believe you can be one of the TOP five passers in football and make silly comparisons because they believe in you no matter what evidence there is to the contrary, now THAT'S a trick! I just don't know what some people see in Mark Sanchez' play that has led them to believe that he can become an elite quarterback. Or a top ten quarterback. I honestly do believe he can become a top twenty quarterback in this league, no doubt. Top twenty would be a ******* blessing. Fingers crossed!
  20. You know what else is easy to ignore? The fact that most quarterbacks who start out mediocre stay that way. It's a very long list, I'm sure. Also, if you think Eli Manning and Mark Sanchez are they same football player, then there really no point in arguing. Turnovers are okay when you also happen to consistently make big plays. And no, I wouldn't trade Revis for whatever is behind door number one.
  21. I'm sure somehow, some way, they will find a way to have him stay on with us and ruin TWO franchises at once. He can do both,, can't he? He's a genius, after all.
  22. If the risk is that high of him getting hurt "right away", who in their right mind would sign him at a very high price tag? I'm not saying you can get him on the cheap, but there's got to be some sort of middle figure or a way for teams to protect themselves. Who would do that? Desperate teams, but not the Jets, because the Jets are in such prime position for a perennial Super Bowl run, why would we possibly risk that, right? Also, I don't really understand the "five seasons of competing for the first pick in the draft" number. Is that accurate? I also think that signing Manning should mean we let go of Sanchez, unless he agrees to a pay cut.
  23. To think that the guy who punched the dude was acting as a de facto policeman and "protecting" his friends is ******* delusional. I know the behavior, I've seen it tons of times in my life. It's pussy a$$ ******* sh*t. There is no other way to describe it. That ******* guy was acting like a bitch, a thug, a lowlife, a cheapshot artist. He saw the opportunity to hit a defenseless guy and he took it. Hence his victory ******* scream, like he DID something. Gonna try and paint that as an act of self defense. Get the **** out of here.
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