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  1. I thought it was cornerbacks? I guess linebackers are the only thing you can have just the right amount of.
  2. The Tebow Winning Formula- Have your team give up 12 points a game and when they don't have the day of your life against one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL. Sounds like he's a winner alright. It's all him.
  3. Please right a wrong and let Peyton Manning come to us with a healthy neck.
  4. Yeah, unless they don't play IV for Kansas City to win.
  5. I don't think best and greatest are the same thing. To me greatest means most important. And that is Namath, hands down. Without Namath, there probably are no more Super Bowls, there definitely is no merger and professional football looks very different. No other player in any other franchise (or in any other sport, for that matter) can claim this.
  6. You may be right, his behavior may be symbolic of what is going on deep inside all of us, we just don't express it quite so dramatically. I just don't think it's healthy for a kid that age to be living and dying based on the actions of other men on a week to week or play to play basis. Yes, AJ Duhe made me cry. Mark Mosely, Dave Henderson (until Ray Knight's hit), Chuck Person, Michele Platini, Orel Hershiser, etc. but they were all either very important or HUGE games. I was a little older, though and again they were important events (as important as sports can be in the grand scheme of things). I was also not six years old at the time. Am I making too much of this?
  7. Would somebody tell that kid that it's the first game of the season? Otherwise he will grow up to be, well...me. Actually, I think the kid is a little over reactive, but I don't spend much time around children (please, Shane, no) Does anyone else's kids act like this? I know it's kind of cute, but I worry about the future of this kid's mental health.
  8. Revis can turn out to be the greatest football player of all time and it would not matter. Nothing Revis will ever do will equal what Joe Namath did for the Jets franchise and for professional football itself. Not even if Revis changes the course of pro football by holding out for the TENTH time in his career for the largest contract ever given to a homo sapien (which will happen, by my estimation in the year 2019) will that equal that one shining event in an otherwise dismal Jet universe. Namath, whether you like it or not, is the face of the franchise. That finger raised in the air while jogging off the field is one of the iconic images in all of modern sports history. It's not about being the best player. It's about being the greatest Jet. So, the next time Revis does something to change the very fabric of the NFL itself, we can re-open the argument. Super Bowl III is the one goddamned thing that makes me proud to be a Jet fan. Not just a surface pride that comes from whipping the Pats last year or going to the conference championship twice in a row, but real pride, the kind that goes straight to the bone (please, Shane, no) the kind that cannot ever be taken away.
  9. Yes, the steaks are indeed, high, Coach!
  10. Thanks, all. I really appreciate all the great feedback! Now, if I could only find something unique and interesting to say about the Jets, I'd be all set here.
  11. Nope, just the road. I had padding on my elbows and knees.
  12. It's all CGI (thank God) Falling without using your arms twenty times over two nights is hard enough!
  13. Thanks! I'm a professional actor/teacher. I met the casting director's assistant at workshop. She called me about six weeks later to audition for Lansky. The producers loved me, she said, but they liked Anatol better, for Lansky. I was almost one of the D'Alessio brothers, I've also auditioned for other recurring roles that were cut from the show. It's been an almost two-year process. Okay, I think I've been narcissistic enough. Thanks for the feedback!
  14. Yeah, I'm the idiot! When I first read the script, I was like "WHY?" and then I thought that "Hey, at least I get to be murdered by Bill Forsythe." (He's an amazing guy, by the way, really nice, everyone is, actually.) Yeah, the rest of the season is going to be crazy.
  15. I'm the second guy. The driver. Thanks, yeah. If you're gonna be in one...
  16. The Jiffy seal of approval. Mission accomplished. Thanks!
  17. A beautiful red-headed friend of mine will be completely nude.
  18. Driving those things is alot of fun. The very first time, however was not, the guy taught me how to drive in traffic. F-ing nerve wracking.
  19. The character, no. Me, had bruises on my left shoulder for two weeks.
  20. I'll be driving with one of the main characters at the head of a shipment of booze. I'm only in one episode as it's impossible for me to continue.
  21. I know I'm one of the lesser known posters here, but in case any of you watch the show, I'll be in this coming Sunday, Oct. 30th's episode. It's one of the best and most pivotal scenes for this season.
  22. Fingers crossed! But is it not silly to even mention them in the same sentence as Bart Scott? Wasn't Satele supposed to open a pizza shop not long ago?
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