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  1. Fingers crossed! But is it not silly to even mention them in the same sentence as Bart Scott? Wasn't Satele supposed to open a pizza shop not long ago?
  2. Mauga, Satele and Bellore have not made "plays", unless you are combining them all into one stat producer and in preseason games to boot. This thread alone should have produced five bannings, it's so wrong.
  3. The world cannot end until the Jets win another Super Bowl.
  4. Actually, it's probably easier to do that against good D's.
  5. Personal Attack-proof

  6. Actually three out of five = 3 to 2. I'm on your side, though, I'm STILL pissed about the Germans bombing Pearl Harbor as much as you are.
  7. Holy sh*t, you CANNOT GO ANYWHERE, any site without watching someone suck that Patriot cock. It's unreal. I know exactly what it is. These dudes have been sucking them off for four years now and have been proven wrong time after time and by God, they're going to be right one of these days so let's just take a few mediocre signings of big named has beens and combine it with two playoff blowouts and get on the old, "I told ya so" (for four years, again) bandwagon. I can't wait to play these mother****ers just to shut these idiots up. Since nothing else that has occurred over the last four years has.
  8. Great, so now instead of ten pounds of sh*t, they have twenty. THEY'RE RICH.
  9. After the first five words, I was like, "okay, she's drunk" LOL
  10. Matt Flynn is a great backup. Does HE win the Super Bowl last year? My money would have been on NO.
  11. Playoffs on the line in 2009, last game of the year against Pittsburgh. He gets a pokey in the eye and sits on the sidelines in a baseball cap, apparently still able to see Pat White put in a coma across the field.
  12. The way people are reacting on this board, you'd think he'd broken his f-cking hip.
  13. My question is: How do you lament not signing a guy who: A. Was drinking with a friend the night that dude went out and killed someone drinking and driving and THEN, after a huge win against your biggest rival, gets drunk and subsequently behind a wheel instead of calling a car? B. In the MIDDLE of free agency, gets into a brawl where someone is stabbed, and tweets about that brawl? A - Lack of concern for others. B - Lack of basic control even when his best interests are at stake, financially and physically. F-ck TEAM. This guy can't even behave to save HIMSELF. You can just look into his big, stupid eyes and see well... stupidity. Goodbye. He's gone. Thank God. Stop crying.
  14. I cannot wait for football season to start for many reasons. The one that has emerged lately is that this discussion will be had in the realm of the actual as opposed to the hypothetical. It's getting ridiculous.
  15. Because somebody else would have. And this board would have REALLY had something to complain about.
  16. A good percentage of these guys are either in pass-happy offenses or on teams that were not very good that were forced to throw more often. They were also the CLEAR number one receiver on their teams. I'm not trying to prove a point either way, just stating a fact. To compare their numbers to Santonio's from last year is a bit of a red-herring.
  17. I feel bad that Jerricho overestimated his value and has yet to find a team, but not too bad since he is a multi-millionaire and I am currently semi-employed.
  18. This is almost not worth responding to. You obviously knew I wasn't talking about Rich Kotite, Terry Bradway, et. al.
  19. I don't like it. It just reminds me that we haven't won anything since 1969.
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