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  1. I love it when my QB gets taken out of the game. I remember when the whole wildcat craze started with the Dolphins in 2007 when good ole Joe Montana was their QB. Or was it Johnny U?
  2. You just said something that sounded mildly positive. I think I will now leave the site for a little while.
  3. You just wanted to mention two of your favorite things in the same sentence, didn't ya?
  4. No, we've filled our roster with tackling dummies, haven't you heard. This thread is astounding. The rhyme was the best part.
  5. The Jets did what they thought was best for their organization. You can't hand out contracts based on past performance, loyalty or worst of all, to keep guys away from the Patriots. If he signs with any other team, this is a non-issue. But if you want to keep treating Jerricho Cotchery, Brad Smith, Braylon Edwards and Shaun Ellis like ex-girlfriends, go right ahead.
  6. Some guys like to feel as smart or smarter about football than the front office and coaching staff. I think everyone should have their own personal Jet Nation just to see how horrible they are handling their lives, would be quite an education and a lot of fun!
  7. You've just been downgraded to UN-palatable.
  8. Wait, he didn't play for USC? Do Rex and Tanny know this? You know, I wish somebody would watch some film of these guys before they draft them...
  9. There's a certain mentality that says, "If you're not being negative, then you're not REALLY thinking."
  10. If it's so sad and insulting, I'm sure Ellis will land on his feet somewhere else. Yay Ellis! I just saw a homeless woman on the train platform who's posture was so bad she could kiss her belly button.
  11. 21 posts and I think I'm already on to you. You subscribe to the Negativity = Intelligence school of thought, don't ya?
  12. So Tannenbaum/Rex are stupid. I GUARANTEE you if you had a conversation/argument with them about what they've done this offseason, they would rip you a new a$$hole. And no, not every GM makes great decisions all the time but for fans, it's all speculation and talking out of your a$$ when you challenge moves by the front office and sometimes you will just happen to be right. But to pretend that you know how to run a football organization better than the two guys that have been to the AFC Championship the last two years is just F--KING STUPID. The fact that you are so sure of what you're saying is a dead f-cking giveaway.
  13. WR Jerricho Cotchery signed a 5 year extension with the New York Jets on March 2, 2007. The contract includes a 7 million dollar signing bonus and another 3 million dollar bonus in 2007. Cotcherys salary with the Jets will be $850,000(2007), $1,605,000(2008), $1,780,000(2009), $1,800,000(2010), $1,800,000(2011), and $2,000,000(2012). The contract also has a de-escalor clause to reduce Cotcherys base salary if he does not meet certain performance levels. This made me feel better. Hope it works for you. ****, I just read an article about how employers are no longer hiring the unemployed. I'm sick again.
  14. HUGE play against the Pats. Yet, I'm ambivalent from a football standpoint. From a personal standpoint, I love him and want to see him on a Jet team that wins it all.
  15. As long as he doesn't shower next to Santonio, his confidence should remain high.
  16. Well, growing up with the kelly greens, I always dreamt of seeing those uniforms coming out of the tunnel on Super Bowl Sunday. Now that we are no longer pushovers, I would at least like to see that uniform kick ******* a$$ twice a year. If anything, I think there's a better chance the current team makes the kelly greens look good than the old uniform ruining our enjoyment of the current team. Plus, the Titans uniforms really are quite disgusting.
  17. What does DLJ show when Braylon signs with Buffalo?
  18. And Mark Sanchez says, "I ACCEPT your challenge!"
  19. This piece of information is WAY too late to help the Tennessee Titans. I hope they don't read JN, because they're going to feel really dumb.
  20. Okay, let me explain this in an analogy so you can understand. Braylon Edwards is out partying with Plaxico Burress. Plaxico shoots himself. The next day, Braylon Edwards is like, "Hey, that was some cool sh*t that Plaxico did last night." and buys himself a nine, which he carries in his underwear, right next to his cock,(I don't know if underwear are even strong enough to do that, but indulge me) everywhere he goes. Smart?
  21. No, you are not to blame, but if you have the intelligence of a thirteen year old, you might LEARN something, no? How many people does Stallworth have to kill before Braylon decides to use a free car service if he's had a few? Does he need a bigger sample size for this experiment before he confirms its validity?
  22. You can also say it's much easier to pass when you run the ball effectively and Braylon benefited from that. You could also say that Braylon Edwards was targeted 101 times in his "run heavy offense" and Malcolm Floyd was targeted 77 times in HIS "pass heavy offense". You know, if you actually wanted to do research and say things...
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