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  1. No, the joke is THAT guy made 400 million dollars. (is that an accurate number?)
  2. It'll also be the last time they are ever on a field together, unless in Dallas.
  3. Oh, yeah, I forgot, Joe McKnight is going to be an all pro cornerback. I withdraw that trade request.
  4. Yeah, the week THREE version must have been hysterical. Today's version - even better. Three weeks ago, this made me mad. Now, I love it. Great job, LeBatard! How do I listen to this guy for the REST of the season? Anyone know?
  5. Just five minutes with Dan LeBatard would be priceless.
  6. Jaguars and Lions. Yeah, he's back. Couldn't be the teams he played. I say 14. That would be 14-14. 15 if Flacco gets his a$$ together. P. Manning Brees Rodgers Brady Roethlisberger Rivers Eli Schaub Matty Ice Romo Sanchize Cutler McNabb
  7. Tell me, how do you plan to cover Santonio Holmes AND Dustin Keller? Who will catch passes in lieu of Brandon Marshall? I won't even mention Calvin Pace (I guess I just did). Considering your upcoming schedule, you should consider yourselves lucky if you are still in the Wildcard hunt by the time we meet again.
  8. This is both the gayest and most masculine thing I've ever read in my entire life. I now have a chest full of hair and an a$$hole full of fear. Oh, yes, there will be nightmares tonight.
  9. Yes, I agree, we are evenly matched. Without Darrelle Revis, Calvin Pace, Kris Jenkins and Santonio Holmes, it's close enough for you to stay with us in your home stadium and only lose by eight. You guys are right there.
  10. "We've played in two hard places to play and have won two football games, been fortunate to win two football games," The key part of that sentence is the comma. He caught himself and then went with the "Aw, shucks we were lucky to win those games." tack. It's all bullsh*t, clearly. But, in the unlikely event that he actually does think that his team winning football games is "fortunate", then I'll take Rex any day of the week. But clearly it's a bullsh*t facade motivated by fear of not being well-liked so that teams do not bring their "A" games against him every week - which in itself is a bunch of superstitious crap anyway.
  11. And the best part is that we have two very winnable games before we get our best player on offense back (all apologies to LT)
  12. What do you think the Pats are expecting from their season? Are they walking around thinking, "God, if we can just go 10-6..."? Do they NOT expect to win every game? By the way, if memory serves, didn't the Pats once spend a whole ******* season running up the score on lesser opponents. Didn't Tom ******* Brady keep throwing up by 40 points on the Redskins in your 19-0, I mean 18-1 season? Wes Welker jumps up after catches and yells "You suck!" to overmatched opponents. Do the Pats "get it"? Cheating, running up the score bunch of assholes. And the Jets are bad? When you begin a season, you strive for 16-0, you expect 16-0, no matter who you are. When you lose a game, you then strive to win the rest, you expect to win the rest. What is it that YOU don't get.
  13. You're exactly right. I think that perception exceeds reality in the case of Rex' "trash talking". What did he say, "I think that will be more than you can handle."? Wow, what an a-hole. How can he get away with ever thinking that his team will be better than his opponents? Also, looking at context, I believe this quote was taken from his first press conference in which he was addressing what type of team he planned on fielding. I also don't believe I've ever heard Rex disparage another team or player or accomplishment of a particular franchise. Not in any press conference, not on Hard Knocks, nowhere. If there are any, please find them and correct me.
  14. Correct. I edited. Not a bad job either. (see above)
  15. Why does this prediction remind me of the proposed Mosque at Ground Zero and telling kids that there is no Santa Claus all at once? As a Jet fan, I just don't see what you gain from predicting a two touchdown loss to our most hated rivals.
  16. Tate, Hernandez and Grontkowski. There is no way we would ever single cover three hall of famers, would we? I have faith in Rex to not do something so obviously dumb. He must have an answer, I'm sure.
  17. Okay, this guy needs to go. Note to douchebag: Businesses WANT more customers. Note to Woody: Do what you can to get rid of dummy and send him back to whatever piece of wood HE crawled out of!!
  18. I had a similar experience. I haven't stopped crying.
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