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  1. Okay, this guy needs to go. Note to douchebag: Businesses WANT more customers. Note to Woody: Do what you can to get rid of dummy and send him back to whatever piece of wood HE crawled out of!!
  2. I had a similar experience. I haven't stopped crying.
  3. I have. I believe soybean silos might serve.
  4. Oh, God, yeah, I remember when Bulluck caught that winning td pass from Simms in the Super Bowl and then from Hostetler against the Bills and sh*t, when he caught that pass against his HEAD against the Patsies. What a winner! The meaning of a champ. No wonder Wellington Mara was so fond of him for all these years.
  5. Art Donovan (Brooklyn Jet beat me to Darrelle Revis)
  6. Thanks. I like Chad Henne a lot. I think comparisons are useless and best left to baseball fans.
  7. Then what week was it that Henne was on the sidelines after halftime in a baseball cap against the Steelers after getting poked in the eye only to see Pat White get absolutely demolished and concussed on the far sideline? I guess that must have been week 18. Do they play eighteen yet? Wow, 24 of 36 in that game for 322 yards, he was awesome!
  8. So, I guess you're saying that Revis and his agent were laughing their asses off when they looked at (and signed) the part of the contract that had the heading "2010 Salary"? THEY HELD OUT FOR THIS JOKE
  9. Message to Darrelle Revis: I happen to know someone deep inside the Raider Organization and he told me this was absolutely true: In Asomugha's contract there was a secret clause whereupon The Cryptkeeper tossed Nnamdi's salad three times a week. Who do you want it to be? Tanny or Woody? And do you want that four times a week? Would that make you happy? Or is that just TOO crazy?
  10. I can't wait till Mark Sanchez becomes a franchise quarterback and wants to redo HIS contract. Maybe Revis will re-structure for us, no?
  11. I don't. Obviously they're going for the whole "Everyone else is picking one way, but we're the guys that actually THINK about things, not like those commoners over at __________, so if we're REALLY thinking and looking at something like the genius organization we are, it must be the OPPOSITE of what everyone else's expectations are, since we're the guys that THINK, we're the f-ing TIMES. Everyone else left us no choice but to pick the Jets for third, so we had to find a way. We also agreed with Charles Woodson as Defensive Player of the Year, by the way."
  12. Yeah, game situations are way different that running around in shorts with German guys.
  13. Is it me or is the Washington Redskin comparison a little off? I don't remember being able to sign UFA's or signing defensive tackles for 100 million dollars. Or the Skins being a half away from the Super Bowl in the Daniel Snyder Era. Am I wrong? He works for a Baltimore newspaper, so I guess the only thing he can think to compare us to (since comparison is the easiest way to formulate an argument, apparently) is the Redskins. I wonder if he's also twenty two years old, since recent Redskin history is apparently his forte'.
  14. If it were College football or American Idol or a Presidential Election, I'd be worried, but since the games are played on the field and the actual scores are set in concrete (in four months no less!) these rankings are nothing more than masturbatory exercises to get us through to September. On the heels of all this "the (fill in the blank) had an AMAZING draft" talk it becomes apparent that people (i.e. John Clayton, etc.) need to be employed all year round. That said, yeah, I have no idea how the Chargers are better than the Jets. This is going to be a long four months.
  15. Dolphins get Dez Bryant = Another receiver that catches three balls for 34 yards against Darrelle Revis twice a year. *yawn*
  16. You should be forced to wear the Ghoulston jersey every single day of your life until he gets a sack.
  17. Dude, I'm talking about the 80's Jets Jerseys, not the blue and gold Titans throwbacks, if you can do anything at least please pay attention to what we're talking about here. But you're right, those putrid jerseys in non Jets colors the navy blue and guldens mustard yellow, ugh and then the helmets with not even a decal on it, just a sad azz guldens stripe, yeah you're right those DO look like semi-pro uniforms, well not - even worse than semi pro uniforms, so we agree, I think. At least Joe Klecko looked good in those Titans uniforms when he played, huh? Go Titans next year! (The New York Titans, not Tennessee)
  18. WHY OH WHYare those not the throwback jerseys? I would LOVE to see those jerseys on the field for two games a year. Every year. In perpetuity. I almost feel like I'd take them as the regular jerseys just to see THAT jersey in a Super Bowl. I'm old.
  19. This was just a way for you to brag about losing your virginity, wasn't it?
  20. I don't believe the Patriots had the best offense in NFL history that year. I believe that they were the first great offense to have the inclination to take their starting QB out and then put him back in to throw touchdowns up by 40 points. If anything, they're the greatest group of d---ebags the league has ever seen.
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