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  1. Holy crap! This kid just doesn't get it. Hope Wrecks is proud of what he created.

    What do you think the Pats are expecting from their season? Are they walking around thinking, "God, if we can just go 10-6..."? Do they NOT expect to win every game?

    By the way, if memory serves, didn't the Pats once spend a whole ******* season running up the score on lesser opponents. Didn't Tom ******* Brady keep throwing up by 40 points on the Redskins in your 19-0, I mean 18-1 season?

    Wes Welker jumps up after catches and yells "You suck!" to overmatched opponents.

    Do the Pats "get it"? Cheating, running up the score bunch of assholes. And the Jets are bad?

    When you begin a season, you strive for 16-0, you expect 16-0, no matter who you are. When you lose a game, you then strive to win the rest, you expect to win the rest. What is it that YOU don't get.

  2. It wasn't you, but it's hard to distinguish between the pats trolls nowadays, since there have been more popping up. And if you took the time to read it, he was clearly not talking in aggregate, he actually said "Keep Faulk and Crumpler in to pick up the blitz, and leave Moss and Revis alone on one side of the field......How the hell can the Jets then cover Welker, Tate, Hernandez and Grontkowski one on one?" Which clearly depicts his vision of having all players on the field at the same time. Now it was an honest mistake, but maybe you should have read it and understood it a bit more before ya were so condescending ;)

    I would not usually consider that trash-talking, but from the entire media and all of you pats', dolphins' etc. fans, saying how the jets talking up their own team is trash talking this year, than ya, I'll consider it that. He is going out of his way to talk about another player and discredit his performance, how can that be seen as anything else?? Rex' quotes is more bravado than trash-talking, as he never takes anything away from anyone's performances.

    You're exactly right. I think that perception exceeds reality in the case of Rex' "trash talking". What did he say, "I think that will be more than you can handle."? Wow, what an a-hole. How can he get away with ever thinking that his team will be better than his opponents? Also, looking at context, I believe this quote was taken from his first press conference in which he was addressing what type of team he planned on fielding. I also don't believe I've ever heard Rex disparage another team or player or accomplishment of a particular franchise. Not in any press conference, not on Hard Knocks, nowhere. If there are any, please find them and correct me.

  3. I haven't picked against the Jets in over a year, but I don't see any way they stay with the Patriots in this game. 27-13, Pats.

    Why does this prediction remind me of the proposed Mosque at Ground Zero and telling kids that there is no Santa Claus all at once? As a Jet fan, I just don't see what you gain from predicting a two touchdown loss to our most hated rivals.

  4. I totally agree with this.

    Keep Faulk and Crumpler in to pick up the blitz, and leave Moss and Revis alone on one side of the field.

    How the hell can the Jets then cover Welker, Tate, Hernandez and Grontkowski one on one?

    Tate, Hernandez and Grontkowski. There is no way we would ever single cover three hall of famers, would we? I have faith in Rex to not do something so obviously dumb. He must have an answer, I'm sure.

  5. McCourty is very solid, I expect him to be an outstanding cornerback next year or the following. This year I expect him to get burned from time to time by experienced wr/qb combos. There is almost no experience in the secondary. When the Patriots are facing Sanchez or Henne I am not so worried about that. When the opposing QB is Peyton that could be a serious issue.

    Or Sam Bradford...

  6. Keith Bulluck joins the Giants-Jets fray

    One of the newest members of the Giants has taken the plunge, cannonball style, into the annual preseason and once-every-four-years regular-season rivalry between the two New York teams.

    "If you're from New York, you know who New York's football team is: the New York Giants," linebacker Keith Bulluck told the New York Times (via Matt Mosley of ESPN.com). "I'm a Mets fan, but I know who New York's baseball team is: the New York Yankees. The Jets haven't won nothing since Broadway Joe."

    As to the presence at a recent practice of Joe Namath, whose nipple-high white shorts eventually were covered with a Gorton's Fisherman rain parka, Bulluck said, "Well, he might need to play."

    Though tonight's game is meaningless in the standings, Bulluck has a prediction for the first month of the games that count.

    "I haven't been on this team long, but I've noticed that the Giants have not been talked about much all offseason," Bulluck said. "I think that's the great thing because there is so much talent here that people don't know about. I'm sure by the end of September, we'll be the talk of the town."

    We'll disagree with Bulluck. If the Giants significantly outplay the Jets to start the year, there will be plenty of strained vocal cords regarding Gang Green -- though the Jets won't want to hear very much of it.

    Oh, God, yeah, I remember when Bulluck caught that winning td pass from Simms in the Super Bowl and then from Hostetler against the Bills and sh*t, when he caught that pass against his HEAD against the Patsies. What a winner! The meaning of a champ. No wonder Wellington Mara was so fond of him for all these years.

  7. For the most part I try and stay out of these conversations because they are pretty pointless. Neither QB really shinned in their last three games. Out of the two though Henne was asked to do more and played better during that stretch. Yes I know who won and lost their games but in both cases it had very little to do with their individual performances.


    Week 15: 29 of 46 for 346 Yds, 63.0% 1 TD 3 INT Rating 66.3

    Week 16: 35 of 55 for 322 Yds, 63.6% 1 TD 1 INT Rating 78.0

    Week 17: 24 of 36 for 322 Yds, 80.0% 1 TD 1 INT Rating 91.7


    Week 15: 18 of 32 for 226 Yds, 56.3% 1 TD 3 INT Rating 49.7

    Week 16: 12 of 19 for 106 Yds, 63.2% 0 TD 0 INT Rating 78.0

    Week 17: 8 of 16 for 63 Yds, 50.0% 0 TD 0 INT Rating 60.2

    This isn't any way meant to say who I think is going to be the better QB this year or in the future. For that we are going to need to sit back and let this play itself out for a few years at the least. For now though it is fun to talk about and discuss.

    Then what week was it that Henne was on the sidelines after halftime in a baseball cap against the Steelers after getting poked in the eye only to see Pat White get absolutely demolished and concussed on the far sideline? I guess that must have been week 18. Do they play eighteen yet? Wow, 24 of 36 in that game for 322 yards, he was awesome!

  8. Seriously the amount of hate being thrown Revis' way here over the past few weeks is utterly ridiculous. He's the best CB in the league if not the best defensive player in the game. He is a huge part of our team and until about a month and a half ago a unanimous fan favorite. Yeah he's holding out, and its his right to want to make as much money as he can in a profession where the average career is 3 years. He is putting his body on the line for the Jets every week and he deserves to be paid. He hasn't been a diva during his holdout and has stated his opinion. The biggest issue for him right now is he wants guarantees so he knows he will still be paid if he does get injured, the way the Jets handled Leon definitely worsened this situation showing Revis the Jets will not give him anything if he gets injured. Some of you are becoming down right venomous with your hate for a player trying to get paid but don't bitch at all when the front office shows em the door with nothing.

    Whats even scarier is this is becoming a growing trend with the Jets. There have now been multiple players and incidents where the front office has made promises and not delivered leading the our current young stars to become very leery when dealing with them. Yet still the fans jump on any players back and immediately blame them not ownership or Tannenbaum. I'm seriously not understanding where the hell some of you get this entitlement from when discussing the players who have helped this team win and have been adored to completely dismiss and trash them. This is their way of life, they need to extend this money their whole lives and anybody who says they wouldn't do anything to get better pay (and no Revis isn't being paid fairly anymore it doesn't matter if he has 3 years left 1 mil is a joke) is a lair.

    Just like people say cutting players is allowed in the CBA so is holding out as long as you pay the $16,000 a day. This is the only leverage players ever get, stop taking it so personally and attacking someone for trying to better their life.

    So, I guess you're saying that Revis and his agent were laughing their asses off when they looked at (and signed) the part of the contract that had the heading "2010 Salary"? THEY HELD OUT FOR THIS JOKE

  9. I think we are upset for a lot of the same reasons.

    Message to Darrelle Revis:

    I happen to know someone deep inside the Raider Organization and he told me this was absolutely true: In Asomugha's contract there was a secret clause whereupon The Cryptkeeper tossed Nnamdi's salad three times a week.

    Who do you want it to be? Tanny or Woody? And do you want that four times a week? Would that make you happy?

    Or is that just TOO crazy?

  10. I can't wait till Mark Sanchez becomes a franchise quarterback and wants to redo HIS contract. Maybe Revis will re-structure for us, no?

    Yes, he should be paid, but are we breaking up the team for a one year run just to satisfy his demands? Does anyone know if THAT is a possibility?

    No way does he get Asomugha money.

  11. I find it odd the NY Times picks the Jets to finish 3rd.

    I don't. Obviously they're going for the whole "Everyone else is picking one way, but we're the guys that actually THINK about things, not like those commoners over at __________, so if we're REALLY thinking and looking at something like the genius organization we are, it must be the OPPOSITE of what everyone else's expectations are, since we're the guys that THINK, we're the f-ing TIMES. Everyone else left us no choice but to pick the Jets for third, so we had to find a way. We also agreed with Charles Woodson as Defensive Player of the Year, by the way."

  12. Running around in shorts and a helmut is much different than having guys jacking you up across the middle.

    He'll think twice about digging that leg into the turf again and making those sudden cuts he's always used to.

    Yeah, game situations are way different that running around in shorts with German guys.

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  13. Is it me or is the Washington Redskin comparison a little off? I don't remember being able to sign UFA's or signing defensive tackles for 100 million dollars. Or the Skins being a half away from the Super Bowl in the Daniel Snyder Era. Am I wrong?

    He works for a Baltimore newspaper, so I guess the only thing he can think to compare us to (since comparison is the easiest way to formulate an argument, apparently) is the Redskins. I wonder if he's also twenty two years old, since recent Redskin history is apparently his forte'.

    Baltimore Sun Scouts The Jets

    great-british-events-flag_tiny.jpg by David_Wyatt on Jul 3, 2010 8:43 AM EDT

    I always find it interesting to see how other publications view the Jets. Not national ones like ESPN, but your local teams who (in my opinion) seem to know what they are talking about more than the popular national media. Saying that, I came across a blog post from the Baltimore Sun newspaper today which looked at the Jets ahead of the week 1 clash.

    So I thought I would post it up here for people to take a look at, anything you agree with or disagree with, let it be known.

    Head coach

    : Rex Ryan (11-8 overall record)

    2009 record
    : 9-7 (lost to
    Indianapolis Colts
    in AFC championship game)

    Biggest addition
    : Trading for WR
    Santonio Holmes
    . Even though he must serve a four-game suspension, Holmes is the perfect fit for a run-first offense that takes timely shots downfield.

    Key loss
    : RB
    Thomas Jones
    . The Jets will regret the decision to replace Jones with
    LaDainian Tomlinson
    . Sure,
    Shonn Greene
    will take an increased role, but Jones (1,402 rushing yards) will be sorely missed.

    Question mark
    : The Jets have to figure out how they will fill the void left by left guard
    Alan Faneca
    , who was released because of his high salary. An unproven lineman
  14. If it were College football or American Idol or a Presidential Election, I'd be worried, but since the games are played on the field and the actual scores are set in concrete (in four months no less!) these rankings are nothing more than masturbatory exercises to get us through to September. On the heels of all this "the (fill in the blank) had an AMAZING draft" talk it becomes apparent that people (i.e. John Clayton, etc.) need to be employed all year round.

    That said, yeah, I have no idea how the Chargers are better than the Jets. This is going to be a long four months.

  15. Because those uniforms are terrible. They are boring as hell and look like semi-pro uniforms.

    Dude, I'm talking about the 80's Jets Jerseys, not the blue and gold Titans throwbacks, if you can do anything at least please pay attention to what we're talking about here.

    But you're right, those putrid jerseys in non Jets colors the navy blue and guldens mustard yellow, ugh and then the helmets with not even a decal on it, just a sad azz guldens stripe, yeah you're right those DO look like semi-pro uniforms, well not - even worse than semi pro uniforms, so we agree, I think.

    At least Joe Klecko looked good in those Titans uniforms when he played, huh?

    Go Titans next year! (The New York Titans, not Tennessee)

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