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  1. Even if we were getting him for free, the size of the contract and the recent injury history would make me very nervous. He's missed the most important games of the season in each of the last two years.
  2. If the trade were 1 for 1, the Ravens would hang up immediately, laughing.
  3. Mega. Superstar. Rope of garlic around my neck to ward off vampires: Yes, I am aware Zach Wilson is terrible. I agree.
  4. Nice kid. Cute girlfriend who can bake a decent cupcake (?). Talented.? Sure. Good looking? Inoffensive looking is more like it.
  5. That’s a lot of pressure on the draft
  6. Dude I said he didn’t come into camp out of shape. You tried to swing a lasso around that and some idea I was defending him all around and responded with something that had nothing to do with what I said as if I was a mEkHi FaN thats social media discourse in a nutshell, you can’t focus on one aspect of a thing for its own sake, ever.
  7. Is that what you got from my post?
  8. He had 82 pass attempts in 2021 with Davante Adams. We tossing those out the window?
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, Social Media
  10. Anyone have any evidence that Jordan Love is good?
  11. Uh it’s one knee and he worked his ass off to get in shape last year. You must have been on vacation last Summer since I assume you kind of follow the Jets.
  12. He worked like an animal to get in shape last year
  13. He does have a point though. In your world it’s childish to have a favorite player but perfectly ok to have a group of 53 of them
  14. I’m literally terrified that he’ll go back to pre contract year Quinnen after he gets paid
  15. The hell you didn’t. You Pat Ryan fans man.
  16. That’s what Shane wears to Steelers bars!
  17. Why does every thread turn into a Richard Todd sucks thread?
  18. Yeah but Seattle gives up 23.4 a carry
  19. Meanwhile belichick hands out tshirts that say HANES
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