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  1. 1 hour ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    Best options: Garrapolo/Tannehill

    Worst options(everyone gets fired): Rodgers/Carr

    Stay the course Joe!!!!!!!!

    Lol of the two choices that are basically the same qb chooses the one that can’t stay on the field vs the one who never misses games due to injury while coming up with nicknames and derision for the second guy


  2. Here’s a few I’ll try to find more

    Week 17, 2014 vs.  Broncos

    40 degrees, 7 MPH winds.

    Carr’s first game in under 40-degree weather came Week 17 of the 2014 season against the Denver Broncos. The Broncos went into the game 11-4 and the Raiders 3-12 with the latter team fan base wanting a loss for draft position. It was a mismatch before the first snap, and it played out that way in the final score of 47-14.


    The 2014 Raiders could make the case of being the worst team the organization put on the field this decade and was on full display every moment of the game. Carr struggled to complete passes going 18 of 36 with a wretched YPA of 4.39 and an additional three drops. No one was open for Carr all game, but early on, the Raiders were hanging in and were able to sustain good drives in the second half.

    The biggest miss of the game was on a flea-flicker where Carr had André Holmes wide open, but the wide receiver slowed down, causing an overthrow. The game was 30-14 at that point and could have made it a one-score game with a two-point conversion

    After that, the game got out of hand. The Raiders were put on lockdown for the rest of the matchup. Carr didn’t play well for sure, but if the Raiders pulled this one out, it would have been a colossal upset. Mark this one as a just bad team overmatched.


    Week 17, 2015 vs. Chiefs

    37 degrees, 7 MPH winds

    2015 season was basically a preview of what the future of the Raiders that ended not even lasting the decade. The Raiders came into the game just attempting to not have a losing season. The Chiefs were the hottest team in football after starting the season 1-5 and on nine-game winning streak coming into the game.

    Carr was pedestrian in this game, throwing 21-33 198 yards with a touchdown and an interception. However, he was sacked 6 times, and his receivers didn’t help with an additional three drops, and the whole offense looked flat. Ugliest play of the game was during a red-zone trip where Carr was targeting Amari Cooper and threw up a desperate heave attempting to find Cooper in the back of the end zone that ended in an interception ruining a promising drive.


    The Raiders could not sustain drives in this game, leading to a high amount of three and outs, with Carr having a QBR of 21.2 on the day. Technically this is Carr’s best game in the cold, and if the rest of the offense showed up, the numbers on this one might have been different.

    Week 14, 2016 vs. Chiefs

    21 degrees, 7 MPH winds

    Arrowhead is the theme for these games, and this one is the infamous spider wire game. The biggest game for the Raiders this decade and man was this a clunker for the Raiders quarterback. The historically lousy performance is one of the main drivers of this whole conversation about his play on bad weather.


    To be fair, Carr did break his finger on his throwing hand two weeks before and could not take snaps under center. His finger was a problem all game with him barely able to catch snaps from the shotgun formation. Carr completed just 17 of 41 passes for 117 yards in the game, he joined only Jesse Palmer as the only quarterbacks since 1950 to gain fewer than 120 passing yards on more than 40 attempts.

    The receivers didn’t show up again, adding another 5 drops, according to PFF, with the biggest one coming from Seth Roberts in the red zone for a touchdown.


    Carr pass hits SpiderCam wire. #Raiderspic.twitter.com/Io77P132Pu

    — Raider Posts (@RaiderPosts) December 9, 2016


    The Raiders had every chance to win this game, and the play to Cooper where the ball moved at the last second will live infamy with Raiders fans. The defense did show up for this game, causing three turnovers, but the injury to Carr’s finger was too much to overcome once it became a factor in the game for him mentally.

    Week 16, 2017 vs. Eagles

    29 Degrees, 15 MPH Winds

    The last game Carr has played in bad weather came against the Philadelphia Eagles during their run to the super bowl. Carr was awful this whole game when the Raiders defense and running game came to play. Carr, on the other hand, was the reason for the Raiders losing this game.


    The game started off positive with Carr finding Cooper on a 63-yard touchdown early in the second quarter, and the Raiders defense feasted on Nick Foles, causing him to be under pressure all night.

    The offense, on the other hand, could not move the football, and Carr was missing throws all night and had no flow with his receiving corps to make plays. He ended up throwing a back-breaking interception that led to the game-winning field goal for the Eagles late in the game-sealing another loss for the 2017 Raiders.

    This game was a turning point for the Raiders franchise as the man calling this football game was Jon Gruden. Just three weeks later, he was named the Oakland Raiders new head coach, and a fresh rebuild began towards the future in Las Vegas.

  3. 38 minutes ago, LionelRichie said:

    Carr at $35m/year  and this sh*t OL is a recipe for disaster.   Rather keep MW for less than half, save the picks,  and sink $20m into the OL.  

    This is one of those things you read and are immediately relieved when you instantly realize that it will never happen.

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  4. 24 minutes ago, Yankeesrbest said:

    I’m done with the Jets bringing in old QBs to try to win for a season or two see Favre and O’Donnell.  They need to develop Zach Wilson and should not have hired a rookie OC to develop a rookie QB.  They also should have had an experienced QB from the get go of the kids carrier.  This team was not good enough to get to the playoffs this year.  They got lucky a few times during the year when they played hurt teams or the Browns blundered otherwise they would have had a worse record.  Fix the OL through the draft preferably, add another running back and continue to add true talent to the roster to compete for several years to come not just 1 or 2.  

    Yeah I would quit the Jets if this was the plan. 12 years is enough.

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