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  1. Rodgers because Zach gets another shot in two years
  2. I’d trade Breece and my girlfriend for Aaron Rodgers
  3. Oooh Can Richard Marx do the halftime show?
  4. So we’re getting a Breece level player at tackle in the second round, you’re saying
  5. So a college tackle for five years is preferable to a qb that gives you a legitimate shot at a Super Bowl for two years? Are we barred from getting this magic college player in the second round or with next years first?
  6. Yeah, what a piece of sh*t, right?
  7. Your feelings are adorable wow that’s fun, actually
  8. Dude I’m not convinced YOU’RE real
  9. I wonder when they say "mortgage" they actually mean "risk" I'm all for both because really, I've seen the past so I'm already over the future. Take your shots.
  10. Dude I just want to upvote you like a ******* pretzel for this post.
  11. Yeah, I mean they had this BYU creature who's TD drive percentage was 17.0 percent and staring them in the face plain as day they HAVE a guy with a TD drive percentage of 18. F'IN 4
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