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  1. Well Duke survived, and that's what the NCAA tournament is all about. GO DUKE!!!!!!!!
  2. I guess Hardy shouldn't be our top choice in round 2. But at least he should be there for us in round 2.
  3. That's not right he has 1302:p And I know mine is low, but I bet everything today, and when Arizona wins by more than 2 i'll be at 1800 vcash.
  4. Faneca provides upgrade to Jets' offensive line By Mike Tainer Football Outsiders.com I've been saying this since the middle of the last season; he upgrades the entire O-line, one player makes so many other players so much better, and he will do great for the next 3 years, and he wont see the entire 40m he knows that, which is why the $20m in garuanteed money is more important then the entire contract. He's the best signing in the entire offseason for any team because he makes the entire O-line who were below average last year into a supurb group this year. Forty million do
  5. wr's to be there when we pick with #36? what wr do we take their?
  6. I don't know if Hardy will be there for us in round 2, so i'm wondering which teams are our biggest threats to him not being there.
  7. One Republic- Stop and Stare. Next song will be..... Chris Brown- With You.
  8. Your making it seem like the Islanders won't make the playoffs, because of the Flyers. One team doesen't make another team not make the plyoffs.
  9. But I did find out that the same guy who wrote this predicted on jetsinsider that the jest would go 14-2, so this is a jets fan. But I say we'll finish 11-5.
  10. ]http://www.rotowire.com/blogs/viewcomments.htm?id=1777 The Jets Can Win The AFC East Posted by David Martorano at 3/16/2008 7:09:00 PM View more posts by this author The Jets will compete with the New England Patriots this season and will possibly win the AFC East division. They will be able to win their division for a number of reasons: Owner Woody Johnson is committed to winning football games. This is evidenced by his willingness to spend money and by his daily communications with general manager Mike Tannenbaum. Head Coach
  11. Coles, or A-Rod. We obviously know who makes the most cash, but who do you think is the most greedy? My vote is Coles without a doubt.
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