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    die hard footbll guy
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    lw pa
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    football baseball
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  1. jetmant87

    I know why I like Rex Ryan

    haha yummy
  2. jetmant87

    Just a thought; Ryan=Clemens

    thats my point of view
  3. jetmant87

    Cross Country Running in HS

    glad to say i played footall
  4. thats why we call them the cheatriots
  5. agreed this situation will put more pressure on eli and the offense. it will be interesting to see how he handles this later in the season.
  6. [quote name='Blackout
  7. i enjoy watching parker so ill welcome his return
  8. look on the bright side ---its not happening to the other ny team:)
  9. jetmant87

    Mangini Announces Players Of The Week

    as a whole definitely not but this year w/ the new offense and lack of identity-yes
  10. jetmant87

    I hate to burst everyone's Bubble

    everyone has good points here. it is definately disapointing that they have played this putrid but another way to look at it is....if we can pull out wins with dispicable play than imagine what we do when we pull it together right?
  11. jetmant87

    Word Association

    michael jackson

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