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    Long Island, New York
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    New York Yankees, New York Jets, Orlando Magic

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    Midnight Miracle, and Jets victory over Packers to win division in 2002, and the win after against the Colts.
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    Not yet.
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    1998 Conference Championship game, and 2004 Playoff game.
  • Where you alive for Super Bowl III?
  1. Alright name went through, peace out pussies.
  2. You seem to think I care what people think.
  3. Posting on a website is fine, posting on it 5,000 times in less than a year, now talk about being without a life.
  4. I'll be gone as soon as my registered name gets approval at the website, which should be soon.
  5. I'm registering on a different site, so my time is up here regardless if you ban me or not. Peace out pussies.
  6. I can't believe people still want the poor mans Jay Fiedler starting.
  7. When your born in Central Florida, and your parents are from New York it's not as unlikely as you think. But princess penguin over here picked his team out of a hockey game.
  8. I'm just happy he hit that home run, although I wouldn't have minded if the game went at least another 20 innings... LOL
  9. Didn't bama lose to a team in a ****ty conference for their bowl game?
  10. I didn't even read what has been said since I last posted in here, and honestly I don't have plans to either. I could care less whats said on here, because my life doesn't revolve around the ****ing morons on this website. If you ban me, I really don't care, I've got a life, unlike every single ****ing moron on here. Have fun, *******s... In fact, please ban me, I really don't care anyway.
  11. You're obviously not a bandwagoner. Your in the same boat as me. All our teams suck... LOL
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