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  1. I have a crew of 8 going to the game in Buffalo and we are looking for a tailgate. Any suggestions would be much appreciated
  2. Good blocker with good hands, BRING HIM BACK!!!
  3. You guys are nuts, CP was not only a great Jet but one of the most cerebral QB's to play the game. Was written off numerous times after his injuries but was the comeback player of the year not once but twice! Hes one tough SOB and gave his heart to this team. With that said, I wanted KC to beat him out in training camp, I wanted Brett Favre to come here, we needed a downfield passer in the worst way and CP wasnt cutting it. If we even had a shot at signing him (which we wouldnt have since he was a UFA), you have to make that deal. As a mentor to Sanchez he would have been perfect. Who c
  4. I am a current season ticket holder with just one seat and I am inquiring about purchasing the seats, along w/the rights from you. I just signed up to this site but I am a close friend of joebabyny and he told me about your post. Please get back to me so that we can discuss in further detail. My email is jayroc17@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you. Jason
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