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  1. I am staying at home sitting on jetnation.com:) And obviously watching it.
  2. Well 2 other people voted Ryan, so maybe they know something I don't.
  3. I'M AN IDIOT!!!! I bet 470 on Ryan, and I completly forgot that unless Atlanta trades to a non QB needing team then Atlanta will take him. I can't believe I didn't remember about Atlanta!
  4. Put on ESPN its being shown on the botom score thing. In the 1-10 I only remember 1-8 so here it is. 1. MIA- Jake Long. 2. STL- Chris Long. 3. ATL- Glenn Dorsey. 4. OAK- Vernon Gholston. 5. KC- Derrick Harvey. 6. NYJ- Darren Mcfadden. 7. NE- Sedrick Ellis. 8. BAL- Matt Ryan.
  5. If we waste that pick on an OLman I will be pissed.
  6. Beat writer Mark Cannizzaro with the JETS pick.... DARREN MCFADDEN Key issue according to him is condfidence in QB's. He said with Mcfaddens pick it will put more condfidence in the QB. Mcshays critique- The jets need a playmaker on offense. He doesent see the Jets trading UP. Pats have chosen Sedrick Ellis. Now there showing a vide of Mangin and bellichick rivalry, and now there talking about it with both beat writers. I'm done now so watch SC for the rest.
  7. Oakland's pick- CHRIS LONG. Now there are analyst critiquing it and Mcshay said Long should be the pick, but he won't/ he thinks Mcfadden goes to Oak. KC IS UP NEXT.
  8. If the BIG 3 are gone then we take Ryan, and then trade Chad to Bal for their 2nd. Then we get a top LB, and top CB, or top WR. By doing that trade our Defense would be SET. But only if the BIG 3 are gone.
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