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  1. I am staying at home sitting on jetnation.com:) And obviously watching it.
  2. Well 2 other people voted Ryan, so maybe they know something I don't.
  3. I'M AN IDIOT!!!! I bet 470 on Ryan, and I completly forgot that unless Atlanta trades to a non QB needing team then Atlanta will take him. I can't believe I didn't remember about Atlanta!
  4. Put on ESPN its being shown on the botom score thing. In the 1-10 I only remember 1-8 so here it is. 1. MIA- Jake Long. 2. STL- Chris Long. 3. ATL- Glenn Dorsey. 4. OAK- Vernon Gholston. 5. KC- Derrick Harvey. 6. NYJ- Darren Mcfadden. 7. NE- Sedrick Ellis. 8. BAL- Matt Ryan.
  5. If we waste that pick on an OLman I will be pissed.
  6. Beat writer Mark Cannizzaro with the JETS pick.... DARREN MCFADDEN Key issue according to him is condfidence in QB's. He said with Mcfaddens pick it will put more condfidence in the QB. Mcshays critique- The jets need a playmaker on offense. He doesent see the Jets trading UP. Pats have chosen Sedrick Ellis. Now there showing a vide of Mangin and bellichick rivalry, and now there talking about it with both beat writers. I'm done now so watch SC for the rest.
  7. Oakland's pick- CHRIS LONG. Now there are analyst critiquing it and Mcshay said Long should be the pick, but he won't/ he thinks Mcfadden goes to Oak. KC IS UP NEXT.
  8. If the BIG 3 are gone then we take Ryan, and then trade Chad to Bal for their 2nd. Then we get a top LB, and top CB, or top WR. By doing that trade our Defense would be SET. But only if the BIG 3 are gone.
  9. They will cover all teams by Saturday at 3. They just did STL on ESPN, and they pick Dorsey. Atlanta's pick is Matt Ryan. Sportscenter mock draft is... 1. J. Long 2. G. Dorsey. 3. M. Ryan Put on Sportscenter there gonna do all the teams. I will continue to post each pick as there chosen, whenever they are chosen.
  10. Ryan seems to be loved by us. http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/view/47833 If we get DMC, LONG, GHOLSTON, RYAN, OR MCKELVIN I WILL BE A HAPPY MAN.
  11. Ryan seems to be loved by us. http://www.fannation.com/truth_and_rumors/view/47833 If we get DMC, LONG, GHOLSTON, RYAN, OR MCKELVIN I WILL BE A HAPPY MAN.
  12. We better get a 4th and 5th from Denver, due to that article about Cincy offering a 4th and 5th.
  13. If its an 09 5th i'll be pissed. Even if it's an 09 4th I won't like it. I believe we can get an 08 third, because The Jets, and Denver know how good of a player Drob is in the 4-3.
  14. There's already 2 threads on this, and one already got merged.
  15. I think it's either a 3rd, and 6th:baby::baby: Or 4th and 5th.
  16. At least one of Mayo, Lofton, Crable, and Avril will be there.
  17. http://www.nypost.com/seven/04232008/sports/jets/details__details____107656.htm Here's the part about him crediting us This is merely a part of what several potential draftees who've visited the Jets have told The Post is the most thorough pre-draft interview process they've seen from any team in the league. "It was probably the most thorough visit I've been on," Tennessee ILB Jerod Mayo said. "They gave me an eight-page test of plays and adjustments. It was the most thorough and in-depth visit I've been on in the 11 visits I took. I learned a lot there and feel like I can fit in with their defense." Mayo called the test "all football and all business." "That's how I know they're going to have a pretty good team this upcoming year," he surmised. Mayo, like Porter, was taken aback by Mangini's interest in his character as much as his football skills. "He's more into the person," Mayo said. "When I met with the defensive coordinator [bob Sutton] it was all football. But when I met with the GM [Mike Tannenbaum] and Coach Mangini it was all about seeing who Jerod Mayo was, and I really appreciated that." Porter said that the defensive test made him feel as though he were preparing to play a game the next day. "It wasn't a hard test; it was just unusual compared to the other visits I went on," he said. "No other team required that we do that but the Jets." GREAT JOB MANGINI!!!!!
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