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  1. jet fans just need to complain, they're like prince's mother, she's never satisfied. we had a real stand-up guy here, but his arm wasn't up to snuff, so the "true" jets fans here felt it necessary to take huge doo-doos on him. now, coles is a great talent, but because he's not a stand-up guy, so "true" jets fans feel obligated to take a doo-doo on him. it's little, nagging b!tch sh!t, but those are jets fans' "true" colors. there was an old joke about if you looked up contradiction in the dictionary, it would say, "see WOMAN." i think if you checked the current english lexicon, the more apropo
  2. yeah the same wade who was the DC of san diego and, i guess to you, their non-factor defense...
  3. not at all. i'm sure that same thought has occurred to many of the fans and maybe even some on the team and/or CS. i'm sure the media will bring it up if we should happen to struggle defensively early on. and that's entirely possible with the way the schedule starts out. i'm pretty sure sutton is gone after this season regardless. he should be. he would be this year if oakland didn't retain rob ryan. but a week 5 bye is a very good thing this year.
  4. coles has been practicing, he's just been limited by the CS, who have been playing it "cautious" with coles because THEY KNOW they NEED him for the games that COUNT. it was never about him earning the right to sit out of practice or preseason games or any of that. i don't think LT's had a single preseason carry the past 2 years, but you don't hear charger fans crying like babies over that fact because, unlike many here, they understand the value of preserving a weapon. but that level of perception requires one to exercise a little logic, which is just not found in abundance on this board.
  5. i agree with you completely. it surprised me when he wasn't handed his walking papers after last season and it really pissed me off that neither of the ryan brothers could be contracted. but i guess, failing that, tangini decided to see what sutton can get done with "the right fitting pieces" for this D, though i'm not nearly as optimistic in his ability as a DC as you are (which, for the record, seems minimal at best). maybe we can snag wade phillips when jerry jones promotes jason garrett after the romo takes the 'boys outta the superbowl yet again. he did some good things with the SD 3-4, b
  6. very true. that RB tandem could be dangerous if their line is more stout than ours. and if their ground game is dangerous, pennington could be lethally efficient. taking this game for a gimme is a foolhardy move. i really hope we are, man. he isn't exactly what i'd call a prime example of a JN'er... though neither am i... so, i guess, i am the kettle and the pot is definitely black.
  7. i hate the 'phins. i hate 'phin fans. though i respect you're being a realist. i also have an excellent grasp on the reality of my team's shortcomings last year. i expect improvement from my team, as do you with yours - though they really couldn't do much worse, well, they could, but parcells and co. would really have to make hot mess of things - however, looking at our schedule, i have a hard time counting ten wins let alone 11 or 12. and although we have added a bunch of good players at pivotal positions that were found lacking in the '07 squad, what worries me is we've added a bunch of good
  8. lol that's a funny image. "what were you and the jets doing on the evening of july 28th?" i definitely agree with you about the run D, we haven't looked solid all preseason. though i'm hoping that that was due to the usage of vanilla schemes. and although it was during preseason, ricky williams seems to have had a second epiphany, which is scary because he loves to rack 'em up against ny, or at least has a knack for it. as far as what chad can bring to the table on defense for the phins: we've already established that he has more than an excellent understanding of the playbook (and
  9. just because pennington can only make 25% of the throws in the playbook doesn't mean he only knows 25% of it. he KNOWS the entire playbook. there is a reason he is regarded as one of the smartest QBs in the league. and i have esp(n) because i sense something again...
  10. he could be a potential threat in that he knows the jet offensive playbook better than any QB on our team. and you had to have at least acknowledge that parcells and the phin DC now have a working knowledge of said offense after picking pennington's brain. ultimately it's not about how bad he is, because like favre said he's "just one of eleven." or maybe it's better to say he's one of twelve on defense, considering his biggest contribution to the phins may not be his offensive output, but his "defensive" input. and that's why no one should over look this game. i'm not saying we're definitely
  11. right because in 2005 we didn't go through 4 different QBs... i must've dreamt that entire season, huh? how could i not see it from your short-sighted point of view. i apologize, i really need to learn to tone down the brain cell usage... most people here have a very poor graspof logic. and again, i wish you people weren't so iliterate, if you read what i posted instead of skimming through it and picking out what you didn't like like some little, bitch of a prima donna, you might have been able to discern that i a major implication of what i was saying had to do with the team not having to use
  12. perhaps when favre retires after this season you'll understand. perhaps when they don't have to draft or sign a vet to learn the playbook from scratch maybe then you'll be enlightened. maybe when next summer's QB comp goes down, you'll have a sense of the CS and FO's insight. let me break it down for you now: 1. favre retires 2. the jets, having not missed a beat by being forced into finding someone new to learn the offense, roll into TC with 3 QBs, one with RS experience, one who plays like he's had tons of RS experience, and their project QB, who's already been learning the syste
  13. wow. i guess greatness is to be expected right out of the box; the complete package is now a bare necessity. why even bother drafting when we could trade away picks for great, complete players? that way, no one would ever have to lose sleep over a rookie moving slower than the game. what the hell are they teaching them at these football schools anyway? most likely wasting their time trying to give these kids an actual education... the deviants... we need a petition to force colleges to teach their football players only football. so that if they get drafted, they won't be lost because they won'
  14. at this point, "best" is relative. none of these guys should even be mentioned with the actual "bests." that said, peyton's really good... not easily rattled but he can be pissed off, which is never a good thing. favre, even though i didn't want him here, is great... you can't rattle him, you can't piss him off, but you can deceive him, especially if you're playing off of his confidence... that's pick city... i know you're sitting there flipping out over brady's 3 rings vs. manning's and favre's 1 apiece, but for me the best of all time all had one single thing in common: consistency. an
  15. so you're going to sit there and tell me that from after '02 to just before the '03 season you weren't thinking the jets had a legitimate shot at making it there? you know you're full of sh!t if you do. because every real jet fan watching in '02 believed. when he threw 22 TDs to 6 INTs you thought he was crap, huh? you must've hated watching him step in for testaverde in '02. you must've hated that he salvaged that season and we made the playoffs. i'm sure you had to be telling everyone who would listen that the jets needed to trade pennington after '02? please, bro... what kind of fake-ass, b
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