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    tailgatin partyin road trips
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    pittsburgh 2004
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  1. wow a 1st next yr and a 2nd tommorow for the patriots for ingram deal dammn
  2. we had a great time.....im so heated we didnt win......the photographer took such a good picture of all 4 of us...im SO mad he didnt use that one and only the one of my friend jimmy haha.....had a blast tailgating tho....good experience
  3. lmao thats my boy i was with top left corner haha
  4. +1 i didnt have any issues at all really sunday besides the usual BS. was actually having fun pregaming with a bunch of steeler fans that were real cool. Inside the stadium i didnt have any serious issues
  5. damn thats crazy! jus found myself sectio n 149
  6. we got this people! i don't think i have ever been this confident for a jets game my whole life. leaving alexandria VA by 730 AM for pittsburgh. 20-10 JETSSSS
  7. im about to purchase the tailgate for 4 ppl....how willl they know i paid??? can someone confirm
  8. i got my tix today....gonna be with my bro, and two of my boys section 149 (its 1 of the 5 lower level sections they added for winter classic and left up for the steelers playoffs) stubhub got a lot in these 5 sections in the area of $315-$375 if anyone is interested
  9. ok cool, yea i actually spoke to tyson this morning.....im driving from VA so im jus gonna need a place to tailgate....dont need a bus or anything....ill keep checking back on that guys site -thanx joe
  10. who is definatly going to the game? do we have a tailgate to go to? what is everyone doin about tickets? let me get some information im trying to decide if i should go....let me knoO! thnx
  11. they suck.......until we actually draft someone who can actually get past an offensive lineman there f'd......they never get newhere near the quarterback....its so sad it really is
  12. leaven brighton at 3 pm BabY! lets do this boyZ! J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETSSSS
  13. 51 state tavern........L st in Northwest DC.....was there for the AFC championship game last year....packed with jets fans
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