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  1. Hi Everybody!

    Indeed it is
  2. Hi Everybody!

    You are mis-informed my man, i was not knocking it at all i was simply stating that i wanted to talk to some more 'home grown' Jets fans. I post regularly on the NFLUK forum too but im afraid people in the UK are not as clued up and at the heart on info etc. compared to the Jets fans on US soil.... so chill out
  3. Hi Everybody!

    Ive been a Jets fan ever since the Monday Night Miracle vs The Fish I was up late one night just flicking through the channels and it was the first time i'd ever seen American Football and was hooked on the NFL and the Jets since then. I came out to see them play the Raiders a couple years ago for my 18th and it was the best experience of my life so i cant wait to come back out, probably most likely to be the latter part of the season but shall see how it goes!! I bought an Authentic Vilma jersey at the start of last season so im bummed now he's gone lol!! But hey he doesn't fit our 3-4 system so what can ya do!!
  4. Hi Everybody!

    Hey people just a quick hello, im new to this board and hope to be a regular poster here! Im Craig i live in England and just wanted to sign up to a Jets board as the only 2 UK ones we have a general NFL forums and not only that i wanted to mingle in with some proper Jets fans!! so ill wrap it up there, look forward to discussing with you guys, have a good day!