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  1. Sign me up for no on Rashan Gary or DK Metcalf as well!!!
  2. For some reason I thought he was a 2nd round pick. I think it's because I was banging the table for either Desean Jackson or Jordy Nelson who did go in the 2nd and I thought we passed on them for Keller...which we did, apparently, just that we took Keller in the 1st. Keller wasnt a terrible pick...just we passed on beast WR's that was a huge need at the time.
  3. JiF

    Draft Trade Rumors

    I refuse to give any credence to ourlads scouting after that ridiculous MPH report they started to try and make to be something at the combine.
  4. When was the last time the Jets took a TE in the 1st round? Kyle Brady? That was 25 years ago. lol
  5. He's a one year wonder because he's a one year wonder. Not sure why that needs an explanation. If you only have 1 year of production, you're a one year wonder. Seems pretty simple to me. He was nowhere to be found vs. Oklahoma as well. The 2 biggest games of his life vs. high powered offenses and Quinnen Williams was a ghost. There was nothing about Quinnen's game that suggest he's going to be a dominant pass rusher. 8 sacks doesnt suggest that, that's for sure. Especially considering he played mostly DE. He's a run stuffer and maybe he's elite at it at the next stage but that's not what the Jets need nor is it the value of the 3rd overall pick. Every point I make has merit, I'm elite at this sh*t. My track record speaks for itself. I dont base my opinions on others, I base them on what I see watching more college Football than I do the NFL. It defies logic to me that you have 1 year of tape on a kid and he's "special player"...how so? What did he do that was so special that isnt done every single year at Alabama? Did he break records or anything like that? Didnt think so. Special players dont shrink on the big stage, they shine. And Williams was a ghost. He'll be a run stuffer in the NFL. If you think that's worth the #3 overall pick, have at it. I dont want anything to do with him.
  6. JiF

    Draft Trade Rumors

    I only pull for you, big guy!!!
  7. JiF

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    Agreed 100%. When you can legit upgrade every position on the team, you're not going to do it in one offseason. Unfortunately for Jets fans, that's the position we're in with the same dude at the helm that put us in this exact situation.
  8. JiF

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    Where you getting the bold from? OL hits FA every single year. They keep breaking the bank with record deals year over year. And the Jets can easily gets 3-5 years from Osemele, Beachum ad Winters. They're 27 and 29 respectively. OL plays well into their mid 30's these days. How does an upgrade not mean much? That legit makes no sense. They're better today than they were in Dec. That means something. lol. If it didnt, why all this hysteria about upgrading the OL? Not sure what McCown sucking has to do with Darnold but fact of the matter is, Darnold played his best ball and the OL performed its best with Harrison under C and Long at G. I think it's safe to say Darnold got better because a lot of things. 1 of the more important variables was having a C that could snap him the ball consistently. The Jets need a lot of things. Upgrading OL is one of them and so far, they have done just that. Hopefully they find a gem or 2 in this draft.
  9. JiF

    2019 METS THREAD! It’s time has come.

    Just saw that...though Wheeler's out was very encouraging...even at the plate!
  10. JiF

    Draft Trade Rumors

  11. JiF

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    The good news is; the Jets upgraded the offensive line this offseason with a trade for one of the better Guards in the league and a couple of FA signings that are upgrades as well. Also, the line improved with Harrison at C and Sam played his best ball once they made that move. The OL to date, has already improved probably more so than any other position group other than RB...and there are still some viable vets left in FA the Jets could pursue if they dont find what they were looking for in the draft. The beauty of this particular draft is, there is depth at OL that can be had in the 3rd and 4th round that just might have the same impact as the dudes people want to reach for in the first because they simply OL. There are also a couple other variables to factor in; if Sam improves, so will the OL. The top 10 offensive lines all have 1 thing in common, a top 10 QB. The other factor is Adam Gase; his offense is designed to get the ball out quick into play makers hands. That type of system benefits the OL.
  12. Typically at this point I'm dialed into the player I want badly. This year has been a little more challenging than most because of the uncertainty of where the top 5 players will fall and the varying opinions of the top prospects. So for the first time in a very long time, I'm not all in on one particular prospect vs. another. Therefore, I've come up with my top 3 wants and my top 3 do not wants all under the assumption we stay at 3. For fun; I'll also add my biggest top wants that can be had after round 1. Top 3: Ed Oliver - I think Ed Oliver it the best player in the draft. He's an explosive all world athlete who produced out of position while in college and is going to give opposing OL's nightmares in the NFL. Pairing him with Leo would create a very disruptive force on the interior of the DL. Anderson-Oliver-Leo-Jenkins in the 4 man fronts could really wreak havoc or you could potentially run a Anderson-Leo-McClendon-Oliver and be even more dangerous at attacking the QB. Josh Allen - IMO the most versatile player in the draft. To have put up the sacks numbers he did, in the SEC, while dropping back in coverage 30% of his snaps is mind blowing. The fact he can play the run, rush the passer and cover a TE down field makes him the biggest swiss army knife in the draft. A guy like Greg Williams could move him around like a chess piece and keeping an opposing offense completely fixated on where he's lined up. Williamson, Mosley, Allen and Jenkins would make a formidable LB'er core, if not one of the better units in the league. TJ Hockenson - wait what? A TE at #3 overall? That's insane and I know it and I dont care. He's the best non-QB offensive prospect in this draft. He's a QB's best friend and can help the run game immensely. I've seen him compared to Jason Witten, Travis Kelce and even some folks calling him the Gronk. TE is becominging increasingly important to an offense each season. Gase likes to run 2 TE sets. The combo of Herndon and Hockenson could be deadly; think murderer and Gronk back in the day on those scumbags cheaters teams. Top 3 dont want: Nick Bosa - the injury history is real and a huge concern because it's a bloodline thing. His brother cant stay healthy too. 3 seasons into the NFL and he's only completed 1 full season. I have HUGE concerns taking a player at #3 overall who's had 2 season ending injuries and one being a lingering type in the groin. Those never fully heal. Further, he's was just ok at rushing the passer. He never put up big numbers and the other scary part of his game is that he doesnt contribute at all to the run game or anything else for that matter. He's a one trick pony and if that trick gets figured out in the NFL; see Vic Beasley and the trash he's become. Quinnen Williams - one year wonder that disappeared on the biggest stage in the college playoffs. While Quinnen was ok at rushing the passer at Alabama surrounded by all world talent, he's not going to be a pass rusher in the NFL. He'll be a run stuffer and that's not the type of DT you take at #3 overall. Quinnen might end up being a good to great player in the NFL but more in the mold of a clog in the line and ingulf the ball carrier rather than an attacking and pursuing the QB, which is what the Jets need and the real value of having the #3 overall pick. Jonah Williams - he's a guard. If you dont think reach is a real concern playing T in the NFL, than I got news for you...they rarely work. You dont take Guards at #3 overall. If we are going to reach for OL, I'd rather it be Jaawan Taylor...but even he's not worthy of the #3 overall pick. Players I hope the Jets can draft at some point: Deebo Samuel WR - dudes electric. I'd love to see him be Sam's shiny new weapon. Absolute big play waiting to happen. Jalen Hurd WR - love his versatility and see him really being a force in the NFL Darrell Henderson RB - game breaker depth at the RB position. Yodny Cajuste OT - potential tackle in the 3rd round Ben Banogu Edge - potential mid round pass rush sleeper, solid athlete, quick first step.
  13. I'm pulling for you!!! Let's go playtowinthegame!!! Be right! Bump this thread and do an I told you so dance!!!!

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