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  1. BONER PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Has anyone ever explained what happened in Wash? Why do they all hate Pryor?
  3. JiF

    JetNation 2018 Mock Draft DISCUSSION

    Are you so insecure with me insulting your sh*tty draft, that you actually went and did research on preseason updates to try and validate that it wasnt sh*tty? FYI - it's sh*tty and all those dudes suck
  4. What if you only like Sam because he's on the Jets and you hate Baker Mayfield because he's a dbag?
  5. 8 regular season + 2 in the AFCC vs. the Pats = 10 but still, 8 sacks would be good for 5 more than anyone on this roster. I'd take that for a 6th. I think you also have to factor the projection here. IR rookie season. 4 sacks first year and was playing really well down the stretch, 10 sacks in his 2nd full year. Who knows if he can get his head straight year? That's the point. I think it's worth it for a 6th round pick.
  6. That traitor got arrested for smoking weed while speeding..
  7. Apparently a lot of Jets players have the same problem: see Joint practices Fowler isnt like TO and Dez. He's not catching headlines for doing some me first diva sh*t on the sidelines. He's catching headlines for being an idiot which I do think sometimes a change in scenery can help. I think 18 players in the league had double digit sacks and Fowler was one of them. Jets fans are making it seem like you can just go buy one or draft one and it's the easy, which is bizarre if you follow this team. This team, is in fact, filled with idiots...so what's one more?
  8. I dont know what that has to do with calling him a cancer but sure, why not? We've seen it happen before...players shaping up in a new environment. All he would have to do is play Football, get double digit sacks like he did in Jax (as a rotational player) and he's a god.
  9. Was a he a virus last year when the Jags should have gone to the Super Bowl and had the best Defense in the NFL last year?
  10. I think Avery Williamson will hold that title when it's all said and done this season. Or (getting my boner pants ready) Darnold!!!
  11. And fans too. Myself included, thought he was legit. People were comparing him to Reggie White (which in retrospect was totally ridiculous). I think Leo is worth the investment as long as his pay is in line with his play. I cant imagine Leo demanding that much in the open market but who knows. So crazy contracts are starting to get thrown around. Give him a fair contract that doesnt kill the eventual Darnold second contract? I'm good with it. Otherwise, his role is easily replaced.
  12. Culture is cute but it's the NFL dude. Donahue is getting a 2nd chance. Dude could have killed himself and numerous others. Trumaine Johnson and Isaiah Crowell have both been arrested for numerous offenses both signed this offseason. They made an offer to Suh. Robby Anderson isnt exactly a boy scout. If a pass rusher with Fowler's talent comes available, you'd be foolish not to at least make a call.