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  1. That's what I said above, it looked like an impossible angle but I and you were wrong. He could have made a play, especially knowing there was a fumble involved. You can clearly see, in both images, that Leo 100% pulls up and slows down and gives minimal effort to close the gap. Look at the final still you posted, Leo is upright not trying, everyone else was in running position closed fists leaning forward giving effort, Allen in on the 8 yard line. Leo 100% could have got there by the time Allen fumbled.
  2. great point... how do you get through a meeting with that on tape? What does Prezmal say about it?
  3. I dont think we ever saw Mo dog it that bad. Yes, he had some bad ones but they were more on the side of; screw this hundredth double team on some meaningless drive down 20-0 with no hope of ever scoring... I'm going to just lay down right here and act like I couldnt get around it. lol. This? This is the 1st drive of the game vs. a divisional rival, your QB (USC homeboy ride or die) in his first game back vs. their rookie QB, in a revenge match for letting them push your poop in under your roof with Matt frickin Barkley. I repeat, 1st drive of the game. wow unreal
  4. I remember seeing this live and thinking, he must have just had an impossible angle. Nope. Straight doggin it.
  5. Whatever man, I dont need your business. My teeshirts are selling like hotcakes.
  6. On topic, Mike Zimmer sucks. Go figure his Head Coaching career is starting to mirror his last bosses Head Coaching career, if it werent for a legitimate miracle.
  7. You see the recent one in Cali? Whoa that was gnarly. https://www.foxnews.com/us/man-accused-of-pushing-passerby-in-front-of-oncoming-truck-charged-prosecutors
  8. 2019 - The Real Rebuild sign up to buy your teeshirts!
  9. It's unreal. It's legit ridiculous to think we're going to fill all these holes in one offseason. So even with all the cap space and draft picks, the Jets will still go into 2020 with a ton of holes. But yes, let's keep the guy around who is responsible for putting us squarely in this position.
  10. Oh, ok...but we dont have a 2nd rouner...??? I think both are terribly overrated and honestly dont want either.
  11. Hollywood is the man, I just assume he's a late 1st guy and we wont get a shot at him.
  12. This seems insanely high for a guy you're taking on pure potential. 67 career receptions, injuries. F'ing scary. If he's going 5, where is AJ Brown going?
  13. Not really but my boy Deebo Samuel is a dynamic returner.
  14. I dont think it's terrible at all. There are some very solid players who could come in and provide some help as the Jets continue to develop OL and look at add. Here's a list. Plenty of upgrades. Some a bit older but again, who cares. If you can get 2 years out of them while you develop and keep looking to get younger, that's fine. As long as for those 2 season he's keep Sam upright. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/offensive-line/#

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