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  1. In the wake of hearing Big Mac inquired about Martavis Bryant this is quite hilarious. Nothing more attractive than throwing to Robbie Anderson and Martavis Bryant. Stand up dudes that Kirk will really got along well with and really form a great relationship.
  2. Mafia for Beginners - Game Thread

    Vote GATA Sup girl?
  3. Mafia for Beginners - Game Thread

    Not sure if I should be offended by the example vote being my name or if I should be flattered. I'm leaning toward offended because 80 is a bastard who has toyed with my emotions as a mod many times before.
  4. I thought that might have just been a pump fake to keep your real identity hidden.
  5. Man, I dont even know anymore. I'm back and forth and back and forth. I even started entertaining Mayfield at 6 and you know that disgusts me. Honestly, the only one I feel really comfortable with is Rosen and he might be an injury prone basket case. I'm warming up to Jackson from not really wanting anything to do with him at all but not to where I'd take him at #6. Still got a way to go though.
  6. Hey Kirk!!!! Come to New York and throw to Robbie Anderson and Martavis Bryant. They're swell guys. Really upstanding individuals that you'll have a great relationships with and love throwing the Football too. Type of guys you invite over for the Holidays and introduce them to your family. Just make sure you throw them the Football because if you dont, well, no telling what they'll do to you or your family for that matter. Sound good???!!!!
  7. I think they have some good young weapons in Njoku, Johnson, Coleman and Gordon. A solid OL. And some really exciting pieces on D: Garrett, Shelton, Schoebert, Kirsky, Collins, Peppers, etc. They remind me of the 1-15 Jets back in the day. Much better team than their record would indicate. I love the John Dorsey hire and didnt I read somewhere Scott McLaughlin was a draft consultant for them this year? Those dudes know talent.
  8. Meh, they're stilll going to have a very good roster. But again, it's not as about the current state of the rosters. To stay on topic, it's about the stability and which franchise do you have more confidence in to build a roster around you? Manning had a monster contract and was a huge cap hit, Elway still built 2 Super Bowl rosters during that time frame.
  9. He should have just left it alone after he said, the Jets are unstable. The rest is irrelevant. What thread was it where this was my entire position? It's almost like Colin read the board. As I said in that thread, the only thing attractive about the NY Jets is money. Literally, every other team that could be courting him is a more desirable landing spot. Vikings/Jags - instant SB contenders Broncos - loaded roster, historically great franchise, confidence John Elway can continue to build his 3rd SB roster. Browns - a ton of money, young players and sh*t ton of picks to surround Kirk, a new very solid FO structure. Downside - historic sh*tty unstable franchise so that could all backfire. Jets - a sh*t ton of money. Downside - sh*tty roster, historically sh*tty unstable franchise, a FO that doesnt give anyone confidence...plus all the other annoyances of playing NY.
  10. Murder Funhouse Mafia Sign-Ups

    I thought a song titled, Hell yeah, ******* right...would indicate I was down as mother ****er.
  11. Exactly. I've been of the opinion since this time last year that people were way over hyping this QB class. I think I was right, despite the mocks of potentially 4 top 10 QB's and possibly 5-6 RD 1 QB's. If we passed on all 4, I wouldnt have the feeling of anguish I had when we passed on Watson/Mahomes who I think were special talents much more so than this class. Which lands me firmly in the, go get Cousins camp if we dont have to guarantee something ridiculous because I dont trust this regime one bit. And now it has me leaning toward something everyone would hate if we dont get Cousins because it's been this regime's strategy year to date...take a 2nd RD/3rd RD guy because I'm not sure the difference between Darnold>Rosen>Mayfiled>Allen>Jackson>Rudolph>Lauretta>Faulk>White are really all that drastic. I guess I'm starting to lean toward BAP at #6 + one of Jackson/Rudolph/Lauretta/Faulk/White might be better than say...Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield and some roster fodder because Mac cant find talent outside of having a player fall to him at #6. The only other issue with either strategy that doesnt involve acquiring Kirk Cousins is the Todd Bowles neutering of his young QB's factor.
  12. Agreed. We'd totally be eye to eye after the combine and our chance to interview players.