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  1. Agreed with your positive points. And if his biggest gafs are missing on FA he signs for 1 year and/or not reaching for need, I can live with it even though my approach would have differed. Becton looks outstanding in a very small sample size but no real reason to think that's not him. If Mims and Perrine hit, that's huge for our offense. We just havent be able to see them.If by somehow Davis and Zuniga hit, then we're really have a little something going, even if just one of them hit, that's a big injection on his first draft.
  2. I think it's quite clear he sees this as a 2-3 year plan and is fine with losing and moving on from Gase and Darnold. 1 year contracts, trading Jamal, 1 WR in the draft, etc. We're trotting out Hogan, Perriman and Berrios on Sat. and there is no sign of a veteran coming in or a trade, etc. It's very reminiscent of being fine with Luke Faulk. He's good with losing. My feel right now is, he's testing Sam to see if he can overcome adversity, stay healthy an entire year and convince JD he's the guy. Otherwise, JD is taking a QB, hopefully Fields and using his an abundance of picks to build around him. The one thing that is looking very promising is, Becton looks to be the best player on this team.
  3. That was a really exciting run. Hockey pulled me in for good I think. I've been watching, especially playoffs for a few years now but it's been so good, I see myself following next season a lot more closely.
  4. 'ninja'd I agree, if we're doing this, FLOP FOR FIELDS!!!!!!!!
  5. Holy sh*t, he had to place it down. I guess it's a good thing JD drafted the best player on the team.
  6. Oh, I thought he was on the practice squad with Alec Ogletree
  7. With Crowder out, I suspect one of them to get called up. Probably Moncrief.
  8. I take my prediction of a Jets upset. Holy sh*t. What a joke this team is.
  9. The Browns arguably have the best skills positions in the NFL. Watching Chubb and Hunt run was a treat last night. Wow. They go 4 deep at WR and 3 deep at TE. Strong OL. Stupid good. They should be scoring 30 a game. The Bengals 4th WR is arguably as good as anyone on the Jets. Mixon sucks but he can catch and Bernard is a nice back. Decent TE's. sh*tty OL. The Jets have, a rookie LT. When a rookie LT is the best player on your team, you suck. You suck something awful.
  10. This is the exact argument I had during that process regarding wait for 18 vs. taking the 17 QB's. Everyone fell in love with Darnold and I legit remember saying, "this is all way too eerily familiar to another USC QB who was drafted because of his Rose Bowl performance". Oh well, this franchise is a sh*t show from top to bottom. We're all just suckers.
  11. We just doing rounds 1-3 because that list is much longer if you include all 7...
  12. No, you're not the only one. 37 completions at 5.2 per. RB Jamaal Charles averaged more ypc than that his career. So, I'm with you, I thought it was quite pedestrian, especially considering how loaded that offense is, that was the ultimate dink and dunk festival. I hate Bakery Mayflower with a passion and he was considerably better, granted, the Bengals defense is terrible. I will say, he's better than I expected and he clearly has a nice feel for the offense. They've made it so easy for him to execute. Quick reads, short routes, great WR's. On a side note, is Joe Mixon the most overrated player in the NFL? dude sucks.
  13. There is useful motion and then there is sending Tony Richardson in motion out wide to an empty backfield.

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