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  1. Just a show of hands...

    Well, I personally think this draft is straight dog sh*t but hopefully Mac can find the none poopy prospects you apparently think are abundant.
  2. Just a show of hands...

    That's great, is Mac drafting them? Because his hit ratio past round is 1 for 18.
  3. Just a show of hands...

    In general, I'm not a huge fan of a team with terrible talent who sucks at drafting trading 3, 2nd round picks for potentially sloppy thirds. I also dont really love any of these QB's and I'm on record saying if Mason Rudolph has the same histrionics as Mayfield, they'd be the same prospect. So, gun to head, I would have stay put at #6, see how the cards fall and if it didnt fall with one of the QB's landing in the Jets lap, then target a Rudolph/Jackson/Lauretta. Let's put it this way; a hypothetical draft of Chubb, Ronald Jones, Rudolph/Lauretta/Jackson would excite me more than Mayfield or Allen with a bunch of scrubs. All that said, I'm just glad this team grew some balls and put themselves in position to take a QB, so I'm not complaining yet. But you asked. haha
  4. I think the major focus toward fixing the offense will happen at #3 overall. I guess my point is (and it can be targeted at the OP or you at this point) - you cant force yourself into a pick because of need. If you're sitting their in the 3rd and hypothetically the 5th best pass rusher is on the board vs. the 10th WR or RB or OL, etc. - you take the pass rusher. It's equally as important and just as long as it's been since the team has had offense, it might be longer since they've had a pass rusher.
  5. Just a show of hands...

    Give me anyone of the 4 or Jackson and Rudolph and I think I'd be happy to varying levels of degree for each QB.
  6. I think we both know the quickest way to fixing the offense is to hit on #3. But in general, I get what you're saying but what you're screaming about/for is exactly what they did last draft with Stewart-Hansen-Leggett-McGuire. So your demand to fix it and how it would happen this year, literally happened last year. So you're trusting the same regime to take the same exact strategy and just hoping for different results in what I think is a much weaker class. I do like some of the RB talent that could be available come round 3 but I dont think there will be too many solid WR's or TE's available. I think the more important thing for the Jets to do in round 3 and beyond, is to find an actual Football player. Position or O vs. D, be damned. This team sucks, lets just get some talent in here at any position!
  7. The Jets took 3 receiving options in 3 straight rounds last year from the 3-5th. Steward, Hansen, Leggett and McGuire in the 6th. Plus they have 17 WR's on the roster right now, brought in Spencer and Crowell too pair with Powell. Are you saying lets do that again or are you screaming for some late round OL talent? Because otherwise, going skillz again seems redundant, especially at WR. I could see a RB or maybe a TE somewhere in the later rounds but I wouldnt anticipate a heavy offensive draft after the first pick.
  8. Semi-Official Concert Review Thread

    Saw Modest Mouse on Sat. It was a postponed show from their tour last year when the Hurricanes hit Florida. It was a lot of fun. They're really a bunch of talented musicians and it's fun watching a 7 piece band play that type of music and trade instruments and add instruments and just so really cool sh*t. Their guitar play live is sooo much better than their studio albums. Good times!
  9. Jaye Howard and Lamarr Houston could actually help a Football team.
  10. Joe Namath: A fan of Baker Mayfield.

    I was going to say both known for being drunk in public and posing shirtless to show off their hairy chest.
  11. The worst part about the 5 of the 22 players selected by Mac that actually get to play? Every single one of them could easily be upgraded with bottom end FA or UDFA type players and you wouldnt really lose much production. None of them make you feel comfortable at their position, like your set. Other than Safety and it's not because Adams and Maye are great but because they were only rookies and you just invested 2 high picks on them. Otherwise, every single position on the roster could be upgrade significantly.
  12. Anyone else like all 4?

    I’d probably take HRC over Josh Allen to be honest.
  13. Forum on Antonio Callaway

    I’m surprised the league still tests for weed to be honest, it’s clear they all smoke and the teams don’t give 2 sh*ts.
  14. Forum on Antonio Callaway

    Yeah buts this isn’t a new development. He smokes weed, it’s well documented. And predicting he’d fail again isnt going out on a limb. If you’re only fear is him failing a drug test than give him the Janoris Jenkins treatment and hire someone to keep him on track ie; let him know when he can and can’t smoke so he passes the drug test. Haha