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  1. 3 votes???!!!! Who dares claim they're as big of a Jets fan as me?
  2. 1st option because I'm the biggest Jets fan in the world and there is no close 2nd.
  3. FWIW, that quote came from an interview where the media was asking him about Ngakoue's contract and the team fining Telvin Smith who was removed himself from the team for personal issues. So he said after he was kind of led down the path of, dont you think this is kind of messed up what's happening to your boys? Either way, why should he give them a discount? He's the best in the game. I dont think he's traded, I think he plays a year under the tag and then they let him hit FA. I think they prioritize Ngakoue over Jalen, which I personally agree with.
  4. I know, that's why it's frustrating. I feel like this is easily a .500 season with a manager that's not asleep at the wheel.
  5. Yeah, they've been snake bitten lately for a team that's draft pretty well over the years.
  6. Great example you got to see up close and personal.
  7. Just another reason I didnt want him further securing my draftnik legacy. j/k Your instincts are to feel bad for the kid but at least he was a 1st round pick and got paid. Brutal on the kids that go through the process, (which is non-stop the second college season ends), that dont go high or dont get draft but get their chance only to get injured. It's damn near impossible to recover and bounce back when you're one of those examples. At least if you're a 1st rounder, the team is committed to you.
  8. They're not trading Ramsey. They'll keep him and his option is only for like 11 mil. So he's not going anywhere over the next 2 years. The Jags went out and signed Nick Foles as opposed to drafting a QB, they still think they have a window and Ramsey is a HUGE part of that equation. What I find very interesting in Jacksonville is; Coughlin and Marrone are supposedly the king of disciplinary hard asses yet they're running the most dysfunctional players do whatever the F they want to do organization in the league.
  9. Something has to give. Isnt Collins like a special advisor to the GM or something these days? Move him down. lol At least you'd see some fire and fight in the team.
  10. Clown shoes organization. I'm not sure why I ever even get excited about anything Mets related. My fellow alum, Pete Alonso is amazing and instead we're talking about our skipper apologizing, again, while not even learning from the first apology he gave.
  11. I'd be surprised to see any significant trades. I think we'll definitely see some addition as players fall out in camp and there are still some solid FA's out there as well. I could see them bringing back Clairborne at CB. Captain Munnerlyn, Coty Sensabaugh are available for some veteran depth. Harrison is fine. And I think John Toth was in the Eagles camp under Douglas, wonder if he feels he could be depth at C? WR? We're fine for now. Next years draft class is studly.
  12. Depends on the situation, they both accomplish the same overall goal which is preventing the WR from catching the Football.
  13. How many times can you apologize for being a moron?
  14. But he fired his pitching staff, so it's all good.
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