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  1. What the **** am I watching at the halftime of this Cowboys/Chargers game?
  2. I liked it. It was a good comeback from the Iron Fist/Defenders debacle. Great fight scenes. It was as a bloody as anything I’ve seen in a while. It got gnarly there at the end.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving!
  4. Chiefs sign Revis

    This. 100% this and he’s an entitled dbag.
  5. “Running back Eli McGuire rotates in-and-out with Bilal Powell and Matt Forte.” He does?
  6. Patriots to decide Jets fate

    It's going to be groovy when the Panthers throttle the Jets and everyone is all like, yeah but 9-7 could get in this year. We just need to root for the Cheatriots!!!
  7. Kristaps giving Griffin fits last night was fun to watch. Griffin was visibly frustrated every time he'd try to score on him. Kristaps didn't shoot particularly well but man, he was all over the place. The rookie didn't get too much run but when he did, he passed/missed on a few free throw range jumpers that your modern day PG would salivate to get such open looks. He's so smooth he creates space pretty easily, it's just a shame he doesn't have a nice mid range knock down type jumper to really make defenders pay. If he can develop that part of his game, holy sh*t does that kid has a future and so do the Knicks. He almost reminds me of Rondo a little bit right now. Great handler, good distributer, polished defender.
  8. Russell Wilson

    I'm sure you could do this for many teams but the list of QB's the Jets passed on who are starting (especially with all the injuries) in the NFL is pretty long.
  9. The Jets should do this on draft day

    So you're going to double down on 2 Big 12 QB's and hope one of them does what no Big 12 QB has ever done? I'd almost love to see it because it would be so Jetsy,
  10. Post your latest QB rankings...

    I basically see this draft as a 2 horse race, Darnold and Rosen. They have the most to work with and seem the most pro ready. Though I think Darnold should stay in school for another year. Mayfield/Rudolph - I wouldn't touch either but I could understand the appeal to Mayfield. Jackson - if you take him, you're hoping that he breaks the trend of run first QB's who fail in the NFL and you'd have to cater the offense for him until he understands how to throw the ball accurately while learning how to run a pro offense and read a defense. His learning curve will be huge. I'm really not even remotely interested in anyone else. Maybe Will Greer to a lesser extent.
  11. So in the same draft the Jets pulled Revis and Harris, we'd would have killed to pull Aaron Ross and Steve Smith? WTF? That draft was awful for the Giants.
  12. Sunday Games Thread

    Wentz does stuff Brady can't. He's a freak. He's like a cross between Rodgers/BigBen. He really incredible to watch. That said, the Patriots would be absolutely nothing without Brady. They lead the league in yards and first downs with very little from the run game. Middle of the pack D, though they're getting better. Whereas the Eagles have a top 5 run game and a top 10 D. IDK - hard to say both are playing unreal.
  13. Sunday Games Thread

    I really thought the Eagles were crazy for giving up so much to get a D2 QB #2 overall. Wow was I wrong. Wentz is just incredible. He's playing like the best QB in the game.
  14. Sunday Games Thread

    Not if you need a FG...