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  1. JiF

    Chimp Pimps BAFM game thread!

    Bitch ass hoe. Ain’t no spell on me
  2. JiF

    Chimp Pimps BAFM game thread!

    Vote 80
  3. JiF

    Chimp Pimps BAFM game thread!

    I did self protect. I don’t trust anyone to take this home but myself. My scum hunting skills out weigh most power roles anyway. Nold? Sucks that Gata pulled that sh*tty move. That’s the only hold up I have here. I have a feeling maybe there isn’t scum left but maybe a survivor? Not sure just a thought why CTM might have a vest. Because I doubt scum had 2 vests. LK seems like the logical choice today.
  4. JiF

    Chimp Pimps BAFM game thread!

    LK has conveniently disappeared
  5. JiF

    Chimp Pimps BAFM game thread!

    3 in a row but who’s counting?
  6. JiF

    Chimp Pimps BAFM game thread!

    I mocked you for focusing on 80 at the wrong time. Moron. Not a good look? Did CTM just show his ass?
  7. JiF

    Chimp Pimps BAFM game thread!

    You’re such and idiot. You were trying to Lynch 80. Hahahahaha
  8. JiF

    Chimp Pimps BAFM game thread!

    I won’t be voting you tomorrow if you’re alive.
  9. JiF

    Mock Offseason; amateur pragmatist

    See above. I think are extremely valuable but the blindside is still th blindside.
  10. JiF

    Mock Offseason; amateur pragmatist

    He definitely can and did at Florida. I just think he’s better suited for RT. I just don’t know how well he’d handle the super bendy edge guys on the left, he doesn’t have the killer reach to get his hands on them before they do their thing.
  11. JiF

    Chimp Pimps BAFM game thread!

    I’m a mafia superstar god.
  12. JiF

    Chimp Pimps BAFM game thread!

    OMG post the ******* scene!!!
  13. That's true. Like I said, not sure how much you can put on him...wasnt a whole lot of room being opened up for him. I'm definitely a Henderson over Williams guy. We pretty much never agree on anything come the draft, so lets share this moment of both liking Jordan Scarlett.
  14. I "watched" 2 Notre Dame games this year. FSU and Clemson. He destroyed FSU. Unstoppable. It was legit a 1st down every time he touched the ball. Granted, FSU is absolute trash, still they' have NFL caliber athletes all over the field on D and Williams went mental. Clemson was not so good but not sure how much of that you can put on Williams. They were so heavily outmatched it was like watching a High School team play a college team. I like Williams. He's not someone I'm drooling over but you could do worse. If were talking mid rounders, I'm more of a Darrell Henderson guy myself. And dont sleep on Jordan Scarlett, I'm being homer-ish with that one but I think his run style translate will in the NFL.

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