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  1. If you’re town, we will just call it being “rusty”.
  2. I think I believe you. My first instinct was the JC was trying to make an end game play because they’re up so big. Why only N2?
  3. Like, at this point, I’m going to be mad at JD if he doesn’t pull this off. Like @bla bla bla showed, you can easily still build around Watson even if you have to give up a ransom of picks
  4. Weird analysis and explanations. “Got to look at the traits”....but you like Wilson better and it’s not because of his arm? I’d love to read the detailed stuff if He publishes it. Maybe he’s just not a good talker. He was all over the place but that might be because the questions were moronic.
  5. Good stuff. Super easy to go get Watson even at a premium and still easily build around him. Easily.
  6. Interesting that he was calling plays back in 2019. Both Morris and Bob Sutton were on the coaching staff. I assume he took over full time DC when Morris moved in as interim HC?
  7. this was before he did that. Barry much more active then Kdels, not really comparable.

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