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  1. Got some really exciting Bourbons for my Bday that I havent tried yet.
  2. @DPR - I have you not voting right now since the last vote the I saw from you was on Nold. ❤️ Official Day 1 vote count: Ape (1) - JF80 DPR (1) - AVM Arsis (2) - Arsis, Stark Barry (1) - JC Pac (4) - Jville, CTM, Gata, Crush JC (4) - Barry, Drums, Jets, Kdels with 16 players alive, it takes 9 votes to bench
  3. Mod note: Drums will be replacing Nolder.
  4. JiF

    OT: JN Group PM

    I rather a PM because you can quote people and share media. Like that video Ballin posted was awesome and I plan on sharing that with everyone I know quite honsetly. I've never seen it before and it was a beautiful representation of a challenging concept to accept.
  5. JiF

    OT: JN Group PM

    I dont understand why were are locking them, no politics were involved. The NFL is about to face a monster issue they completely butt fumbled the last time around and I think it is relevant conversation to have for a NY Jets message board. Jamal Adams is going to be vocal leader and it's going to be awesome. Honestly, JN can do the country some good right now because it can clearly bring some much needed awareness to some of the posters. I'm not telling you who to vote for or giving this a political slant at all, I would like to talk about how the NFL can be a vehicle to drive change in our country and hopefully help some folks understand why these players will once again, be taking a knee. This time, dont be surprised to see the entire sideline on their knee... How is that not relevant to the NY Jets/NFL?
  6. I disagree. The NFL is at the forefront of the conversation because they clearly miss handled their last opportunity to do the right thing and now going to have to face it on a much larger scale.
  7. I hear myself loud and clear, do you? . I haven't mentioned anything about politics. All my comments are directed toward the NFL and how they have the ability to help institute change. How do you think they will respond to the players taking a knee again this year?
  8. As someone who has participated in peaceful protests, the good news is that there is incredibly strong group of young americans ready to stand for what's right. As we're starting to see many of these young americans are NFL players who have a much larger platform to share and educate with the masses. The NFL might have the biggest auidence in the country and a very loud voice to the masses. This time I'm really hoping they do the right thing and embrace the plight of their predominantly black players and be a proponent of change rather than a resistance.
  9. Garbage is incredibly insensitive way to describe what is going on right now. wow
  10. lol, that's not my fault then, I wont go there. I'm making this about the NFL. I havent said anything about anything else, simply bring up that the NFl now faces this issue again and its going to be much more serious this time around. They cant black ball the entire NFL.
  11. Why would my comments get the thread locked? This is a league issue now. We're here talking about the NFL I didnt see the mods say we couldnt talk about this issue. They said dont make it political. I havent mentioned anything political.
  12. They keep getting locked and this isnt going away.
  13. And we just got rained out... son bitch! Still waiting till Monday..
  14. Sticking your fingers in your ears and not wanting to hear the truth is the problem. The NFL could have been a catalyst to change, instead they were a resisting force to necessary change. And now it's on the forefront again because players all around the league will be taking a knee again. It's relevant and running and hiding from it is the problem.

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