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  1. Shane doesnt influence my thinking in any way shape or form. If anything, when we agree I go look in the mirror and try to find the error in my ways. When we land in the same place I feel the dirt a shower cant get rid of but I just to where the stench. This is one I'm comfortable in the stank namely because my opinion really doesnt matter. Adam Gase isnt losing his job.
  2. Again, I'm not optimistic. Nothing about Adam Gase instills any confidence in me he's the guy to turn it around, just more kind of a victim of circumstance right now and I think it's the right thing to do to see what him and Douglas can do. Worse case scenario, they can identify some talent, Gase continues to flounder and the cupboard isnt as bare for the next guy.
  3. I too am not confident in the outcome, I just dont really see anyway around it. I dont think Joe Douglas is forever indebted to Gase. He'll fire him when and if the time warrants it.
  4. I'm not optimistic about Gase but firing him for this mess seems very short sighted. Mac was a disaster and blaming Gase for the state of the roster is just silly. It's quite clear him and mac didnt see eye to eye. He handpicked the GM, let's see what they can do together for an offseason. If Gase continues to trot out an embarrassing offense and continues to get blown out in every loss, then let Joe Douglas do what he feels is best for this team. Bottom line is, Adam Gase isnt getting fired, so get used to it and hope that some positive comes from this relationship is really the only thing we can do. Yelling, screaming, kicking, flying planes...aint getting Gase fired.
  5. I'd let Joe Douglas and Adam Gase get to work building and executing on the vision that they discussed when they first came together as a team.
  6. Replace Big Mac with JiF and Hess and this team is heading to the Super Bowl this season.
  7. Take that! Bill Belicheaterscumbagpos
  8. Agreed. I'm not disappointed in the slightest. The Jets took a ragtag team of practice squaders into a hostile environment on a short week vs. the best team in Football and I thought put up a respectable performance, final score withstanding. Like I said last night, I felt like I was watching my Gators host Eat Tennessee St. in the Swamp, that's how drastic the talent level was between the 2 teams and yet, I think I would have walked away saying, East Tennessee put up a good fight and has a player at the QB position.
  9. agree to disagree homey, the situations are so drastically different it's not even remotely comparable
  10. Like when Jeff Smith stopped running on a easy TD? I dont even know the TE's name. Brown? Something Brown?
  11. I more so was referring to tonight. Switch roles the outcome doesnt change But yeah, maybe he'd have 6, possibly 7 maybe not likely with Jackson
  12. This is well put. I also feel like everything he has to do is at like an 8-10 difficulty level vs. the other guy.

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