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  1. Panthers select - Thomas Graham Jr. - CB, Oregon.
  2. All rookie staff with a rookie QB too? lol NY JETS BABY!!!!!!!!!
  3. I mean, he's right, they're basically the same dude but whatevs.
  4. Do not want list; Zach Wilson Rashod Bateman Dyami Brown - you convinced me @Paradis Rashad Weaver/Patrick Jones Jason Oweh
  5. I cant see this team using a 1st rounder on a RB with how talent poor they are, they have to take a premium position there IMO unless they trade back. As much as I love Etienne, that selection could either be another corner stone on the OL, a CB 1 for this team or an edge to put opposite of Lawson. I honestly could see them not taking a RB at all. Coleman, Johnson, Perrine. Maybe go sign Duke Johnson on the cheap and be done with it for a year, I dont love the backs this year, some are intriguing beyond Etienne and Harris (Gainwell, Williams, Carter) but some of the later round flier
  6. Wow, must have been a killer strain. When I smoke, I typically dont leave my couch unless it's for the kitchen.
  7. A couple of things here; he's only played Bama once, maybe you're thinking of LSU? The 2 comparison, are totally lost on me; Lamar Jackson couldnt be more different and for Big Ben could move for a big guy, avoid pressure, make plays. Trask, can not. He's statue who cant do anything off schedule. That said, he's the type of kid you dont bet against because he's such a good kid and damn hard worker. Dont see it though. Career back-up.
  8. Panthers select - Drake Jackson - C - Kentucky
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