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  1. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Cool. I liked it. Especially the extended cut.
  2. Movies We've Seen Thread

    Oh, it has 2 extra scenes. The last one at the very end of the credits
  3. Movies We've Seen Thread

    As suspected Justice League was not a very good movie. The first hour was all over the place trying to connect 10 different storylines. It does come together eventually and is better the 2nd half of the movie. I won’t go further and let everyone get a chance to see it but it was very much as expcexted. It’s not terrible and has its moments but it’s not good and it’s a shame because it had potential.
  4. Idk we suffered through Sanchez doing this sh*t on the reg and people here still think he’s good and the Jets are dumb for letting him go.
  5. I don’t see what one has to do with the other. They are totally different prospects and Mariota was a prolific passer who threw more than he ran. Total opposite with Jackson. The better comparison and one I was making this offseason is Deshaun Watson. Prolific passer who could run. They literally look like the same player when you look at them side by side obviously Watson having a special IT factor Mariota will never have. That said, he’s a good young QB. I’d love to have him. He typically doesn’t turn it over like that but sh*t happens. Big Ben threw 5 earlier this year vs the Jags, at home. Plus Thurs night games suck.
  6. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    where did you find this? That is a sick shot
  7. Between him almost hitting the QB, Jenkins redirecting runners and Lee almost getting his head around in coverage and Adams almost plays, the Jets are close to something, not sure what but they’re close!!!
  8. Mac thought an extra mid round pick (or maybe it was a 2nd, either way) was too much too move up for Wentz, supposedly. Why would he be more willing now?
  9. Goal: 100,000 POST IN THIS THREAD

    Omg I can’t wait to use this. This might be the greatest gif ever made
  10. Movies We've Seen Thread

    I literally have never paid any attention to a review or to a rating. I see movies I want to see regardless of other opinions. Most of the time I find out after the fact that the movie I saw was rated good or bad. Never really know going into it. I've got a buddy that literally won't see a movie that gets poor ratings. It's bizarre. And then I tell him I liked a movie and he'll be like, dude it got so and so on so and so. I could give 2 sh*ts. I heard the critics hated Batman vs. Superman. I loved it. Don't give **** what they say. And then they have movies they love like Wonder Woman and I'm like, meh. It was ok. To each their own. It's like music. You can't tell a person what to like or not, you just like what you like and that's what it's all about. That said, the trailers make Justice League look terrible. I'm a Batman fan boy, so I'll probably like it for that reason alone but man, the previews make it look cartoonish bad.
  11. Movies We've Seen Thread

    It looks like the worst movie ever made and I’m going to see it tomorrow.
  12. Bath Fitter BUYER BEWARE

    Not sure. I’m doing an addition right now, adding a master suite. I guess I shouldn’t call them?
  13. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    I'm not sure what. I hope a QB. My point is, even if there is actually a cliff at the other end of the bridge, you can win with Tyrod Taylor in the meantime. It's not like a complete waste of time like McCown/Fitz. It's only a moderate waste of time.
  14. Bills bench Tyrod Taylor

    Chip Kelly (please sign with Florida) was breaking down some Tyrod the other day. Kid is playing good ball while the team is having a fire sale and not really playing well around him. It’s strange timing considering they’re in the hunt but if they don’t feel he’s the future, i respect this ballsy move to be short sighted. Tyrod would be a great bridge QB because you could still get production and be able to properly assess your skills positions while building a core for the heir apparent.