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  1. I thought it was because it was a low snap, throwing off his back foot, with multiple defenders diving at his knees but makes even more sense if his elbow was hit too.
  2. You're legit CtP, I here you got all da hoes!
  3. As long as it was elbow because everybody knows, hand is part of the ball.
  4. JiF

    OLB Brandon Copeland

    From what I've seen, he has some talent. He's definitely flashed on some big plays, a few times in fact. I'd say quicker than fast. Looks like a pretty good athlete.
  5. Solid. Surprised that a 3rd down related stat wasnt on there considering we're talking about Sam Dabeaston3rddownold
  6. When Sam Darnold took that 3rd and impossible from the Jets 2 and threw that perfect deep seam route to Sam Darnold who proceed to juke 4 players out and take it to the house, it was cool. I smiled. And then when Sam Darnold handed off to Sam Darnold and he ran over like 3 guys and broke away in another gear for that 79 yard TD, it was neat. I high fived myself.
  7. When you dont have a QB, it's the only thing that matters. Now that the Jets have a QB, other things matter! It's fun!
  8. I dont think there's a position on the OL that couldnt be upgraded, that said, over the last 2 weeks Beachum has been solid vs. very good pass rushing teams while Long has probably killed a dozen +/- plays with bad snaps.
  9. JiF


    Did it take a long time or is the system? Smith is the quintessential game manager who you'll never win anything with but be good enough to keep you in the playoff hunt basically every year at this point. He's thrown for 4k once (last year) and has thrown for 20 TD's 3 times in a 13 year career, all 3 years in KC, career high last year with 26. He currently has 6 TD's vs 12 last year. He's on pace for 3600, 18 vs. 4k, 26 last year. Last year looks very good, this year looks pedestrian and almost looks like it's from the 50's.
  10. It's basically brand new. Breaking in a rookie LT too. They have 1 returning starter, Nick Martin. Watson is a guy known for getting the ball out quick and being elusive. Like I said, he definitely was holding the ball a bit long yesterday but on other plays he was getting no time to throw the ball. Been that way all year. And their run game is abysmal. They average like 3.7 ypc. I think this is a bit more indicative of who's in front of him than Watson but I'm sure some of it is on him as well. Despite all that, he's got his team on 3 game win streak and prior to yesterday, Watson was on a run where he was averaging 420 yards 2 Td's per game. Good for 90% of their offensive production which is very lost and ordinary for a QB who has played 12 games in the league.
  11. Johnson was bad but the Jets were 3-3 at this point in large part thanks to the offense. If you're killing a half a dozen + plays a game because you cant snap the ball, then you really have no point being in the game. That can totally kill a game if their untimely vs. a better opponent. That said, Long isnt/wasnt ever good so this shouldnt be too much of a shock. OL has been playing well despite the fact but it needs to be a priority next offseason.
  12. Brutal. He was such a good story after recovering from such a career threatening injury. And Sam Dabeaston3rdownarld loved him. sucks. Hope we have by the first Pats game.

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