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  1. Dan Mullen is a legit QB guru, offensive genius and the offense was loaded and I think Trask was just a really really good at executing the passing game. They had to throw throw throw some more to move the ball and make up for how terrible their defense was this season. He had the most pass attempts in all of college Football and their RB's only score 6 TD's on the season. Mullen went yolo passing the last 2 years because he couldnt run his normal playbook with Trask. Believe it or not, he was limited with his play calling but I think Trask really just mastered his passing game concept so M
  2. You misunderstood then. I said I would start w/ this years 1st round picks or #2 overall and next years 1st, ours, not Seattle's.
  3. Is it? If you were taking a QB at #2, all you're doing it is ensuring it with another 1st which is simply half of the Adams deal. And you dont necessarily know what next years 1st is going to be depending on Seattle and Jets season. It could be be massive or it could be just what it takes to get it done. The Rams just traded 2 1st's for Stafford, so I dont think it's like insane or anything. And it leaves the Jets with 2 next year or at least 1 each of the next 2 years, which is great. sh*ts all over the, "cant build around him" talk. Say they gamble and we'll take your next year's
  4. He's extremely limited. Limited athlete, limited arm. Pretty much hit his ceiling this season me thinks. He is beyond awful when facing pressure too, like, Sam Darnold bonehead type bad. Totally loses his marbles when the pocket collapses and he's a lumbering runner who hurts watching try to move. Emory Jones wont have the weapons but I think he'll make the Gators offense more dynamic.
  5. I'd call and start with this years 1st's and/or their choice of next 1st's....and if they want Sam Darnold too, fine, deal. I dont think it takes more then that, especially if Wilson is truly worth all this hype.
  6. Same, it was a gift...havent even opened it. I played 2 days in a row. ******* 90 on Thurs. So frustrated, had not played that bad in a long time. The course was sh*tty and hard, so I didnt expect to shoot well but ****, I could get it going. Play Friday, I'm light outs. Miss like 2 fairways on the day, if I missed the green, I was barely...and my putter was on fire. Legit, sank 7 putts from outside of 20 feet. Shot a 78 but it was a par 70. Shorter course only played 5600 but really fun. It made you think about your tee shots and for me, I didnt need to hit driver bu
  7. Oh wrong that Fields is better then Wilson? Yeah, I'll 100% show face. I admitted that I got that draft wrong too, thought Darnold was the best prospect but I honestly kind of hated them all. I wanted Watson/Mahomes and was more pissed that we didnt take one of them then I was excited about 18. I can remember passionately arguing with people saying we should pass on those 2 for the 18 class. And I've said this many times before, I have no clue if Fields is going to be great at the next level. I dont have the same confidence as I did, say Watson but if I had the choice, there is no wa
  8. Have you seen the 49ers record with Jimmy G. vs. without Jimmy G.? some people call it a coininqydink
  9. Nice, I've got a bottle of the Bib but havent cracked it open. It's a cold rainy day here, might be a good time!
  10. Oh, no? Why do think the Bucs won the Super Bowl this year?
  11. sh*ts and giggles, hypothetical The Jets trade 4, 1st round picks (I dont think they will need too but lets go there), so basically, they dont have a 1st round pick the next 2 season but, they have Watson. Because of their cap space they can still go out and sign; Robinson, Thuney, plus some but wont go there because **** it. At 34, 66 and 87 the Jets land; Travis Etienne, Asante Samuel Jr. and Creed Humphry. I love some later round prospects too but again, I wont even go there because **** it. The Jets offense is now. QB - Watson RB - Etienne, Perrine, Johnson, Adam
  12. No, it's quite clear not everyone understands that hence why I thought you were serious. I wholeheartedly disagree it will be difficult to build around him and this has been strongly put to rest many times, 17 picks, 10 in the top 100 (probably 11 after trading Sam) over the next 2 seasons, 2nd most cap space in the league. Even if you take 3 away, 8 picks in the top 100 over the next 2 seasons. @bla bla bla did an incredible job of showing us that even with paying an extra premium for Watson, the Jets could easily build a contender over the next 2 years with the rest of their assets.
  13. There is an old saying in the NFL, teams dont get better, they get better QB play.
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