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  1. I dont see how this would be similar to the "Gase mistake"- Gase was a failure at HC in Miami and all the red flags that were a concern with him in Miami has followed him here. He also was bad in Chicago too after he slobbered Peyton's nob in Denver. Further, Gase was like a Football dweeb who worked his way up from a ball boy. I know coaches dont need to be player but when you look at Bieniemy's career - he been under the Ried coaching tree for a while - played for him, then joined Childress, went to his Alma Mater and then went back to the NFL under Ried. Idk - a little different then someone who just jumped around from job to job trying to find a place to stick. While I respect that about Gase, I think in comparison Bieniemy has had better mentorship an is more connected to the game.
  2. Harping on it? dude, you quoted a post from 10/4. lmfao You started this whole back and forth when I was talking to someone else in which, and here you go again, are taking sh*t out of context. I provided those links because he asked me too!!! lmfao and I did begrudgingly while prefacing in the post that they meant nothing !!! lol You've told me I'm wrong numerous times. So dont act like this all just been nice little innocent talk on your part. lol ❤️
  3. Right on, look @HessStation he became a Browns fan and that seems to be paying off
  4. It's almost like you're not a Jets fan or something. It's so obvious he's coming back, it's not even funny
  5. People sell Bieniemy short around here, he's a great leader who knows how to manage egos very well. You should hear about how that Minnesota team back in the day with Chester Taylor and AP w/ Percy Harvin, Favre etc. Brad Childress was the coach, the whole offense credits Bieniemy with keeping that team together because they were all ready to kill each other and they were a play away from the Super Bowl. I think he has some uncanny leadership ability and he's learning from a true offensive genius.
  6. Adam Gase will be the Head Coach of the NY Jets next year, it cracks me up when you all think it's going down any other way.
  7. I really dont know what you're arguing or what your point is here but I'll repeat myself and summarize my thoughts if that helps. I never said Lawrence had a weak arm. I said, I dont see an elite arm. It's good, not great and I think Fields arm is better. I never said that was going to be the difference in the NFL, just simply comparing the arms of 2 prospects. And you did miss the context, I dont give a lily **** about what some talking head say. They are wrong, all the time. I'm giving you my take and I'm not hiding the fact I like Fields better. I understand I'm in the minority, I'm fine with that, I'm not offended by it and if you disagree cool but you're not convincing me I'm wrong.
  8. 1. It doesnt. 2. I said it 3. It cant hurt but your questions are missing the context of the conversation we are having.
  9. Meh, not going to repeat the same argument points over again, I've shredded this before too. ❤️
  10. So my assessment really hasnt changed, I like Fields better. That said, it's for reasons that I didnt think. Fields isnt as twitchy as I thought he was, much less dual threat as advertised. He can obviously run and make plays; see the spin move he made on the TD but I think Lawrence brings just as much with the legs. Fields is just straight up a better passer. His accuracy, ball placement, timing and rhythm are next level and I think more advanced then Lawrence. And then when you considered that everything Fields attempts is vertical and the way he takes care of the ball, it's hard to ignore. The 1 thing I think I see though that is different this season; Lawrence has more responsibility at the LOS than Fields. Fields still takes his cues from the sidelines but he's also going through more progressions this season whereas Trevor is still hitting his 1st read and throwing a ton of passes behind the LOS and while he's gotten a bit better with ball placement, it's still clearly a big struggle when attempting balls over 5 yards. 2 great prospects, I like Fields more. I would 100% trade down accumulate more picks and take Justin Fields if I were the GM of the NY Jets.
  11. Why do you constantly try to spin and paint me in a light that is inaccurate when you're defeated? You remind me of someone... Go type what I read and respond to it. I acknowledged it's useful and said it should not be used as a determining factor because it's highly flawed. I know you cant defend this so "I'm not worth your time" (liar, you love me) because I'm right but I'll simply remind you of the highlights; The flaw in their formula has nothing to do with math it's completely subjective malarkey that they use to compile their "data", they are not telling you anything you didnt already know ie; Burrow is the #1 prospect, there isnt a competitive tool to compare this is better than anything else out there and it ultimately is 50/50 on when they are right and wrong and I dont know how you can put any stock into something with those types of results.
  12. Consensus had Burrow better, ironically so did your ground breaking formula. The only variance is Tua and you're taking a lot at liberty assuming they were just sticking and picking. You dont know what they knew.
  13. Totally forgot how I slapped your little tushy in this thread and you didnt touch a response. Yummy reminder.
  14. He went #6 overall, did the Chargers take him at #6 thinking he was going to bad?
  15. And he's not better than either one of them so it remains to be stupid.
  16. Well there's that and the fact that defense is dead. Even Nick Saban realizes the days of having a great defense, doesnt matter. Scoring does. The Jets with the worst talent on D in the entire NFL just forced Buffalo to 5 FG's and kept them out of the endzone.
  17. If JD came out and dropped this draft on the Jets after taking Lawrence, lol, just pack it up and wait for the new GM/HC/QB. I mean...
  18. Well, you know where I stand on him which is why quite frankly, I'm not sweating it. I think Trevor Lawrence is the most overhyped player that I can remember in a long long time. I've said it many time, I dont see it but you know, these NFL guys always get it right! So...
  19. Yep, it's click bait garbage, attention seeking sh*t. This is why I dont watch or listen to any NFL talking heads at all. I dont watch ESPN or NFLN or listen to podcast. I hear about this sh*t here. These blowhards are absolute morons. They just run their jib all day long because they have to fill air time. I will trust my eyes and opinions over them all day long.
  20. I just dont get what they think this guy can do? He's not part of NFL royalty where he family can throw his weight around and get what they demand. He's going to go to who picks him #1 overall. Bottom line.
  21. Why wasnt Justin Herbert a "generational talent" but Trevor Lawrence is? 2 QB's went ahead of this guy and they are nowhere near as good. 6'6 230 cannon arm, accurate as can be, takes care of the ball, ran a 4.6. TL has no chance of doing this at the next level. He can barely complete forward passes and Herbert is attacking every level of the field like he's a bigger faster stronger Aaron Rodgers. This is why I never ever listen the talking head morons wannabe scouts. They're ******* clueless.
  22. No skin off my back, just take Fields who is the better passer. That said, what his consolation prize? Jacksonville, Detroit, Atlanta? Or if he stays in school, the Jets are more than likely picking #1 overall again, so I really think this is one of the dumbest takes in sports right now. sh*tty teams draft #1 overall.
  23. Sam biggest weakness is that he's an absolutely terrible QB. Mega bust of epic proportions.

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