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  1. It would be cool to have Bell on this team, it would be cooler to draft a really good RB but you know, Big Mac baby!!
  2. They are terrible when it comes to closing out half’s so if this helps, great!
  3. Reminds me a ton of how they handle Petty when he’d get in and we know Todd fired his last OC for not wanting to be the Saints, so there is a common denominator here.
  4. JiF


    Mehta doesn’t know a single thing about American rules Football and he’s insulting the guy who breaks down the Jets better than anyone?
  5. JiF

    It's time...

    Bring back Rex! He’s exactly what this franchise needs.
  6. If the FO were to give Todd the benefit of the doubt because of the lack of talent he’s had to work with (though I think he’s just as responsible for the roster as Mac), these are the questions Id be asking; What does he do well as a Head Coach? Where has he improved since his first season? What type of culture or identity has he established? What players have improved or thrived under Todd? What are the Jets good at under Todd? And ultimately, how close are the Jets to competing for the playoffs? Unfortunately, there aren’t any good answers to these questions. So, get him out!
  7. JiF

    Congrats Browns

    Victory Pepper??!!
  8. Sam Darnold is a future star in the NFL.
  9. Great take but I think the bigger point here that everyone needs to get a grip of....the Jets are a bad Football team. 3-5 wins bad. Perspective is key here. It’s all about building Darnold and nothing about winning.
  10. He’s never really been good. He had one great year with a bunch of INTs. That’s it. I know, tell me all about what PFF said about him in press man which they don’t do on the Jets.
  11. Oh they have and the problem is, they think they do. So, clean house and hire me and @HessStation
  12. Matt Stafford threw 5 picks vs the sh*tty Jets on opening day and people are sh*tting on the youngest QB to ever start week 1 in NFL history because he has a bad game vs a team who made future HOF’ers Brees and Big Ben look like sh*t on a short week, on the road vs a better team on Thurs night. holy sh*t haha
  13. None of is this wrong. Good points on it all. However, I think Sam is fine and Todd is god awful. How do you fix it you ask? Acquire good Football players. It’s literally that easy. Pick the right guys, land the right guys in FA. It’s so simple the Jags and Rams are now the best teams in the NFL.
  14. Yeah and remember what they showed about Aikman? He’s fine. People are stupid.
  15. There was never a point in time that the Jets were winning this game. Not sure why it’s such a big deal. The Browns are better. While the Jets are on a 5 year rebuild, teams like the Jags and Rams are the best teams in Football and teams like the Browns and Bears are getting significantly better. Meanwhile, in Jets land...
  16. Mayfield fumbled and should have throw a RZ pick. He had all the time in the world playing a sh*tty prevent D. Kevin Hogan was better last year in relief. The overreactions are ridiculous. But that’s what the fans and media do. Baker might be great but nothing about last night proved anything either way.
  17. God I hope we don’t ruin this kid.
  18. JiF

    This offense

    You know that play is really a perfect microcosm example of what I’m talking about; faced with terrible field positon starting on the 12, false start on Carpenter, 1st and 15 on the 7, Powell gains it back, false start on Tomlinson, 2nd and 13 from the 7, Sam works his progressions finds Anderson for 17 yards giving them a huge 1st down and breathing room... FUMBLE!
  19. JiF

    This offense

    I’m honestly not worried about any of that. I think it’s all there. He doesn’t have a cannon arm but it’s plenty strong. Sam Darnold can be very good in this league if the Jets don’t get in the way. For example; he should have sat the first 4 games IMO the rush to start him was stupid. Not a single 1st rounder this season opened as the week 1 starter other than Sam, at 21, on a sh*tty team, with a terrible OL, playing 3 games in 11 days vs some very good D’s. Moronic to start him IMO but whatevs. Is what it is.
  20. JiF

    This offense

    He’s literring every thread with it too. was it Darnold’s fault when they were up 14-0? Or when he led a 6 minutes drive in the 4th, giving the Jets the lead? Did he fumble a huge 3rd down conversion? Get multiple personal fouls and numerous other penalties? His fault Crowell whiped his ass? Give up big 3rd down conversions on D too? Lmfao
  21. JiF

    This offense

    Maybe I missing something here but how do you have a vertical offense with no vertical threats (Anderson and Pryor suck) and not enough time in the pocket for someone to get downfield? The kids first TD was like 40 yards. He can do it when it’s there. I think you’re being a bit harsh on him, personally. He was nowhere near as bad as you are making him out to be. This offense is just wacky right now, whether it’s OL, talent or play calling, we don’t really know. But what I see is a kid that rarely sees a clean pocket, always has tough down and distance to work with, constantly faced with overcoming penalties and terrible field position, is taken out is rythym with bizarre plays calls proceeding nice plays and basically no run support (though Powell got free a few times last night) and it’s mixed it with great pocket presence, great accuracy on the run, good ball placement and for the most part quick good decisions with the ball. This team is dog sh*t. Acting like some 21 year old rookie is going to come in a just sling it all around the field and attack on all levels and just intimidate opposing D’s is legit ridiculous. Never happens that way. Ever.
  22. JiF

    This offense

    Yep. The one thing we don’t have insight on as fans is that. How much of this is designed around what we are working with vs. this being the real look of the offense. Good thing we have a few extra days to prepare for the Jags because they are going to eat this offense alive.
  23. Agreed but I trust Dorsey in the long run and Hue has coached up this talented team they’ve acquired so who knows. He certainly seems more competent and aware than Bowles.

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