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  1. JiF

    R.I.P Stan Lee

    RIP to a legend
  2. What happens if they keep Bowles for one more year and then fire him after next season and then the Jets win the Super Bowl with their new awesome Head Coach and he goes on to have a Brady/BB like run with Darnold? Do you think you would regret giving up on the Jets?
  3. It would be hard to come into work everyday and give 100% effort in this type of climate. I dont think I could do it. I think I'd just resign. Unless, your job is safe and everyone else is just wasting their breath.
  4. JiF

    Baker Mayfield is Awesome

    They've averaged 19.3 pts per game under Mayfield, that's less than the Jets score per game. In this 4 game window that we're using to judge his awesomeness, he's played 3 of the bottom 5 D's in the league - Falcons, Bucs, Chiefs. And his stats vs. the Steelers were very much padded by garbage time. He had 2 TD's yesterday that were silly easy check down vs. the worst D I've ever seen and a screen to Chubb who is a monster. These stats are a bit deceiving. That said, he's seem to settle down and take care of the ball much better, been accurate and is plus on the TD/INT side...I'd be stoked if that were Darnold. So I aint going to hate. Kid's play much better than I thought he would.
  5. JiF

    Baker Mayfield is Awesome

    Good for you! You should be so proud of yourself!
  6. Bring back Rex, bring back Rex, bring back Rex!!!
  7. I'd take Rex back in a heartbeat. He's proven if you give him halfway decent talent, he can win. He's exactly what this team needs right now.
  8. JiF

    Baker Mayfield is Awesome

    I knew this thread would come back after a good game vs. the hapless Falcons. People are weird
  9. He knows what it's like first hand to have a terrible GM
  10. We're talking about this last game, not his overall situation. Not that I disagree with what you're saying but is your overall point that he should have stayed in college?
  11. For sure, the we'd be 6-4 with blah was legit a thing around here.
  12. I've said it 100 times, I dont think anyone truly understands how a bad snap throws off your offense. It's legit, impossible to get any rhythm when your QB has to play hero just to save the snap. Sam was the best WR on the field vs. Miami. Couple that with the OL doesnt do anything well and the WR's and RB's are barely NFL players, legit disaster scenario for the youngest week 1 starter in NFL history. What saddens me is that I think Sam is fine, it's he was drafted by the Jets.
  13. Oh and I legit think, nobody is getting fired. They're all back next year.
  14. I honestly don’t know why anyone expected anything different
  15. For sure, though Herm was much more successful. Seems like a genuine stand up dude. The kind of guy you want to see do well. Just a lousy head coach, unfortunately.
  16. It can’t hurt his confidence and yes, it will shut up players like Kearse who came out basically saying we have an offense now with Joshy.
  17. Says Lee doesn’t give the party line answers, quotes Lee giving the party line answers.
  18. Every team has the same playbook, with the exact same plays inside and they call them at the exact same times in the game. When you think about it, Jermey Bates and Sean McVay are the same exact guy.
  19. Yes I have and I live in Jax and I remind those fans every day.
  20. JiF

    It starts with talent

    Agreed but the Bills and Dolphins are terrible.
  21. Somehow the Bills used creativity, a game plan and timely calls to get an offense led by Matt Barley to score 41 points with a band of misfits but you’re trying to sell me the Jets aren’t doing anything different than other teams? Ok
  22. Feel bad for Bowles. Terrible coach, seems like a good dude though.

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