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  1. Deshaun Watson v. Lamar Jackson

    No, it’s not wrong. This is the first season he’s had more completions than rush attempts. He’s much more effective as a runner than a QB. Which is supported by his accuracy issues vs his run efficiency vs his rush attempts vs his completions. Louisville would have been a better team this year if they weren’t more concerned with auditioning Jackson as passer in the NFL rather than letting him do what he does best. Run.
  2. http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2017/12/todd_bowles_says_jets_had_more_energy_vs_broncos_t.html Interesting, no?
  3. In Todd Bowles first month on the job, he was asked about Mo Wilk showing up out of shape and his response was "Mo went to Temple, he gets special privileges". Everyone laughed but it wasn't a joke. http://www.newyorkjets.com/news/article-randylangefb/Todd-Bowles-Tuesday-Presser-5-Takeaways/8585a38a-4427-493a-8515-fcdcbee1989c 1. Welcome the Owl Bowles had been on message for the entire time Muhammad Wilkerson didn't participate in the voluntary phase of the offseason, and he remained so when asked about Mo's presence for the minicamp, even joking that there were some dispensation for both being former Temple Owls. "I didn’t know if he would or wouldn’t be here," the coach said. "It’s great to see him back. He weighed in well. He’s a Temple guy and he’s from my hometown [Elizabeth, NJ], so he gets special privileges anyway. But it was good to see him out there."
  4. That's what I figured because if he was suspended he'd get his pay check held, correct? I don't think the Union would appreciate that.
  5. First thing I thought of. Probably shutting him down for the year. Good riddance. But why not just out right cut him? So he cant sign with the Pats and win a Super Bowl?
  6. It's amazing, this thing called Football. There are 3 phases of the game: Offense, Defense and Special Teams. Interestingly enough, you're allowed to score TD's in all 3 phases of the game. It's pretty neat actually.
  7. Deshaun Watson v. Lamar Jackson

    Thanks for posting, an interesting watch. The plays he analyzed certainly didn't feature the complexity of the offense but I'm not going to pretend like I know the playbook. That said, they were all 2 reads, with an outlet pass, only having to read one side of the field. The only play that he featured that even had routes on both sides of the field looked like it was a specific play call vs. that particular coverage and he only looked at one side of the field. I'm cool with agreeing to disagree but I don't think I said anything inaccurate. Watson was a prolific passer and Jackson was/is not.
  8. Who's fault is that? No, it's really not but that's cool. We all know how low your standards are.
  9. The players mailed it in and the coaches quit. Fans should be like, cool, this is good. Way to change the culture!!!
  10. Fans expectations are way to high. Not sure why anyone would be upset to learn their coaches mailed it and quit with an entire quarter of Football left to play.
  11. Do we have a list of the tank crowd? I want to get specific with my anger.
  12. Holy ******* sh*t. Never, in my life, have I ever seen or heard a coach out right admit they quit. I mean, we all know they did but to actually outright admit it? How? I mean, WTF? Huh? I don't even...
  13. Allbright hears

    This will be an interesting offseason. With all the potential FA QBs and the inevitable pick apart every prospect (which we’ve already been doing), it will be good entertainment. I think the rise and fall of both Mayfield and Jackson are going to be the most interesting as we go through the process. There will be evaluations all over the board on those 2. Really can’t wait to see what Ourlads Scouting Service records from the bleechers at combine.
  14. Allbright hears

    Historic draft class, guys!
  15. The culture of this team was developed by this regime and it's already turned over once in 3 years. They drafted a player in the 1st round they had to suspend for a game just 2 weeks ago. While the one guy they gave a huge pay day too routinely gives zero ****s about anything. I think they're just lost.
  16. Meh, it's probably. 1. do they play D? 2. leader of men? 3. easy to coach?
  17. Kirk Cousins is trash

    Oh no doubt, much preferred way to acquire a QB is to draft one. But, this is the Jets were talking about. It's not like they've got a good track record drafting QB's, the regime especially.
  18. Baker Mayfield

    Mayfield in NYC is concerning, to say the least.
  19. Baker Mayfield

    So instead, lets take a little guy who does things that don't translate to the NFL. got it.
  20. Baker Mayfield

    You act as if Baker Mayfield is the first QB in college to do such amazing things on the Football field. Baker Mayfield's are a dime a dozen, especially in that conference. There have literally been tons of players that fit that bill who didnt pan out at the next level. Prior to Baker Mayfied, OU had a guy putting up similar video game numbers. Threw for more yards. Was more of a traditional NFL pocket passer. 6'5 big arm his name was Landry Jones, he was a 4th round pick. Will Grier can do those same things that you're impressed with in Baker. same with JT Barrett. Drew Lock, McKenzie Melton too...do you want them as your QB? Are they first round picks?
  21. I love how it’s a forgone conclusion that the Jets are taking a QB. It’s not, like at all and nothing about this class and the Jets draft postion should give you this confidence. I’m almost willing to guarantee Macs big board will have a Defender rated above all the available QBs when the Jets pick and he will not deviate from that board.
  22. Baker Mayfield

    Exactly. Good Football players >>>> great leaders. If you do it on the field, you'll command respect and gain the confidence of the team. Which matters more IMO.