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  1. When Zach Wilson has a worse first 3 years then Sam, do you think people will blame Saleh and Lafleur or weapons?
  2. Good thread, Zach Wilson sucks and is a bum. Total fraud.
  3. The simple answer is people are stupid, see above posts for examples.
  4. I just heard his actual "analysis" and break down on why and he's so full of sh*t, what a putz. And you lemmings are eating this up? lmfao
  5. 85. Long good life with an amazing legacy. While it’s never easy, she wanted to go. She was suffering and it was hard to watch. RIP
  6. As the search party gathered in the morning, it seemed the were short a person. The only thing the found when the visited this persons room was a wall size picture of Dustin Diamond, better know as Screetch. Lying next to the bed was some lube and tissues. Nobody could figure out why or how but naturally, CTM took the lube and the Ape took the tissues. JC - Doc - has been Killed
  7. Sorry my dudes My wife’s Grandma passed and been a bit preoccupied this morning. Have a chance to catch up but I won’t be around much the 24 hours. I will try to keep up via phone which I hate so figure me if I’m not up on vote counts and my scenes suck. Hold tight!!!
  8. With Spirt of Crusher motivating the party, the search continued on. Many question floated, is the Ape human? Is Greenseed really green and a seed? Does Bum-knee actually have a Bum-knee? Nobody knew but it was interesting to ask. One question that nobody could answer, was, how do you trust a virgin? You cant!!!!!!! ran Crusher's spirit....you cant!!!! And with that Spoot swooped and took the virgin out and go figure, their intuition served them well. JF80 - mafia goon - has been removed from the wedding.
  9. Final Day 3 Vote Count: CTM (1) - 80 80 (6) - Ape, CTM, Stark, Bum, Drums, Spoot Spoot (1) - Green w/ 10 players remaining, it takes 6 to remove from wedding
  10. Buddy, me saying that putting Wilson over Lawrence is ridiculously stupid is my opinion. I'm giving my opinion on the topic. If you disagree cool but dont put words in my mouth, I never said Zach Wilson isnt a legitimate NFL prospect. You made that up. He clearly is as once again, we're in a thread talking about him being QB1 but that doesnt mean I have to agree. I dont like his game, at all, especially when compared to his peers. Maybe he has a nice career, maybe he doesnt. I'd bet on later and I wouldnt take Zach Wilson if it was my choice. I've told you everything I dont like about
  11. Too many picks not to be able to find a RB. They took Perrine last year. Seems pretty foolish to sign a RB in FA. The only one even worth it is Jones and I highly doubt Green Bay lets him walk.
  12. Show me where I said Zach Wilson isnt an NFL prospect, please. Thanks, You got a complex, my man. I commented on Sims ranking Kellen Mond over Justin Fields. Then for some reason, a bunch of people got super defensive and in response I simply said that I dont believe Sims and think this is attention grabbing. I dont think he would actually take Wilson over Lawrence and declared this exercise even more meaningless then it already is. Not once did I give and opinion on Zach Wilson and suddenly, you have turned this into something I never even said.
  13. No, I was just saying we diverted to some other names but was more excited about the other guys. Never mind, not a big deal. Disagree with your take on Brown, I've seen him catch contested balls. I think he does a good job of throwing his hands up last second and not tipping off the defender too but most importantly, dude gets open.
  14. Day 3 Vote Count: CTM (1) - 80 80 (4) - Ape, CTM, Stark, Bum Ape (1) - Spoot Spoot (1) - Green JC (1) - Drums w/ 10 players remaining, it takes 6 to remove from wedding
  15. Mine were; Darnold, Allen, Jackson, Rosen, Mayfield It's the 1 year I've been wrong my entire life. So I'm up +1 on Chris Simms right now
  16. Dont come into my thread and try to define my criteria, pal. lol Maybe I should have been more specific but when I say "late" - I meant not with our 1st/2nd round picks where it seems the marque names are going. So sure, your system is more specific but I was keeping broad for a reason ie; the Jets can afford to go D/OL early and find a WR....late"r". Iol Disagree on Moore, big time and Williams and Surratt can definitely find a place on an NFL roster. And I dont know why the UNC receivers are laughable. You dont just average over 20ypc over 2 years without talent like Brown did.
  17. I love both but from a value perspective, Grimes might be a steal.
  18. F'ing Kellen Mond lmfao And the funny part is, I actually like Mond. lol Talked about him the draft forum. I think he's a decent late round flier for a team. Defended him actually vs. some posters but this is just stupid.
  19. I didnt see the vote from Bum, so I didnt think it was necessary to update. GFY
  20. Day 3 Vote Count: CTM (1) - 80 80 (4) - Ape, CTM, Stark, Bum Ape (1) - Spoot Spoot (1) - Green w/ 10 players remaining, it takes 6 to remove from wedding
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