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  1. @playtowinthegame I'm still rooting for you bro but this article doesnt make it seem like Rosen is very confident he's staying in Arizona. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/26554195/qb-rosen-uncertainty-cardinals-annoying TEMPE, Ariz. -- Arizona Cardinals quarterback Josh Rosen has finally broken his offseason silence on the brewing situation with him, the organization and the likely first overall pick, Kyler Murray. But as Rosen has done throughout his career, he did it his way. ADVERTISEMENT Rosen opened up to SITV in an interview, which was released Thursday, conducted during a trip to the Grand Canyon with some UCLA teammates. "I think the season probably went as poorly as it could possibly go," Rosen said from an RV. "But within that, I had an unbelievable time. I think when people talk about, like, you can't listen to criticism or you can't read articles, you have to be aware of what's going on to a certain extent. So I definitely understand the situation. "It's annoying, but it is what it is. Football's a business, and I definitely respect the higher-ups and their decisions. We won three games, and each one of those wins -- to me, it felt like we won the Super Bowl. And that feeling is so intoxicating, and that's why I just want nothing more than to be part of a team next year and have the same opportunities to go out and compete." Rosen has remained quiet about his future with the team this offseason. The Cardinals, who finished 3-13 last season, have the No. 1 pick in next week's NFL draft and are widely expected to take Murray, the Heisman Trophy winner, if they don't trade the pick. That would mean Rosen would either be traded or be teammates with Murray while competing for a starting job that was his last season. On Tuesday, new Cardinals coach Kliff Kingsbury said Rosen has been "phenomenal" through the offseason and has been the first one to show up to offseason workouts. General manager Steve Keim said he has had "good dialogue" with Rosen and called the quarterback a "pro's pro." "I think the best advice I've ever gotten in life, from so many different people, is control what you can control," Rosen said. "And whatever decisions are made, it's my duty to prove them right if they keep me and prove them wrong if they ship me off."
  2. I used to resist this line of thinking with the Jets because it's a little harder to pull this off with football than bball and baseball. You can hide in those sports and sell tickets by doing just enough (especially in NY with the Mets and Knicks). A little easier to turn things around in Football with the right GM/QB/HC combo. Teams do it all the time. Then I saw a thread about jerseys go for like 300 pages long, where grown men debated and tried to predict colors, designs and fabrics of the new jersey. I'm now starting to buy into it. Only saving grace is if by some miracle the Jets just got it right with the HC/QB combo or the next group maximizes Darnold for a few years before we go on another 40 year QB draught.
  3. JiF


    bravo! lmfao
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    That's a good thought actually. Take out the smaller army without the dragons with a smaller faction while the majority is still enough to defeat Winterfell. Never thought about it that way. The one thing about the villain being mute is that you dont know what they're thinking or they think. They have this very, march forward type of approach but clearly they have strategy too. I agree that Winterfell isnt the last stand. I think there will be a defeat at Winterfell with key characters dying and the rest fleeing. Ultimately, I think Bran figures out a way to defeat the White Walkers, I just dont know who ends up on the throne.
  5. JiF


    Is it safe to say, you have Cersi ending up on the Iron Throne? And while a lot of this is true, it also means she's playing right into Euron's hands. Which is ridiculous and if it happens, I'll be upset about it and blame you.
  6. JiF

    Falcons troll Saints

    Amazingly well done!!! lmfao
  7. JiF

    My First and Last Mock

  8. "You're lucky if we dont score 40 on you" - "We can win the Super Bowl this year" - "I'm the guy to turn this franchise around" vs. "We think we have the players, tools and game plan to beat a team that consistently wins our division". Pathetic trolls are pathetic.
  9. Isnt there another thread on the same topic?
  10. I legit wonder who Patriots fans will become fans of once Brady retires? Back to the Giants? Maybe bandwagon on to Darnold and the Jets? My guess? The Browns. Trendy thing to do these days.
  11. wide receiver Jarvis Landry -- has already bought into the hype. "You'll be lucky if we don't score 40 on you," he said in a feature with Sports Illustrated. "If we get everyone playing to their potential, we can win the Super Bowlthis year."
  12. Looks like the Browns need to STFU and win something...
  13. . "You can just see that it's achievable ... and to kind of build towards hopefully winning an AFC North division championship is definitely a main driver for a lot of people.'' "Absolutely. I know we are,'' said Higgins. "We've got one of the best defenses, and the offense is major as well. People tend to sleep on us, but we're going to wake them up." But the playoffs as a legit possibility? "Absolutely,'' Higgins said. "That's the only thing I'm thinking about."
  14. Baker Mayfield on the Browns: 'If anybody's going to turn that franchise around, it'd be me'
  15. Been saying that all offseason. Darnold played his best with Harrison under center. And the other factor the pound the table for OL crowd keeps missing is; Darnold improving as much as we think he will, in turn will make the OL play stronger. The better he sees the field, knows the playbook, makes quicker reads and gets the ball out fast, having an all world OL doesnt matter as much. Someone posted the top rated OL's in the league recently, there is no coincidence that all the teams listed had top 10 QB's too.
  16. Pretty much but this is really just Villain, who's a Browns fan. The rest of us realize this is a LB'er relaying what his coach said to him at some point during the recruiting process. I assume in Villains eyes a better method of recruiting players would be to let them know we're just looking for 2nd place because the Pats are too good! The Jets really need to follow the lead of his favorite team and be just a bunch of humble dudes happy to be here.
  17. JiF

    JJ Arcega-Whiteside - Scouting

    It's early on Chark. He was in a terrible offense with the worst QB play in the league.
  18. You're right, needs are not created equal. And no, I dont want Darnold to miss significant time. I am not one of those fans fixated on defense, I'm simply answering the proposed question. Darnold is the most important player on the Jets but he's not the only thing that matters. That is just silly fan talk but not reality. The good news is, it seems based on this offseason the Jets are aware that they need to surround Darnold with talent and a strong OL because they heavily addressed the offense. As mentioned; they traded for a top 5 guard, signed a C and G who both were starters last season, signed the best available player on offense in Bell, resigned Que, tendered Robby and signed a fantastic scheme fit slot WR. Time will tell if all that works but that's a significant focus on offense. On paper, I think you can easily say they upgraded each offensive unit; even at back up with Trevor Siemian. They also addressed CB with resigning Roberts and upgrading Poole over Skrine and stayed flat on DL. So now when you look at the biggest needs there is only one position they didnt address; pass rusher/edge. Pass rushers are premium positions in the NFL and are a perfect example of needs are not created equal. That's not to say they could use more offensive help. They absolutely can and should be looking at every position but if you're asking what the biggest need is right now, it's pass rusher. No doubt.
  19. The Jets this offseason needed help and had huge holes at: OL, WR, RB, CB, DL and Edge. OL - resigned Harrison, traded for Osemele, added depth with a plug in starter in Tom Compton WR - signed the best available slot WR who is a QB's best friend and fits Gase's scheme perfectly in Crowder. Resigned Que. Tendered Robby and added Bellamy for depth. RB - signed the best available player period in FA in Bell. Not only was he the best RB available, he was also the best WR available. They also added Ty Montgomery for depth. CB - the resigned Daryl Roberts and upgraded a nickle with Brian Poole. DL - they brought back both McLendon and Anderson. Edge - nothing, nada, zilch. But yeah, they need more offense.
  20. Good point, he is basically Mike Vick out there... @Klecko73isGod
  21. JiF

    JJ Arcega-Whiteside - Scouting

    Love your breakdowns my man! This is all great stuff. Just not in agreement with you here. He kind of reminds of a less productive Chad Hansen.
  22. They traded for a potential top 5 guard which you would hope helps the OL. What did they do to address the lack of pass rush?

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