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  1. There are an endless amount of David Byrne gif's just like Bowie and it's got me all antsy in my pantsy. This is going to be a great game.
  2. This a bit unfair to Douglas, who hasnt even had an offseason to show what he can do. Douglas answered the phone, he heard what a team was offering and decided it wasnt enough. To call him spineless for not pulling off a trade that nobody truly knows the return value on is pretty harsh. Especially when the topic of conversation is the best player to play for this team in long long time who other than being full of himself, isnt a complete sh*tbird that you're wasting money on. You know Jamal Adams will play for every dollar of that contract. The risk could be worth the reward or it could be the stain that cant be removed that prevents him from ever having this type of a job again. Your analogy is totally bogus. A draft decision is so much more cut and dry than the decision between trading your best player/signing him to a long term deal. It's really not comparable. This narrative that the Jets are doomed if the resign Jamal Adams might be one of the most ridiculous chicken little takes I've ever heard in my entire life. It's amusing but ridiculous. Could it make the Jets better? Maybe. But Douglas doesnt need to trade Jamal to make that happen. Douglas will show his worth with how he address the draft in years to come. He's not fixing this mess in one offseason.
  3. Looking at you showing off for the newbies.
  4. Haters cant see me cuz they got nose bleed seats today I went shopping and talk is still cheap ya heard?
  5. Talk is cheap, I'm all about that action
  6. what if I give you daily cliff notes?
  7. moving to take out the town biggest asset just because you have to hear about it once or twice is anti town behavior and has been noted in memoirs which we be sold for a fortune upon my actual death
  8. Duh. The other part is, the Jets suck. It's not like they're protecting leads. They need Jamal in or around the LOS. The other part is lack of pass rush to force errands throws and needing Jamal to be the pass rusher, LB'er, CB and S. It's a blessing and a curse to be as good as Jamal is at everything. Oh and the fact that INT's are way overblown for many of the reasons I've already stated. Good news is, we dont have to worry, Jamal is going to be here a long time.
  9. I like self-promoters who back it up, like myself. Jamal is like my spirit animal.
  10. Scum is so ****ed this game. Until they kill me N1 because I'm the greatest of all time. I'll make sure I once again lay out the scum team before I die. Maybe this time you idiots just listen to me and we wont need to go 100 pages to do what JiF already told you to do.
  11. Jamal would get fined for wearing a cheerleader outfit on the field of play.
  12. Meh, I've blown this debate out of the water many times but to be respectful, I'll give you quick summary; Not all picks are created equal and I've shown many examples where Jamal Adams forcing a stop on 3rd down in a tight game is significantly more impactful than an INT. Example (and there are many like this) a safety gets a pick with 30 seconds left in a blowout game on 4th and forever. Is that a meaningful turnover? No. It's not. But because it's a fancy stat we're going to celebrate it even though it was totally meaningless in every way shape or form. I could keep going but you get the jist. Besides, you get to watch Jamal game in and game out and see how he impacts the game on every level of the field, so there really shouldnt be a need to go further. -
  13. I'm listening to Douglas now. Douglas gave a brief intro and then the media led the discussion with their questions. That said, Joe Douglas talked about how they have only 1 player under contract on the OL (Winters) so it's clear this is a priority even if he was led there by the media's questions. He started with "look, you know how I feel about the OL" and ended with emphatically saying "We need a strong offensive line and we need to take care of Sam." p.s. he loves Jamal, Robby and Bell.
  14. Dont let the haters influence what you know and see with your own eyes. What Jamal brings to the table is crazy valuable and there really isnt anyone else in the league that can make plays at every level of the defense like Jamal. He's the best utility weapon on D in the league. Line him up anywhere and he excels. He's a nightmare to game plan for because every single QB in the league has to find 33 before the ball is snapped. Dude is incredible.
  15. I'm sure these traits can be applied to any position on the team. You need an identity and that should be a shared identify the team can buy into. This was always one of my biggest knocks on the Mac/Bowles era. What is their identity, who are they trying to be? There was no clear cut vision. If the vision is as simple as these 5 traits, I can digit and you're right, Jamal Adams embodies those traits. Hard to quantify having the right guys on the team to execute your vision and the nice thing about Jamal Adams being that guy for Joe Douglas, is he's an awesome Football player. Like one of the best in the league, All-Pro level awesome and that is a good thing if you're trying to be a good Football team.
  16. Pretty sure he's referring to the board... ...and how can you argue.

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