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  1. Is he like awesome and just stuck as 3 or is it just me? Like, I feel like he’s the best 3 I’ve ever seen. Lol.
  2. I've really enjoyed them this was amazing
  3. I'm not judging him; I'm just explaining why he typed what he typed. He wants to live a life filled with hate, that's on him, my slate is clean. I only hate Zach Wilson because I'm a social justice warrior.
  4. Bob Marley once told me, when the cap fits, let them wear it.
  5. Gastineau Lives is a huge bigoted racist and he's claiming that "social justice warriors" are the loudest Zach critics. Which is ******* bonkers. Not sure why or how there is a correlation. I think he's probably just using this as another avenue to let everyone know he thinks he's cool because he's a racist.
  6. Unlike 95% of posters around here, I changed my stance and admitted I was off after watching it again. Maybe it was purposely placed low and behind him to make that high level of difficulty of a catch because there was a defender in the middle of the field, even though he was seemingly taking the seam route. I'll retrack my original take.
  7. What a little bitch...doesnt have the balls to call them out directly. lmfao
  8. Right and that's the irony. The same dude claiming "all the experts and scouting community had Zach #2" is the same dude that quotes these guys like they're gospel even though they're constantly wrong.
  9. You have to be kidding me? lol You crack me up. You posted a clear and obvious, passive aggressive post toward me, using something I said in a post but did not have the balls to directly quote me and then I directly quoted that post. I didnt rope you in, you jumped in. lmfao
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