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  1. Similar to JFK, the Challenger and 911, everyone will remember where they were the day, Z Dub picked his #.
  2. I think we're going to continue you to see talented players come available and JD really has to give these some thought. Nelson is 27. The Dolphins just cut Bobby McCain, he's 28. I dont think signing these guys hurts from a youth infusion perspective. Now I cant speak to how they fit the scheme but on paper, they're massive upgrades that could tremendously help this D. Nelson and McCain would arguably be 2 of the best players we've had in the secondary in a long long time.
  3. They must have really thought Jamie Newman was going to explode at Georgia. This is interesting because it just proves a point, every year there is a draft riser that nobody has ever heard about at QB and typically, the smart thing to do is avoid that player at all costs. Lets see if the Jets can break that trend!
  4. On a Beastie Boys kick today. Miss these dudes big time, RIP MCA.
  5. Welcome!!! Does Utah have any inside info on what # Zach plans on wearing? Tons of inquiring adult male minds want to know.
  6. Perrine #1 on the depth chart!?!?!?!?!?!!??!?!?!? I was told he'd be cut because he's hot garbage!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I'm excited for the challenge this game will bring. No, not finding scum. That's easy. It's the will power to hold back on all the jokes this topic creates. They are endless. Going to be very challenging to bite my tongue for an entire game and yes, I will be there in the end.
  8. Steve Nelson is a FA???? I mean, what's the hold up there? Seems a huge a hole that can be filled with a great young player.
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