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  1. I literally turned the game on and the very first pitch I see is a grand slam! For the Marlins...
  2. Decision making is really one of those things that I dont think you can really make any claims of until you see live bullets. So many guys were awesome at in college but terrible at in the pros and vice versa really, that I dont think you really know until you see it first hand. That said, Sam is/was a total bonehead who did some of the dumbest sh*t you've ever seen with a Football, so I dont think it will be hard to be better from that perspective and as I said, Wilson is a more fluid athlete with a much better arm all around; strength, accuracy, faster release, etc.
  3. That's cool. I might go to a Jags TC day with a client, just to see Urban and Trevor work on sh*t in practice. I think the hardest thing for these guys, especially a rookie and double it for the QB who is a film junky like Zach, is that it's one thing to recognize it, talk about it, work thought it, write it on a white board but it's a whole new ball game to do it on the field and 90% of these practices is just that, working out something specific that you observed and worked on in meetings. Hence my specific question about footwork. It's also why you dont read a tweet like "Mims is workin
  4. I hate Jason Taylor and as much as I love Rex, I will never forgive him for that...ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. The off platform is fine, it's the footwork that scares me. It's Sammy D all over again. Feet pointed one way, ball goes the other and it's scary, both loves to throw across the field and Zach tends to heel click/leave his feet. Again, Zach has a stronger more accurate arm so hopefully he can get away with it the way Sam doesnt but I was really just curious if they were coaching that piece out of him that could be seen at practice. I think it can be a strength but it also can lead to inaccurate passes and can put your body in vulnerable positions.
  6. I mean, you literally ended your over the top defense of an observation/question with - "we all know you preferred Fields?". So yeah, you did take it personal for some odd ball reason, just like you're doing now. I'm not complaining about anything and I asked about his footwork, not his arm angles, his footwork.
  7. Why are you yelling at me? Calm down. No, I didnt notice your little smiley face thingy and I dont have notes on the conversations you have with others, my bad b.
  8. 100%. That was what I found so ironic about the fawning over Wilson during the predraft stuff. He does everything you hate about Darnold almost routinely. That said, he looks to be a more fluid athlete with a stronger more accurate arm. So maybe he can get away with it at the next level the way Sam could not and already, he's working with a 10x better cast of characters.
  9. Maybe while your scratching it, you should ask yourself, why am I taking this interwebz business so serious? It was a joke homey, if I really cared that much, I would have found our entire conversation and done some DWC quotapolooza sh*t and posted a bunch of gifs and videos and pictures rubbing it your face. I did not do any of that, I made a funny that many people laughed and you took serious.
  10. It looked it. He looked like he wanted to go to the flats but readjusted. Which would be why he was a bit out of whack and understandable why he was a bit late and his feet were pointing toward the sidelines. It was one play, it means nothing, was just curious if they were working on that stuff with him or not. No doubt he is very fluid and that ball comes out hot from what I've seen thus far.
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