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  1. 80 once made my mason partner, scum. He deserves anything and everything I do to him, especially when I smack his little scum wiener like I did last game.
  2. That's why you have to cook it well done.
  3. Boogey boarding bonehead.
  4. Love that route. Kittle murders teams with that play.
  5. Zach dominated the red zone in college. His numbers were ridiculous. Probably the most appealing part of his game as a prospect IMO. Hope it translates because he feasted on teams in the rz.
  6. I'm getting sick of it simply because now my expectations are through the roof! lol
  7. Is this like a daily thing? They make a rookie go fire up the fans? I love it.
  8. I was once lost on the Appalachian trail. Ran out of food, I had to make do with whatever I could. Big Foot's poop is significant. Large piles, feeds your for days. It's not good but highly nutritional because Sasquatch have a very diverse diet but you have to cook it well done.
  9. She thick, she be eating all the dairy.
  10. women I'd still take Dunkin over Starbucks. Starbucks taste like burnt Big Foot sh*t.
  11. No QB or coach on the roster with any actual NFL experience? JD says, hold my beer Jets fans! I got you!!!!
  12. OMG it's happened again, scum is so ****ed.
  13. Dunkin is like water but I'd take any day over Starbucks. That sh*t is disgusting.
  14. Do we actually know for a fact that Big Mac used creamer?
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