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  1. He lives in Cancun, hardly Mexico. I’ve spent more time in real Mexico than smug Slats ever has and hard tacos are delicious, I don’t care what they say in Mexico and corn tortillas are disgusting.
  2. They are delicious and you’re incredibly smug.
  3. What did you expect him to show with the worst and youngest roster in the NFL and the entire building still has the stench of Adam Gase’s toxicity permeating on the walls? nothing? Yeah. Me either. Yet he doubled Gases win total with alL of those factors and arguably the worst QB in the NFL. So excited to see he can do when the deck isn’t impossibly stacked against him.
  4. T0m so desperately wants Saleh to fail he’s clinging to the dumbest sh*t you could possibly report to find confirmation. All because of Adam Gase. This is by far the strangest, saddest behavior I’ve seen from a poster. So pathetic you almost feel bad for him edit: almost
  5. I'm just going to have disagree, muffin top. 1 play doesnt define "street ball magic" the dude was a disaster when he had operate off script. We'll see if it comes out.
  6. Meh, not really even a remotely accurate statement and completely lack context or portrayal of the situation. If we're in comparison mode; Fields played behind easily the worst OL in Football, with by arguably the worst supporting cast in Football and a lame duck lost HC who was seemingly setting up Fields for failure and just got done ruining another highly drafted QB. Fields took a sack at basically the exact same rate as Zach Wilson who played behind a top 10 OL with weapons all around him and in offensive scheme that put Mike White's jersey into the Hall of Fame. You're also not factoring how Fields improved in that dept. Took 9 sacks in his 2nd game as starter, and drastically reduced that number as the season went on. Roughly 1 sack per 8 drop backs for both players, the percentage was like 1 point in favor of Wilson. Wilson however, playing behind a much superior line, took 5 sacks in a game or more, 4 times and 8 sacks in the last game of the season. Fields took more than 5 sacks, once, and that was his 2nd start as a pro.
  7. I dont think the list is very long, or all that compelling. Josh Allen the most extreme outlier, possibly ever. Ryan Tannehill to a lesser extent. Jared Goff maybe? Every other starter showed competency as a rookie or sucked and still sucks. 2 interesting stories will be Trubisky and Mariota, 2 busts with a chance to revitalize their career. Darnold IMO showed much much more promise than Wilson as a rookie in a much much worse situation and then doubled down on that terrible situation and made it even worse by hiring Adam Gase. The offense, the weapons, tragic mishandling of a rookie QB, good or bad, it was criminal. Zach's offense is loaded and for that reason alone, I think Zach has probably the best chance of any QB in recent memory who was miserable as a rookie but has a serious chance to turn it around in year 2. Namely because I think Lil Mikey is legit and I do think this offense will have be top 3 in rush attempts and a top 5-10 running team, which will clearly help Zach not feel as pressured to make sh*t happen.
  8. lmfao - you guys crack me up. I've never said anything close to that, solid troll job though.
  9. Yeah, except, I felt like the times he did look the best is when he did just operate quickly from the pocket. When he was getting it out fast to his first option or a check down, he was efficient and able to move the chains. It's when the play broke down, all the "street ball magic" that Dr. Crushlove called it, wasnt there. He looked lost. Footwork a mess, with no plan and lost his accuracy, etc. The best play I saw from him this season were from the pocket. Everyone freaks about the Davis play, its the ball to Cole on the sideline on the deep cross that was his best play of that game/and arguably the season.
  10. Except, we didnt see the street ball magic except 1 throw and 1 very fluky never happen again run. We saw a game manager check down Charlie who was scared to throw the ball down field and again, that's my point. What are we getting? The Mahomes/Rodgers/blah blah blah comparison or Jimmy G lite?
  11. The bold is really all my point has been this entire time and it's ok, maybe I didnt explain it well. Clearly I confused my main man Untouchable. Besides that, sure it's opinion but he was awful dude. He was playing like the worst starting QB I've ever seen preinjury. You disagree cool but it was that ugly IMO and I'm not in the business of glimpses anymore. We've been there done that besides, I didnt go there, you did. I simply said he's not what was billed. That's all. Very simple, IMO accurate statement.
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