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  1. I need no alignment. Just so happens that Pac smacked your creepy little fanny on this topic and for some odd reason, you like to be reminded it of it. Who's going to roll you up and down the court?
  2. I guess we could team up and throw them another 3 similar type chumps to make it competitive, if we have to play together that it is.
  3. He's 100% the kid nobody wants on their team at the pick ups courts, screaming he got all ball and then calling a charge later in the game. I actually had a little respect for 80. Clamoring to Shane, of all people? I feel filthy for him.
  4. Well, fwiw, when I say "watching the redzone" it's more just on in the background while I'm doing something else. I dont like sit down and watch it intently but still, it's more entertaining to me than sitting down and watching a regular season game the Jets arent playing in. They're so hard to watch. The product is just trash.
  5. Imagine putting this much time into something to make yourself feel better about being absolutly dead wrong and completely roasted by me and @Pac How pathetic is your life to put this much work into just burying deeper into your wrongness? You need a hobby. Jamal was an All-Pro here. Fact. What happened when he left, is not relevant. Not my fault he either regressed or Seattle doesnt know how to use him (even though he is the holder of most sacks all time in a season for a safety). There is a reason JD was able to get 2 1st round picks for him and that's because he was great when he
  6. You're changing the narrative and going below the belt and it's shameful that you would stoop to this level for some rep from Tom. seriously, you should stop
  7. Wow. Low blow, you know what that was about. Actually, this is pretty shameful buddy, I thought you had more class than this. Pretty disappointed in you right now, honestly.
  8. I will be right here when Jamal Adams has a 2 sack day and doubles the sacks total of Brandon Jones and Chuck Clark!!!
  9. Sorry, I'm distracted by learning that TJ Watt has more sacks than Jamal Adams.
  10. How pathetic is your life if the highlight of your day is having fond memories of Pac?
  11. I hope you have a template saved for these posts and you dont actually type this out every single week of your life.
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