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  1. They just need to do 2 big power conferences, expand the playoffs, put some structure around NIL and call it a day. 48 total, 24 teams a conference, 12 team divisions, salary cap of sorts, winners of conference make playoff with 4 others to be decided upon by committee or whatever. It's the only way there will be parody and it's not the same teams over and over again in the playoffs.
  2. Meh, the team JD/Saleh inherited was awful all around. I dont think either side had any advantages during this rebuild. That said, the QB variable I think does give your point some merit but I'm not really passionate about this one way or another. It's June. Neither side is ahead of the other.
  3. Offense is always ahead of defense playing Flag Football but even if it looked better, as we know, there really isnt a great indicator for season success in the preseason ancd camps. Teams/players look awful, come out and play great. Teams/players look great, come out awful ie: Wilson last year. So I dont even know once they start hitting that you can even making any proclamation without seeing the regular season product.
  4. You think the worst defense in the NFL should suddenly be way ahead of the offense? I dont really understand this take. Hopefully the rookies are studs but the investment on this team has clearly been on the offense, despite 2 first rounders on D this year. Besides, they did address offense again, when hey took 2 in the top 35 w/ Hall only coming 10 picks after Johnson who was 16 picks after Wilson. Seems like a very equitable commitment to both sides of the ball via the draft. Free agency saw an equal commitment to both sides as well. With JD revamping the TE room, and bringing in Tomlinson, some could argue are more impactful signings than Reed and Whitehead. In general, this take is silly, not yours but this tweet or whatever. When you're one of the worst teams in the NFL, no unit is "significantly" ahead of the other. Nobody has any clue who Zach Wilson is at this point and the offense is relying on a lot of young players. The more accurate assessment of this silly take would to have said something like; it's June, we know nothing, it will be interesting to see which unit hits the ground running and which unit needs more time to gel. Matt O'Leary acting like he knows this as truth on June 29th isnt like an actual thing, the guys doesnt know sh*t. Nobody does. Its June.
  5. You must have missed this thread...
  6. Sorry but Dobermans >>>> Rottweilers So I cant help but see this and think of Zeus and Apollo
  7. Maybe Jimmy Gis a bitch, mabye he's not but what are they bitching about? Didnt they win the Super Bowl that year? And Brady wasnt undefeated when he came back, so it sounds like they're the bitches for bitching like a bunch of bitches.
  8. I still prefer their early stuff that said, you're right, they've truly evolved into a very good band. I saw them recently and they absolutely rocked it Professionals, for sure. Guys who have absolutely mastered what they do, it was like I was watching punk meets stadium rock 80's stuff with like crowd participation and pyro tech, etc. Kind of like a Weezer show. vs. when I saw them in like 94 and it was pure punk mosh pit style for the entire show.
  9. Interesting, thanks for posting. I hate all the stuff you just posted with a passion. So bad, hurts my ears but this last one here you're right, definitely more metal, pretty decent actually very surprised that's Sum 41, who I would typically rather gouge my eyes out with a spoon than listen to.
  10. This is my one hope that we don’t have a typical Mets second half collapse. They haven’t been at full strength an entire series the whole year.
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