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  1. I'm not sure how you could ask for more draft capital than the Jets have, other than trading back which this team never does but they have plenty of picks in the right spots in the draft. Sure, it doesnt look stocked but they just need to execute. Those first 4 picks have to be good players and if they hit on depth throughout the rest of the draft, you're stoked. It looked like Saleh and JD had a plan in '21 and I'm personally excited to see if they can repeat their success. I also really dont think the offense is that far off. One of the most explosive offenses in the league when Za
  2. I think it's because we all wanted more! It was insane. And the dynamic of it going from a situation there was too much time to not enough time felt like unfitting ending.
  3. Seriously. It hasnt been watchable since 2010 and Rex Ryan. Dan Campbell? I might tune in for that. Dude might actually go get a Lion if he knows there are cameras around.
  4. Lots of leaps in logic because of one wild, not typical, amazing game. The 49'ers won on D. The Bengals won on D. And the Rams had the Bucs held to 13 points for 50 minutes until they started handing the Bucs the ball at the end of the game. You need to have balance, but I agree with the general sentiment that you need to be able to score to win in this league.
  5. You're arguing importance, that's not what this is about. I understand how important they are, I just dont like the emphasis on the W's and L's when they literally, leave the field. At least baseball has looked past it and realized there is more to it than just W's and L's. Case in point DeGrom. Everyone one looks past his W/L record because we understand how much goes into it. And I've long argued that next to QB's, goalie is the most important position in sports. Different than a QB, and pitcher for that matter, a goalie doesnt leave the ice and the only other measurement is s
  6. Agreed and I've made no excuses for him, I just think it's funny how he's being dragged through it for his worst game of the season in a game where he wasnt what you expect, but he was better than the other guy.
  7. Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Antonio Brown, Gronk, Fournette...that is next level loaded. Randy Moss? He was pretty good too.
  8. Only because they have longevity and a proven resume, watching them do their thing for years. I dont need 20 years of hindsight to make this claim. I see it now.
  9. I appreciate this thread and I've been screaming yolo on offense for years but you dont need dump every high draft pick into offense to make it elite. I know everyone is buzzing about that Sunday Night game well, lets look at their offense: Chiefs. Tyreek Hill - 5th round, Travis Kelce - 3rd round, Mecole Hardman - 2nd round, Byron Pringle - UDFA. In fact, the only player they have on offense they took in the 1st round is CEH and lost his job to FA almost out of the league, Jarick McKinnon. The Chiefs havent had many 1st round picks recently but their drafts have been heavy DL/LB w
  10. I love NFL ass. It’s why I watch, honestly.
  11. No. Like, he's really not and compared to Mahomes, specifically. It's like comparing Michael Jordan to Bob Cousy.
  12. Mahomes is first ballot, today. He could never do anything ever again, first ballot. Those dudes are all 10x more talented than Tom Brady and if they play for 25 years, compile stats and victories, what will remain other than cheating scandals?
  13. Fair enough, I guess I'm able to delineate between the 2 but I get what you're saying. It's a qualifying factor into the conversation. I just dont weigh it nearly as much as others, I guess.
  14. What do we get if we move all the chips in? Other than draft picks and free agents, that is.
  15. It's confusing when you go back and bring up a former point instead of responding directly to the point I made to you, but I digress and will answer now that I understand what you are saying. Similar to wins and losses, stats dont tell the whole story. Brady just attempted the most passes in league history, so naturally he compiled more stats than the next guy, but efficiency wise he wasnt even top 5. For example, Matt Stafford attempted 119 less passes, only threw 2 less TD's. Herbert was the only other 5k passer this season, guess who was #2 in attempts? Again, I don
  16. Never saw him play, just curious because you're clearly someone who weighs W's and L's and even so much as specifically calling out playoffs.
  17. Coaching isnt really a fair comparison. They're not playing the game. Which is why I used a LT as an example. We dont judge LT's on their playoff record but we do QB's, who's job is to protect the QB. Crazy how all this leads into stuff and examples too; look at Mahomes last year without his T's. He was unreal the AFC Championship game vs. the Bills last year. 325 yards, 3 TD's, 76% comp. Losses both T's in the game, puts up a dud in the Super Bowl. His fault? Hell no. His OL couldn't protect him for a split second but nobody could even name his starting T's, all we did was talk abo
  18. Happy BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I got you a present coming in the mail, hope you like them!!!!!!!!
  19. Right but he out played the QB that won but nobody will remember that part of the story. That's all I'm saying...
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