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  1. It's really not even that hot yet. Been actually nice and cool in the mornings. Very enjoyable actually. That said, someone should have known Mrs. Wilson was coming and been more accommodating.
  2. Was there a vote on my train that was particularly concerning?
  3. Lugo and Thor are both in rehab assignments? Are the Mets only going to get better?
  4. The Mets have won 7 straight and the New York Knicks are in the playoffs.
  5. ^^^^doesnt know how to shut his moth.
  6. Sooooo much better then Darnold....
  7. I see that I have votes and that is smart because I'm scum!
  8. Is any decision ever universally accepted? People are going to disagree no matter what happens. People get a little too worked up around here about simply, disagreeing. That said, from my perspective what I've seen is an overwhelming majority of fans are excited about the draft, mainly because of the approach. Many of who maybe didnt prefer Wilson, are still excited about the future simply because this is such a refreshing approach. A GM in full control, with his hand picked HC who actually reports to him and they drafted a young QB and immediately surrounded with him talent with the Johns
  9. True. lol But 4 1st round picks makes it a little easier to stomach. On the flip, it does not if either Lance, Fields or good lawd!, if Sam blows up....
  10. The Colts defense scored 24 points vs. Rex? Interesting.
  11. Coaching staff, probably, I think if JD builds a really solid team and it's clear he just missed on Wilson...he might get another shot at QB. The one thing he did for himself with all the extra picks is make missing on Wilson not as punishing of a blow like say Sam and Sanchez because we didnt give up picks to go get a QB.
  12. I get it which is why I said QB choice aside, it's still exciting IMO. How long have we been asking for this type of approach? They have a vision and I love the approach and if they felt Wilson was the best fit, I just have to hope they get it right. Put it this way, if they took Zachapono and then took a Mac like approach, I'd probably be furious but I cant help but want to see this play out because while he might not feel right, the approach does.
  13. Fun fact; when Manning won the SB as a Colt, his defense was ranked 23 in pts against. The year before when they were 1 and done, they were ranked 2nd. The year after they won the SB, they were ranked #1, and were one and done. I dont know what this means, nor am I actually trying to say anything but I always found that interesting.
  14. I liked Lance too but how much longer do you plan on doing this for?
  15. Saleh definitely has great energy and vibe about him, total opposite of Gase which isnt saying much but still, you cant help but think that Saleh's energy isnt infectious. It may be cheesy but whatever, I like, "All gas, no breaks" - it's an identity. I think you need that as a team. I think the team takes on the identity of it's leadership. Bowles and Gase were just duds, Saleh has a charisma to him, cant help to be excited for him as a person let alone for the Jets. And opinions aside of the choice at QB, how can you not be excited or at least highly intrigued but what JD has done
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