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  1. Especially strange for you, no doubt, maybe just a lil more than the Gators, lol
  2. Crazy that I'm about to watch Florida vs. LSU and it means nothing for both teams already.
  3. I can see by this thread that some of you are disappointed the Jets didnt make this move. Well, think about it this way, at least we dont have to start a ****Free Ertz**** thread.
  4. I know this was silly but I literally watched a ref run down the field getting between 2 players during a live play. A live play. Brady was running down the field to make a tackle, Barnett was rightfully trying to keep him from the play, he wasnt being over aggressive, just pushing his chest and a ref ran down the field to break it up. This happened, on live TV, for the world to see and it's acceptable behavior. It's like if a ref set a pick in the NBA. lol
  5. No doubt and like Time Square, it's just really one huge platform to obscenely force advertising down your throat. The commercials are ridiculous. Takes almost 5 hours to play a game with 12 minutes of actual action.
  6. Hire someone that Zach has already hired? Brilliant!
  7. Exposing Roger Goodell would be great but I think the league is too far down the path of pro-wrestling to ever comeback. The NFL has jumped the shark.
  8. 100%....use the bye to fix what's broke with what you have, nobody is coming in and making a difference.
  9. Felt this way for a while but the more and more I watch and the more and more this turns into professional wrestling, I agree. Legit. I think this sh*t is rigged, 100%
  10. ******* embarrassing. And the announcers didnt even address the fact the ref was interfering with a live play. The ball was ******* live. I'm done dude. Saturdays is for Football, Sundays are for golf, surf, fish and occasionally for the Jets.
  11. That was officially the last time I will ever watch a regular season NFL game in which the NY Jets are not participants. As the title clearly states, the NFL is a joke. An absolute ******* disaster of a product. It's pure an absolute dog sh*t. The officiating is terrible. It's almost like they're just point and laughing at their viewers at this point. Just calling you stupid and you dont know what you watching. And the ref sticking his nose between Brady and a defender on a live ball INT scenario might be the most embarrassing moment in the history of this league and then the cherry on
  12. Possibly but he's really bad and they're saying they think his fundamentals are fine, so that is super concerning because Zach says they work on it daily, so he's just losing it in game? If that's the case, how is it on the coaching? The all 22 is showing him also missing receivers, in addition to the pass attempts he's missing. You can see how out of sync he is in numerous aspects from footwork, drop backs, play fakes, pocket manipulation, etc. which makes it really hard to know what is the root cause. The simple logic is that he's just raw AF and needs a ton of development. I doubt
  13. Like, I feel gross and ashamed and I'm totally judging everyone else who participated too. SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I have the record right, just missed the Falcons vs. Titans but overall, I think I'm just the most disappointed in the fact that I actually participated and posted in this turd breath pos dbags thread.
  15. Not really a strong correlation overall. Many highly accurate college QB's were not at the next level and he was only that high for that one wonky season where they played the cupcake schedule. With the way Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson are developing as passers, not sure it's even all that meaningful at all anymore. Up till the Burrow and Jones seasons, Tim Tebow was the most efficient passer in SEC history.
  16. Sorry to disappoint, Lil Kevy Kev, every genius has a miss or two.
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