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  1. 13. Jalen Carter DT Georgia 42. Darnell Wright OT Tennessee 43. John Michael Schmitz OC Minnesota 112. Trey Dean III S Florida 143. Jonathan Mingo WR Ole Miss 207. Justin Shorter WR Florida
  2. hahahaha me too and I got so bored I missed when he said he was committed to the Jets. edit: more like listened to in it's entirety or at least the Rodgers part
  3. I've tried podcasts, cant do them, such a mindless form of entertainment. ///looks at his post count on JN //////hangs head in shame and walks away from thread.
  4. Yeah but you dont deserve guaranteed money.
  5. Possibly, I guess, though I feel like these dudes are super careful after one pop...but who knows? Could be...
  6. For what though? Wasnt the last one just performing enhancers? I dont recall a lot of drama out of him prior.
  7. What's the wrinkle? That the team who trades for him, will have to pay him money? I think it's common to pay players money for their services.
  8. I remember when he ruined the Rams lockerroom the year they won the Super Bowl, is was so cancerous and they should have stayed away.
  9. Weird. I feel like this cant be real. For that price, you would think teams would be lining up. If this is real, this is a nobrainer for the Jets.
  10. Bad insult, when you think about it, toilet bowl's are probably the most useful invention of all time. I've been to places w/ no toilets, just holes dug in the ground, no paper, just sweating it out, nasty as can be w/ a messy booty hole after. Not cool. Toilets? Super cool.
  11. Wondering if this puts a WR on the table at 13 and does this change the fate of Corey Davis?
  12. Kind of surprised w/ Rodgers coming in quite honestly. Feels like a player he could have helped realize their potential. It's nice to get 2 picks for a GM who isnt very good at drafting but this was the 34th overall player taken in a draft where you took Zach Wilson #2 overall and he's supposedly part of the "young core". I get the whole trade me situation but, they didnt, idk, just weird.
  13. Wish I could have seen the legend first hand, RIP
  14. Any excitement I had for this season is gone. It's just so, freaking Metsy for this to happen. And meanwhile, I'm watching Trae Turner straight raking. lmfao. Biggest payroll in baseball, still wont beat the Braves or Phillies. Yay!
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