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  1. I'm not judging him; I'm just explaining why he typed what he typed. He wants to live a life filled with hate, that's on him, my slate is clean. I only hate Zach Wilson because I'm a social justice warrior.
  2. Bob Marley once told me, when the cap fits, let them wear it.
  3. Gastineau Lives is a huge bigoted racist and he's claiming that "social justice warriors" are the loudest Zach critics. Which is ******* bonkers. Not sure why or how there is a correlation. I think he's probably just using this as another avenue to let everyone know he thinks he's cool because he's a racist.
  4. Unlike 95% of posters around here, I changed my stance and admitted I was off after watching it again. Maybe it was purposely placed low and behind him to make that high level of difficulty of a catch because there was a defender in the middle of the field, even though he was seemingly taking the seam route. I'll retrack my original take.
  5. What a little bitch...doesnt have the balls to call them out directly. lmfao
  6. Right and that's the irony. The same dude claiming "all the experts and scouting community had Zach #2" is the same dude that quotes these guys like they're gospel even though they're constantly wrong.
  7. You have to be kidding me? lol You crack me up. You posted a clear and obvious, passive aggressive post toward me, using something I said in a post but did not have the balls to directly quote me and then I directly quoted that post. I didnt rope you in, you jumped in. lmfao
  8. Fair enough. Though I assume he knew it would be open because the LB'er took the seam route, he still did have a defender in the area that might have made him throw it behind. Still, that catch was ridiculous when they showed it slow motion from the end zone.
  9. The least credible poster on the board just called me "clueless". lmfao I JN
  10. You cant argue with boneheads who are always right and refuse to admit when they're flat out wrong. You just have to know who is worth your time. The idea Wilson was the unanimous #2 QB is utter ******* nonsense. Legit. The 2 most famous of all draft evaluators didnt even have Wilson #2. The pressure to get that quarterback, you have to go get somebody," Kiper said earlier this month on ESPN. "I think Justin Fields is the second-best quarterback in this draft McShay had Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence at No. 1, Ohio State’s Justin Fields at No. 2, North Dakota State’s Trey Lance at No.
  11. It was probably the most decisive throw of the game and his best decisions. Throws it before Cole breaks. That said, look at the placement. It was 100% a better catch than throw.
  12. I debunked this yesterday, Slats. Go look up the play calling. More 1st down passes than 1st down runs in the first half, he still stunk. Their first TD drive of the game was pass, pass, pass, pass, run, pass, pass, pass, run, run.
  13. Right, because both scenarios dont show up on film? And 50/50 balls arent even a thing, remember? Nobody actually goes up and high points the ball over defenders, remember? It's a myth, you claimed. Doesnt happen, ever.
  14. He held it too long, Moore was open and even if he didnt get back up in time, he throws it away instead of taking a sack. He also didnt even look at the wide-open receiver in the middle of the endzone because he stared Moore down and held the ball too long. This was shared on a video that you ******* complimented. lmfao You're so all over the place defending any little criticism of Wilson, you dont even remember the sh*t you've said here. lmfao Nicco - you're terrible at this and have zero credibility. Dont step to me.
  15. Yes. And tons of just toss ups 50/50 balls where he required a receiver to make an absolute ridiculous catch. Lots of open receivers vs. the most laughable defense you've ever seen.
  16. This ******* guy, what play did hold the ball too long and then literally references a play, where held the ball too long. lmfao
  17. Yes, very evident on this film that he struggled mightily with simple drop backs and abandoning clean pockets, honestly, not sure it's fixable. This is the same thing I hated about Bakery Mayflower when he came out and it's plagued him in the league as well, he's just much more accurate than Wilson.
  18. The OL has been very good for a few weeks now. Getting Van Rotten out and LDT helps too, so I honestly expect it to continue to get a little better each week. They were clearly adjusting to new a new blocking scheme at the start of the season and Wilson was holding the ball way too long. VR was a liability but even so, it's never been as bad we thought. OL's are going to allow pressure. It happens. It's the NFL. I'm most impressed with their run blocking improvements, to be honest. What Zach needs to learn is how to help his OL out by not only getting the ball out faster but more
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