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  1. I'm just going to have disagree, muffin top. 1 play doesnt define "street ball magic" the dude was a disaster when he had operate off script. We'll see if it comes out.
  2. Meh, not really even a remotely accurate statement and completely lack context or portrayal of the situation. If we're in comparison mode; Fields played behind easily the worst OL in Football, with by arguably the worst supporting cast in Football and a lame duck lost HC who was seemingly setting up Fields for failure and just got done ruining another highly drafted QB. Fields took a sack at basically the exact same rate as Zach Wilson who played behind a top 10 OL with weapons all around him and in offensive scheme that put Mike White's jersey into the Hall of Fame. You're also not factoring how Fields improved in that dept. Took 9 sacks in his 2nd game as starter, and drastically reduced that number as the season went on. Roughly 1 sack per 8 drop backs for both players, the percentage was like 1 point in favor of Wilson. Wilson however, playing behind a much superior line, took 5 sacks in a game or more, 4 times and 8 sacks in the last game of the season. Fields took more than 5 sacks, once, and that was his 2nd start as a pro.
  3. I dont think the list is very long, or all that compelling. Josh Allen the most extreme outlier, possibly ever. Ryan Tannehill to a lesser extent. Jared Goff maybe? Every other starter showed competency as a rookie or sucked and still sucks. 2 interesting stories will be Trubisky and Mariota, 2 busts with a chance to revitalize their career. Darnold IMO showed much much more promise than Wilson as a rookie in a much much worse situation and then doubled down on that terrible situation and made it even worse by hiring Adam Gase. The offense, the weapons, tragic mishandling of a rookie QB, good or bad, it was criminal. Zach's offense is loaded and for that reason alone, I think Zach has probably the best chance of any QB in recent memory who was miserable as a rookie but has a serious chance to turn it around in year 2. Namely because I think Lil Mikey is legit and I do think this offense will have be top 3 in rush attempts and a top 5-10 running team, which will clearly help Zach not feel as pressured to make sh*t happen.
  4. lmfao - you guys crack me up. I've never said anything close to that, solid troll job though.
  5. Yeah, except, I felt like the times he did look the best is when he did just operate quickly from the pocket. When he was getting it out fast to his first option or a check down, he was efficient and able to move the chains. It's when the play broke down, all the "street ball magic" that Dr. Crushlove called it, wasnt there. He looked lost. Footwork a mess, with no plan and lost his accuracy, etc. The best play I saw from him this season were from the pocket. Everyone freaks about the Davis play, its the ball to Cole on the sideline on the deep cross that was his best play of that game/and arguably the season.
  6. Except, we didnt see the street ball magic except 1 throw and 1 very fluky never happen again run. We saw a game manager check down Charlie who was scared to throw the ball down field and again, that's my point. What are we getting? The Mahomes/Rodgers/blah blah blah comparison or Jimmy G lite?
  7. The bold is really all my point has been this entire time and it's ok, maybe I didnt explain it well. Clearly I confused my main man Untouchable. Besides that, sure it's opinion but he was awful dude. He was playing like the worst starting QB I've ever seen preinjury. You disagree cool but it was that ugly IMO and I'm not in the business of glimpses anymore. We've been there done that besides, I didnt go there, you did. I simply said he's not what was billed. That's all. Very simple, IMO accurate statement.
  8. Yeah, at this point, you're like repeating things I've said and then taking it places I didnt go. lol Personally, I think they all showed they could play in the NFL but for different reasons and only one of them is for the reasons you expected. And once again, that's all I was saying, literally never gave anything more than that. lmfao. This was fun!
  9. Ummm, pretty sure you're looking for confirmation when you draft a player but yeah, sure.
  10. Right on, MykePM. I dont think honestly is cynical but different strokes for different folks. Let me ask you this: What type of player is Zach Wilson? What do you expect from him next season? What do you think his strength is as a player? And what did you notice from his draft analysis that carried over into the NFL season that you're excited about for his development?
  11. I literally have no idea what you're doing here, so I dont how to respond. You've taken a very simple comment and, well, I dont know what you're doing but I can only assume you're not grasping my very very simple opinion which is pretty spot on but whatever, I'm not upset if you disagree. Let me try it this way: Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson were billed as QB 1a and 1b. I wont repeat the talking points because we know them but many talking heads and posters on this board believe Zach Wilson to be QB1. A few posters said he was the best prospect they've ever seen. Considering those facts and the fact everyone called, Trevor Lawrence "generational", it's safe to assume that Zach Wilson should be right there with him, right? Right. So what the Jets and Jags were told they were getting, was far far far from what they drafted. Justin Fields was billed as a freak athlete, big play downfield passer, big game/stage performer who would struggle with pressure and probably needed a year to learn. The plan was to do just that and then he was forced into action and the Bears, pretty much got exactly what was billed. Hard to argue that, right? Cool. So my point is, you know more about what you have going into next year with Fields, good or bad, than you do both TL and Wilson because they were so drastically different then what you expected.
  12. He threw for 230 yards and 1 TD at 57% comp. Smoked? lmfao We have different definitions.
  13. Ummm, I said it in the post. lol His deep ball accuracy and willingness to push the ball down the field. And his big stage performance ability. He had his 2 best games, on the road, on SNF and MNF. Justin Fields ranks as the fifth-best deep passer within the dataset, and the best among 2021 rookies. He threw deep the fourth most often (15.9%), with the 19th ranked adjusted completion percentage (44.2%). Moreover, Fields recorded the best big-time throw rate (34.8%) of any passer in the dataset. However, his ranking of 23rd for turnover-worthy play rate (8.7%) is not as sharp.
  14. I didnt say Fields was good or lacked concern, in fact, I gave no predictions for any outcomes for anyone. I said at least somewhat Fields verified what you knew about him ie; all world athlete, big play maker, not afraid of the big stage, incredible down field accuracy, struggles with pressure, probably not ready so you're still confident that he overcomes the already perceived issues. Whereas, we dont know what Zach is based on what we were sold; ready day 1, cerebral, mechanically sound, accurate, huge down field arm, off script magic guru, arm angles, etc. He was literally, none of those things, so it's really hard to know how or what Zach is going to look like next season. That's all.
  15. Disagree. He at least verified what was sold. Wilson, gave you nothing you were sold.
  16. It's quite relevant, considering your favorite team punted on conventional wisdom. Further, you clearly have very foggy memory of that draft class. And there is nothing silly about it. The kid was one hoping 5 yard swing passes. The phrase "not belonging" never applied so well.
  17. ewwww, now I might listen. lol Unlike Zach, I think Fields at least verified, for the most part, what you knew about him going in. Big play QB who has incredible downfield accuracy but might struggle with pressure because of Ohio St. offense and probably need a year to learn but you'll take with Fields because he is so smart and such a freak and you've seen him deliver big stage clutch performances that you expect that piece to be fixed somewhat easily but I just dont know if the Bears did enough to help him. Unfortunately, we have no clue what Zach is and every Jets fans is just praying the predaft hype comes true but fortunately, JD has loaded up this offense and I think the Jets will be a top 5-10 running team this year so hopefully, the emphasis on Wilson making the year 2 jump isnt as necessary to overall team success as maybe it is for Fields and the Bears and even Lawrence and the Jags for that matter.
  18. Meh, I dont distinctly remember Mogglez take but the conventional wisdom got sh*t all over last year leading up to the draft when Wilson suddenly became really truly, QB1 because something something and Chris Simms. Very convenient to pretend like that wasnt the narrative and that Jets fans didnt sh*t themselves trying so hard to validate their draft opinion because of a few plays during the preseason. Reality was, Wilson was nowhere near ready and the scary part is, we dont really know that anything has changed. He went from worst starting QB I've ever seen type trajectory, to a barely passable starter. So while I guess that's encouraging, it also tells you absolutely nothing about what to expect from Wilson this year.
  19. Mekhi is preparing a list of haters. One of my sources says quite a few JN posters are on his list and he continues to add names. I've got a little inside scoop the plan he has for those guys and lets just say, I'm jealous.
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