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  1. 27 minutes ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:

    Tap out.

    Probably didn’t feel like practicing today. 

    Reminds me of the hammy Revis "pulled" when Moss torched him after he called him a slouch.

    Might be why Saleh kept saying, "I think he's fine".  lol 



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  2. 3 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:


    Heathens!  He was a 6th round draft pick of the Niners in 2018 that has played more than 1/3 of the snaps for them every season.  He also played more than 50% of their ST snaps.   He is the reason I think they weren't worried about Kwon Alexander taking or leaving their offer.  Another tweener he is often listed at S, out of Florida maybe   @JiFapono has some thoughts?  He probably did when Harris signed, but I can't remember.

    Who should be ahead of him?  Ruckert has been off the non-football injury list for less than a week.  I'm srue that he will leapfrog Wesco pretty quickly.  As for the others, I think they are typical guys that get overrated in camp, but then that is what Wesco was a few years ago.

    You nailed it, total tweener.  He played mostly S at Florida, he was Maye's counterpart on a really good D.  I think they were #5 in the country that year.  He did have a hybrid role though, moved up and played a lot in the box alongside Jarrod Davis on passing downs.  Rangy dude, could cover down field and play the run stout.  Led the team in tackles.   That said, he didnt like standout or anything because that D was loaded, they put 12 players in the NFL from that team. Havent followed him at all in the NFL though.


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  3. 20 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

    Right.  It is a commitment.  Not everybody will be willing or able to do it.  I guess problem isn't the right word, but when you are going to the beach with 4 or 5 people and have to decide if you want to strap the boards to the roof, or have to take the truck, or fighting about going an hour later to catch the tide when cousin Mike has to pick his girlfriend up at the LIRR startion it is not for everybody. 

    Everybody can't do it, so you are doing something special, devoting yourself to something you love in a way that others won't.  The opposite is what was great about basketball in Brooklyn.  Hit the park and yell "NEXT!"  If the games there sucked switch parks.  I probably lived the surfing lifestyle more than 99.9% of the people I knew growing up and I still had a long way to go to have anything near what would be considered success.  OTOH, I still loved it.  So did my dad who never got on the board, but was hitting that beach every June through September from when he was a kid until he passed at 77.

    haha, perspective and location matters I guess.  I was so young when we stilled lived on LI that I wasnt surfing when we were making trips to Jones Beach as a family, but I do remember it always being a nightmare and parents inevitably fighting because it was such chaos.  Not nearly as much hassle when you live on the Ocean in a much less populated area.  Even if you dont live at the beach, Florida is still just easier to access the ocean.  Anywho, I see what you're saying but I dont wait on people.  I might tell someone where I'm going if they want to meet up but for that reason right there, I just go.  9 times out of 10 I know someone in the water anyway.  It's not like breaks are secret anymore, especially on the east coast.

    Hoops was my main sport in HS and I probably did more car surfing to find competitive pick up games than I have chasing waves.  lol.  sh*t, then when AAU kicked in, I was driving the entire state to play games.  I remember having a game in Daytona on a Friday and then a game in Tampa on a Sunday, literally coast to coast. 




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  4. 28 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

    That is the problem with surfing.  My parents were teachers and my family (extended with many cousins) spent every summer on the East End.  At the beach (K or L between Ponoquoge and Tiana) every day between lunch and dinner.  We body surfed and boogie boarded and occasionally surfed, but even at the beach every day, surfing was more of a lifestyle.  You had to chase the waves, go to the right spot of the beach where the break was right and time the tide.  You can't really just let it come to you.

    It's a problem to you, lol.  To me it's part of the excitement.  Catching the right break, on the right tide, on the right swell, is an extremely rewarding part of the process and journey to scoring waves.  We all fancy ourselves like jr. meteorologist, trying to figure out the tides, wind, swell direction to know where it will hit best.  Frankly, it's a skill and your average Joe probably doesnt even try.  They just look at a provided forecast, show up to the local break and call it a day.  Personally, I enjoy the chase.  The pursuit of perfection. 

    Now, that said, this isnt always required.  It most certainly is for the east coast because of the way our population is distributed and accessibility to the coast but I live at the beach and often just surf right out back of my house down the street.  The waves, just come to me sometimes but most of the time, I'm trying to find the right sandbar at the right time, so it does take a short drive up and down the coast.  However, Cali, Mex, Central/South America, they dont have these challenges, you can go sit on a point break and never have to move, for weeks.  For example, I travel to El Salvador a lot.  It's a really easy fast cheap trip from Florida.  The place I stay and surf, has 2 waves right out back of the condo and I literally dont leave that break the entire trip.  I can if I want to see something different, but it's not necessary.   The waves just come to you. 

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  5. On 8/6/2022 at 4:11 PM, jetspenguin said:

    I don't understand why everyone thinks that Miami's offense will be like a track meet but nobody is saying it about our guys. We have a LOT of 4.3 guys on offense too.

    Sent from the NY Jets /Zack Wilson Suicide Watch desk.

    Sure but they're a bit more proven and the next gen stats guys have more Dolphins players clocking at top 10 high end speeds than any other team in the league w/ Waddle, Hill and Mostert and I'm pretty sure that the Cheetah was clocked as the fastest ever on the field.  Then you factor that both Waddle and Hill caught over a 100 passes last year and arguably 2 of the fastest WR's in the league, the scale tips in favor the Fins, IMO.

    We are fast for sure, but we need to prove speed kills that way IMO, these guys have.


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  6. Making just his second start of the season, deGrom retired the first 17 batters he faced, striking out 12 of them. The Braves whiffed on the first 18 sliders they swung at from deGrom, not even making contact on one until Michael Harris II fouled off two sliders in the sixth inning. In the pitch-tracking era since 2008, that was the most consecutive swings and misses against a single pitch in one game. The Braves had no chance.

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  7. 4 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

    I believe we made the bet three weeks ago when Becton was last seen pushing four bills. My thought was that he’d show up to camp at around 380, they’d throw him on PUP or the NFI list, then it’d be ye olde “Running more tests on his knee,” then short-term IR, then he’d get disappeared in the offseason.

    Cool, what's the bet? 

  8. 2 hours ago, freestater said:

    When he actually completes some games and plays well, I won't need the gratitude of the multitudes of long-suffering Jets fans (ahem... @JiFapono). Their pure pleasure at their team doing well will be my reward. Not sure if I'd use the word "hero" but...I might not be the hero they want....

    Bruce Wayne Batman GIF by HBO Max

    You truly are the wind beneath my wings.  When you fill them with your love, I can fly higher than an eagle.  It's post like this that make me realize, you're everything I wish I could be.  I guess you didnt realize this, but did you ever know, you were already my hero? 


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  9. Kind of cool thingy I just saw, the Jets host the Ravens week 1 on 9/11, that's pretty cool.  Sure there will be an electric crowd with all the excitement surrounding this team.

    I also noticed when I look at my calendar is that the Jets still have 35 days before Mekhi Becton is required to play an entire Football game.  Which is also, pretty cool if you're into the NY Jets being a good team and stuff.


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  10. This is the first time in a long time that the Jets have weapons that can attack all areas of the field w/ a QB who supposedly can deliver to every area of the field, so it is very exciting to see what they can do from a formation standpoint.  I still see this being a very run heavy team.

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