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  1. This is neat but the evidence that the weaponz werent a problem was presented and confirmed when he was injured and the combo of White/Flacco/Johnson led the most explosive offense in the NFL. He came back and was trigger shy, wouldnt even try to get the ball down field to Moore. Numerous shots of guys breaking free down the sideline, scared to pull the trigger. Is what its, they clearly neutered him into playing "boring" Football. You just got to hope they didnt cut his ball off completely and somewhere tucked away in that prepubescent hairless body is the remnants of his balls.
  2. Well, they wrote it, so I can appreciate the opinion but you still deserve a smack for giving Pixies the "decent" title.
  3. Fun thread. I've posted a couple of the silly mock simulators that I think would be ideal but if I had my way and the draft felt in such a manner, this is what I'd do if I were Joe Dougie. I should preface though, if I were Joe Dougie, we'd already be loaded and awesome and this draft wouldnt even be all the critical. But I digress, I'll share my genius; I'm on the fence still w/ 4 and 10. I'm going back and forth between 2 players but I'm still favoring; Sauce/Johnson - but I'm really intrigued by Thibs/Davis but since I can control this draft and get whatever I want, where I want, this is it; RD 1 - CB Sauce/Edge Johnson - baller studs who change the identity of the D. RD 2 - OC Linderbaum/DT Wyatt - you win and lose games at the LOS, these 2 help address that in a major way. RD 3 - WR George Pickens - yeah, I think he falls. Injuries and character concerns are real and I think it means less to fans than it does to front offices. If I'm wrong and he doesnt fall, Alec Pierce would be nice here as well. RD 4 - TE Jelani Woods/WR Wan'Dale Robinson - freaky franchise caliber TE who can line up all over the place and you grab the shiftiest player int he draft who has freaky joystick like traits who can also line up anywhere and that Lil Mikey can get creative with like his buddy Kyle does w/ Deebo. RD 5 - RB Dameon Pierce/OT Myron Cunningham - another full blown freak at RB, who can run you over and break away, plays with a mean streak, has a nose for the end-zone, perfect compliment to Michael Carter in what is going to be a run heavy offense. And looking for depth at T with Snr who logged a lot of snaps in the SEC, he was a team C, in a solid offense, good pass pro, held his own vs. Walker when they played UGA.
  4. Nothing would surprise me in this draft. I have no clue how this thing is going to go down.
  5. Anywho, depends on what they want for Tony because they could just take his clone in Wan'Dale Robinson
  6. lmfao I think Vanderbilt probably would have a say in that claim but they're private, so you kind of have to exclude them from the convo. Florida is top 5 public school in the country and just stupid hard to get accepted. You clearly havent stepped foot in Gainesville in a long time. Sante Fe is now a state accredited college and the University of Florida campus is by far, not even comparable at all actually, the most diverse campus in the SEC. Rich Rednecks cant get into Florida, nor do they want to. They go to FSU or UCF now.
  7. For sure and I think he's going to be a pros pro who wants to be an all time great, someone who consistently works hard, high character, etc. great culture builder/enhancer type of kid.
  8. Or a little more recent and similar positions, Derwin James. Freak. Straight freak and just an absolute animal when healthy at FSU but battled injuries his whole career. Dude went 17 overall and he was 10x the player of Jamal Adams.
  9. 100%. His ability to track when the ball is in the air is ridiculous too.
  10. Agreed, when you attend the Harvard of the SEC, it's very concerning.
  11. I'm at the point of where I think peeps are underrated Stingley. While I think Sauce is the best prospect in this draft, Stingley really might not be that far behind. Getting to wear that #7 at LSU is legit and those dudes have largely, for the most part, been very good in the league and he's freaky with pedigree.
  12. 100%. His first ever draft, he cant meet with players and he's drafting for one of the worst Head Coaches of all time trying to salvage a player I'm sure he knew was a bust. Not exactly the best situation for a first time GM but I also have to laugh at how fans look at that draft w/ hindsight. It was largely applauded around here and by the draft pundit media pukes. You had your typical everything the Jets do sucks peeps, who are right 95% of the time and maybe are this time but while there were some who preferred Wirfs to Becton, or thought we should have taken a WR and not kept trading back, the Becton/Mims combo was celebrated and both showed promise as rookies. Then they took a freaky RAS safety who is a good not great player, and freaky RAS pass rusher who cant stay healthy in a smart spot, a RB who looked just fine last year in spot duty and honestly not sure why he hasnt taken on a bigger role. And finding a starting Corner in the 5th round is a huge success. And he found a punter. If Becton comes around and Hall continues to play well and Davis continues to be a solid player - it's a successful draft by every measure. If Mims and/or Perine gives you something combined w/ that then it suddenly becomes, a very good draft. Honestly, I'm hopeful. I think Becton shuts a lot of people up. Mims finally has full healthy offseason and I just got a feeling he wont be useless this year. And if those 2 things happen, again, suddenly 2020 isnt a disaster everyone makes out to be.
  13. What are these character concerns people are talking about it? Is it because he's a rapper? What a bunch of snowflakes.
  14. Jifaponodeebowatson'Dale
  15. The most despised draft in franchise history just so happens to be the best draft in the last 20 years for the Jets. Life truly reflects art and the Jets ineptitude in the NFL draft is truly an art.
  16. Just wait, if we actually do trade for Deebo. My name change is going to be epic. JIFaponodeebo'Dale
  17. Got it. I thought this was your personal, top prosects, no factors to consider. I'd be surprised if the NFL agrees w/ Dean > Lloyd. NFL is a copy cat league, teams are going to think he's the next Micah Persons, Isiah Simmons, Devin White, etc. That said, he might not go top 10 likes those guys just because of the way the draft is set up this year...but I'd be surprised if Dean goes before him, Lloyd's tape is ridiculous. He's a monster.
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