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  1. JD has really done a great job and you just have to hope that Zach Wilson and Saleh are legit because it really looks like this team is in good hands w/ JD but those 2 decisions, will be weighted the most. Fair or unfair, not many GM's survive getting those decisions wrong.
  2. I'm a lover, not a fighter, my mission is to excite her/him/she/his/whatever
  3. Wow, that's huge. There are a couple of interesting FA's available, this one of them.
  4. Really cool. Culture is being established. Genuine excitement. But **** man, my vertigo kicked in watching that video
  5. I guess but Robert Mathis played pretty dang well during his career at that weight/height in the 4-3 and I dont think Freeney was much bigger either and didnt Dee Ford play in this system?
  6. If this scenario is real, as much as I love AR15, I'd take Will Anderson and hope for a trade market/FA QB. Supposedly this is the most talented roster we've had in a decade, you cant waist it hoping for another rookie, if Zach doesnt work out. This franchise has to start winning games and the only time this franchise has had a winning season in the last 12, is when they traded for a veteran QB.
  7. Meh, I get the Levis appeal but he's just meh, IMO. Basically carried by my boy, Wan'Dale, AR is legit dude. Straight up. He's got to develop but my man has it all and if it clicks, he's going to be ridiculous. His biggest weakness right now is he struggles throwing to the far hash, there is something there whether it's he relies to much on his arm (he has a cannon) or he just isnt reading that side of the field well, not sure but he throws up some pick 6 level stuff sometimes on timing routes to the far hash. Anywho, here is the spring game, obviously a ton of passing;
  8. I dont think I'd say they "did nothing" to address stopping the run. Both JJ and Clemons play the run well and they signed Whitehead who plays the run very well from the safety position, something they were severely lacking. Also, I think the emergence of Pinnock and Quincy Williams will help, both having a full year in the system. But also, like @Bungaman said, players are going to shake loose if they're concerned with it but also, there are a few FA's available right now, that could be a 1 year stop gap ie; Star Lotulelei, Eddie Goldman, Brandon Williams, Danny Shelton. And I dont know what's going on with Larry Ogunjobi but dude had 7 sacks last year for the Bengals and is a FA.
  9. Pretty criminal these dudes brought up Levis over AR15.
  10. I 100%, think WR has become a position you need to take a swing at, every year. Especially with what were seeing from a salary perspective. You cant be held hostage by WR when you're hopefully paying a QB pretty soon. Throw in the fact that it's a position you can hit on in any round, it's just smart roster management.
  11. haha, they the Jets drafting 3rd overall? lmfao. If the 2 teams in front of them are QB needy (maybe not because Jags) but if, then Tim Anderson would be available!!!
  12. The only player that will even remotely give the QB's a challenge for #1 overall. He has to be the most heralded pass rusher to come out since Garrett, easily, if not more hyped.
  13. hahahahaha it's MAY!!!!! The draft just ended!!!!!!! Boy, you're a sucker. lol AR15 is the the most talented QB in this class. Yep, I said it. If he puts it altogether, he's the #1 overall IMO. Yeah, I get Bryce Young and CJ Stroud will get all the attention, playing in big games/national spot light but if AR15 puts it altogether, he's basically Cam Newton with a better arm. He's the lone reason why I dont think this is going to be bad transitional year for the Gators. The kid is a freak. Straight up.
  14. Those legs muscle, he must Peloton.
  15. haha this is true but it's also his first full healthy offseason, so maybe this does help him put it together in the season. He's been a bit snake bitten since he got here, it wouldnt shock me if he turned it around. He showed promise as a rookie.
  16. It's an art. fwiw, I've failed to solve the word twice in the past month and it ruined my da
  17. Thank you so much for posting this. Wow. Incredible. Definitely teared up. He calls his dad, "Pops"...me too! What a special moment to share with everyone. Incredible father, what incredible advice, looks he raised an incredible man. Looking forward to watching Garrett grow and make his family even more proud then they already are!
  18. Probably getting down to semantics but I think you're caught between the rebuild and team maturity. The roster is rebuilt. They've turned over almost the entire roster, the only holdovers on the entire team are Q.Will and Mosley. That said, it's a very young team so there is still going to be a ton of growing pains. I'd assume, the Jets still have the youngest roster and least experienced roster in the NFL. Potentially 4 rookie starters and what, 5-6 2nd year starters on the roster and the only one who played a full season was AVT? So it's not a matter of still rebuilding, it's now a matter of developing the young talent. The board is pushing the cart way before the horse, we have no idea how this class turns out, it could very easily take another year for this all to gel and all the young players to find their own. And the biggest factor here is Wilson. If Wilson continues to blow hard, none of this matters as it will it will not only slow down the maturation process but also, put them in a tough spot because you cant afford to waste all this good momentum on 1 player.
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