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  1. You, know, Tony Banks get so disrespected during that run. He started the season 5-3 and Lewis wasnt really doing his thing yet. Everyone always give Dilfer the credit.
  2. They might run the ball a record number of times this year. It's going to make ground and pound look like an airshow. Ruckert has functional service in that capacity immediately.
  3. Dr. Crushlove has a huge heart, very caring, special man. @Hal N of Provo - cant say the same about this one...
  4. Allergies kicking in again, hard to the screen but definitely could hear the chant! What an awesome moment.
  5. NO HITTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Now that it's happened, it's not surprising to me because I obviously love the dude but kind of crazy considering the mock world had going late 3rd/early 4th.
  7. I havent been watching, was on the course today, Wan'Dale is gone already?
  8. Can we make out when they hoist the Lombardi?
  9. Meh, the JD/Saleh combo clearly has a plan. It's competent for the first time in a long time. We'll see the results but for the first time in forever, we have a HC and GM on the same page with a very clear plan. You've seen offense picked in 1st round of every draft JD has had since coming here. Anyone who has ben a Jets fan for a decade knows that is a very welcomed change and has reason to be excited and hopeful.
  10. AB is 5'10 and was the best WR in the league for a solid 5 years.
  11. What hurts the most, T0m? The Jets pretending to be competent for once or are you just bitter that this brilliant GM recognized immediately that the only way to move franchise in the right direction was to dismiss your boo sauce who dragging this team to the pits of despair.
  12. Right on, and yeah, I think he's the most transferable immediately, maybe outside of Hutch, just because he can come in and play the run/set the edge right away and he's learning pass rusher nuance in the NFL. I think he's a good compliment to Lawson. Makes for an interesting front for sure.
  13. Was really hoping Wyatt would fall to the 2nd round but I think Mathis and Winfrey should be on their radar for sure.
  14. Possibly, I wouldnt hate it, I'd just be a bit disappointed. I think Carter is a dude and this system is all about getting the most of out lesser prospects. It starts up front. I'd much rather wait for a Dameon Pierce, Tyler Baddie, the Georgia backs, Brian Robinson, etc.
  15. The JD and Saleh combo is legit. Believe boys, it's happening. @Joe W. Namath
  16. I really really hope not, especially after trading back in, there is really no reason to take a RB now IMO. Some really solid guy can be had in 3rd and beyond.
  17. Mathis and Beavers would be great targets but I think they could be had later. That said, I'd love a trade back. The strength of the top of the 2nd is redundant to our first 3 picks,
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