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  1. I'm definitely biased in regards to SEC talent and it's mostly just because unless it's a really interesting game, I'm almost exclusively watching the SEC on Sat. Obviously Florida has something to do with it and whenever I see a guy light them up, I typically pay attention to them the rest of the year and as was the case w/ Robinson. I cant say I watched a ton of Austin but I have looked at him some more since this thread. I think they are very different but not in the ways I expected. I was really surprised by Austin's game. I was expecting to see a lot of 9's and screens but he's actually a very good route runner. His double move is ridiculous. Now, there is a ton of film of him just blowing by guys in 1on1 coverage so you're almost watching and just laughing but, he's got some ridiculous set up game with his footwork. He gets open and if he gets an inch he can take it a mile. Very impressive. He doesnt look like a 5'9 WR. Thanks @BurntDice I enjoyed going through that and think Austin can be a dangerous weapon in the NFL. He actually reminded me of Elijah Moore. Still like my boy Wan'Dale more, especially for this offense. ;-). He's more shifty, making guys miss in a phone booth, take a blown up screen 30 yards type guy. His stop go is ridiculous, very Kadarius Toney like, joystick shifty. Both can run routes, both use their feet to set up and get separation both play bigger than they're size but I do think Robinson has a little more to offer than Austin in some of the nuance WR stuff ie; in flight adjustments, using body to shield, sideline footwork, 1st down awareness, etc.
  2. Love hearing this update and hope he falls to the Jets. The knocks on his personality have been stupid and unfounded.
  3. Williams/Wilson > Olave > London/Burks But the highlight reel player that everyone will be talking about in a few years is Wan’Dale Robinson.
  4. I think this is where some are going wrong in their evaluation of Davis. He’s a presence guy, the planet theory, the fact he is a freak just makes him even more special. Hence why I find the data around the overall impact of when he’s in the game vs out to be much more compelling then his individual stats. Factor in how Georgia used him, it’s kind of mind blowing what his presence does, especially for some who was off the field on most 3rd downs. I get that people are worried about what he’s like when he plays more but I feel like it’s over blown and it can also be applied to any UGA player yet half of that D is going to go top 100.
  5. Ngata, Wilfork, Jenkins....Vea. These dudes have tremendous impact on their D. That's Jordan Davis. It's not sexy, people will hate it but he's got HOF potential written all over him.
  6. I would murder this draft if I was in charge. A+ rating from all the draft goober faces and steady improvement to team to easily around the .500 mark with a Super Bowl riding on Zach's development in 2023 but that's me. We'll see how JD does
  7. They clearly just speed up the video, that's not real. lol hoy crap
  8. Nah, Daunte played for Vanguard, in Ocala. Not Apopka. I played for Lake Brantley but Sapp was before my time but he was so good, we'd go to watch Apoka games over Brantley. lol Our QB was Dee Brown, who played with McNabb at Syracuse and then was drafted by the Panthers. He was also our PG, a he punched me in the face once at BBall practice, it was great, Yes, that era of athletics in central Florida was ridiculous. I quit Football and played Hoops at a high level, 3 years varsity and AAU - I played Vince Carter, Tracy McGrady, Amari Stoudamire and Marquis Daniels all went to the NBA. Also Ernest Graham and Kawika Mitchell who went NFL as well. #namedropper!!! Big battle over zoning in Baseball when Felipe Lopez (former MLB) came to Brantley and won a state title but he was living in Apopka zone. Glory days!
  9. Not getting too excited about the fast start because we've seen this before but, Lindor, is starting off really well and that's ******* HUGE for this team.
  10. Shameless plug of JIF and Seaver, kicking it, like old pals!
  11. The Texans select, Myron Cunningham, OT, Arkansas @section314
  12. Cool. You'd probably notice that I recognized he doesnt bend well but he can, he just dont have the freak tilt which is fine, he'll be able to win with his first step.
  13. Yep. That's the one that got me hooked. Warren played at a rival to my High School, Apopka, they were 1 zone away. Watching him at that age, you thought you were watching the next coming of Reggie White. He was the most feared player in the state, let alone the conference. Dude would literally annihilate an entire offensive line and destroy a ball carrier, it was scary. He was giant among boys. Fast forward to Miami, he shows out, biggest no brainer decision, ever...and these ****ers take Kyle Brady with the entre fanbase chanting Sapp. I was such good drama TV, I remember my father losing his mind, and that was it, Ive tuned into every draft since.
  14. I actually forgot that Rankins was on the team. For some reason I thought we lost him but Thomas/Shepard/Marshall are not keeping you from drafting Davis and he fits squarely in front of all names mentioned. Rankins becomes the first guy in rotation, which is nice. The other problem you're overlooking here is this is the exact same DL as last year expect adding sh*tty Thomas and they were bad. Very bad.
  15. Really solid draft. The Zappe vs. White battle would be lit.
  16. Edge/Davis would so nasty for this defense, especially when you look at how Saleh was successful in San Fran. I waver back and forth between Sauce/Edge or Edge/Davis because I dont like the WR's and I think the impact Davis would have on this defense might be the biggest impact any 1 player at the top half could have on the entire team. I just think he'll make everyone around him better. Q. Will sees less doubles and that has impact across the front 7, JFM/Lawson/rookie get better looks, Mosley and Quincy get more lanes at the LOS instead of 5 yards down field, CB's dont have to cover as long...you know, that whole song and dance. The planet theory, he just such a rare human. I wouldnt be shocked if it happened either. They havent really replace Fatukasi and I just have a feeling the first 2 picks play close to the LOS. That said, in a perfect world, my preference right now would be to go Sauce/JJ (or edge) and then target Davis's counterpart, Wyatt in the 2nd coupled with their favorite WR. Then you've fixed your D, found your WR and then you can snag a solid RB (White, Pierce, Badie, etc.) and grab Wan'Dale Robinson and the Jets are fixed. You're welcome.
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