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  1. Texans select, Kolby Harvell-Peel, S, Oklahoma St. @IndianaJet @bla bla bla
  2. I honestly dont hate it. One of the best draft this team ever had was edge w/ back to back picks in the 1st round. Shaun Ellis and John Abraham. Both were quite good.
  3. The Texans select, Charleston Rambo, WR, Miami @Maynard13 otc
  4. "Just keep honing in on the craft, if you keep using the same knife a thousand times, it's going to get dull. You have to continue to sharpen the knife. So for me, I'm just sharpening my tools to continue to get better and use them it the game" - Kayvon Thibodeaux
  5. I just showed you the names of the QB's who finished the season in that range. It's the dregs of the NFL. I dont think you even realize what you're asking of Wilson if he does start in the bottom 3 (which is completely unacceptable) to then finish in the range you're referencing but whatever, I thin the simple point is, I expect more from Zach Wilson than you do and that's just fine but I dont know how much patience this team is going to have, I dont think it's as much as you think it is.
  6. Cousins and Tannehill are the ultimate meh and I will puke if that's what Zach Wilson turns into but for this season, fine. Carr is underrated. 16? I cant keep up. I was told there would be no math.
  7. I mean, this whole "dont have high expectations" and "where he started last year should be his starting point this year" and "ending the season 23/24" thingy feels like writing the season off to me but yeah, I guess we just have different expectations. 23/24 range is ******* terrible dude. lol To give you a point of reference the QB's who were in that range this year were; Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Tua, Daniel Jones and Davis Mills. lmfao.
  8. I only listed the obvious ones. I figured most posters could do the rest. I expect him to be better than middling QB's like Matt Ryan, Ryan Tannehill, Derek Carr, Kirk Cousins...for sure. I then I expect him to be better than Fields because we passed on Fields for Wilson and because you and many others posters and Chris Simms told me Wilson was better than Lawrence and I'm steady on the Lawrence is the most overrated prospect of all time train, yeah, I expect him to better than Lawrence too. I'm bad at teh math, where we at?
  9. lmfao - wtf??? I mean, sigh. Anywho, apparently this draft has 7 probowl edge rushers. lmfao
  10. I'm not over complicating anything. I know you're the biggest Zac apologist on the board but how can you sit here and literally write off the 2022 season because its unreasonable to expect the #2 overall pick top half of the league QB? You are legit saying, we shouldnt have any expectations of the #2 overall pick in his 2nd year because of what? Level of competition in college? For **** sake, this participation trophy level logic. lmfao If Zach Wilson isnt at top 15 QB next year, it's ******* panic time dude. You're high if you dont think they bring in a starter to take over in year 3. HIGH!
  11. I dont see why not? You saw what happened to this OL last year. So in this situation, he's your immediate back up at C and G. If for some reason Linderbaum struggles out the gate, you have the luxury of not forcing him to start as well.
  12. True, there were moving pieces toward the end of the season when Zach was full time starter again but really only the Buffalo game he went into where he didnt have a few veteran options at his disposal. It's not like was able to get the ball to Moore anyway.
  13. I dont hate it. I'm not a fan of London at #10 or Hall at #38 but I understand the logic behind both picks and while it wouldnt be my preference, it would be hard not to be excited about the offense with this haul. Finally land a C, a hopeful stud at WR and honestly, in this situation, I'd expect Hall to be the workhorse with Carter spelling him which could be pretty potent for a team that I expect is in the top 5 in rush attempts. Couple that with the offseason they had, there would be no excuses about weapons, even though there really wasnt one last year either.
  14. Seriously? Unreasonable? For the #2 overall pick? That's not good. While the league has some serious talent at the top end of for QB position right now, you have teams like the Steelers, Seahawks, Texans, ATL, Car, NYG, Was, Det, San Fran, Jax, Miami, NE, Philly, Nor all with sh*tty to no QB, that's half the league. If he's not rated above every single on of those QB's, this team is proper ****ed.
  15. Better is a not a challenging achievement by any standards after last season. Elite is what you're asking for when you take a player #2 overall, so I hope you're right but he's going to have to make a pretty significant jump this season IMO to have that chance in year 3 because there are very few examples of a players who sucked for 2 years and then suddenly ascended into greatness at the QB position. If he doesnt have a top 15 level type season, I dont see how the Jets give him year 3 with no competition to be honest.
  16. And we're right back into an injury plagued pitching staff, so that's new and neat.
  17. 2 blown leads in the 8th!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! METS BASEBALL, BABY!!!!!!
  18. lmfao - if he posted here, I would assume so
  19. That's s pretty sh*tty return on investment, no? You take a player #2 overall because he has an apparent skill set (some said he was QB1) but it's going to take him 3 years to be any good? Better hope at year 3, he's top 10 because if he's not, everyone is fired and we're back to the drawing board at QB.
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