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  1. JJ at 26 is a great pick, IMO. High character, ridiculous motor, wants to be great, coachable, etc. I understand some of the feedback you guys have had on him but what is really the difference between him and say, Hutch? Both showed out as seniors, same size, same athletic profile. I watch them and neither are ridiculous bendy edge guys, more power and motor than anything else. Your hoping to develop both their pass rush skills. While I dont love having to move up, I totally understand it and I think they know without a shadow of a doubt, they're getting a dude who absolutely loves ball and has an immediate transferable skill set.
  2. edit; that's what happens when you fall asleep, didnt see the Jags moved up for Lloyd. Yikes! They botched this draft. I love me some Lloyd but to stay put and get Dean without having to move up? Wow. The Jags suck.
  3. Dont get me wrong, I would have been happy with Thibs/Davis but Sauce/JJ w/ Wilson is a beautiful haul. I really didnt expect them to take a WR at 10, especially after London went and so many people had us tied to him but I preferred Wilson soooo much more. Epic day 1. Still have a chance a one or two more studs. I assume the Jags take Dean to open the 2nd, but that would be an interesting prospect if he's there when the Jets are on the clock. Not sure if they'd go offense again but the value right now looks secondary and edge and I just cant imagine them double doubling down on either, wondering if that brings a McBride, a RB or a OL in play.
  4. Becton is going to ball out next few years. Ball out!
  5. So we get Wilson instead of Dotson and a chance to still get a few of these studs!??!?!? If we can pull Mathis, Beavers and Robinson. I'm going to cream
  6. I went to sleep half way through because who can actually sit up and watch 4 hours of calling names out and cliches? But to wake up to Jermaine Johnson is so sexy. And you're welcome. For months I've said Sauce/JJ, I switched up to Thibs/Davis so I didnt do the JiF jinx. And we got Wilson too! What a night! JD is a god.
  7. My favorite WR in the draft though, just never thought they'd go WR that early
  8. Probably should have waited for that pick till I made my bet.
  9. If I were in Vegas, I'd bet Johnson, then Davis, then Cross.
  10. Like I said, it's going to be JJ or JD and this is an epic first round either way.
  11. I'd be surprised if they passed on JJ if he's there which is hilarious because up until a little bit ago was my ideal draft but if he's not there, I wouldnt be shocked if they went Jordan Davis or OL. Saleh has said multiple times that he thinks this draft is deep at edge and can be found in the 2nd round.
  12. OL push down could make JJ available but idk...we'll see...Jordan Davis???
  13. Thibs, Sauce or JJ - dont really care, though I'd probably go Thibs
  14. Dayum! I mocked Sauce to them in our draft. Wowza!
  15. Lol - I dont base my analysis of what he did in college, peep these clips of what he did in college.
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