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  1. @Jets Voice of Reason here is what I love about this dude. I'm going to first show you tape to dispute your silly "physicality" comment. Peep this dude as a freshman. Hard to bring down. Shocking when you watch this game and know his size but also, pay attention to time and down and distance. He pretty much won this game. Same thing here. Game winning catch, freshman, peep the adjustment. Toughness? How dare you question this man. He did even have to play in this game Love this game. All over the field. Doing it all. Methodical move the chains to big plays. This one doesnt pop out in the box score, a good, not great day but he shows it all once again. My favorites are the adjustment he makes on the sideline, the all out dive on the throw back and then his play down the stretch fighting over and over and over again for 1st downs, showing physicality, show toughness, showing the nuances he understands as a WR;
  2. *puts condom on* I think you need to check his physicality. He has no fear and is not afraid to be physical at all. He had more carries as a RB than he did catches as a WR at Nebraska. Which is one of the reasons he transferred and proceed to break Kentucky's single season reception record. In comparison to Deebo, he carried the ball 141 times vs. 25 times. Not sure why you'd be worried about physicality knowing that fact. Specifically what do I like? Everything. Other than size, I dont know what's not to like. He does it all as a WR and he's a one touch threat. He's the shiftiest player in the draft, he's one of the most productive (caught more receptions than any other WR in the draft last year). He test out athletically and he's polished, nuanced WR. I really love his tape, I'll post a few in my thread in the draft forum and take the conversation there not to dominate this thread w/ vids and jizz.
  3. Fair enough. I guess they technically could use IOL help, even though the signed Sherff in the offseason and one of the few positions they actually have depth at is T but idk, could happen. Squeeze tight!
  4. Super fun thread though, dick. We agree on a few. Best Value: Wan'Dale Robinson!!!!!!!!!!! Darian Beavers Dameon Pierce David Ojabo George Perkins Channing Tindall Jalani Woods Zamir White Devonte Wyatt Derek Stingley Worst Value: Kyle Hamilton Travon Walker Drake London Jameson Williams Nakobe Dean Sam Howell Matt Corral
  5. Seems pretty obvious to me when the Jags franchised Cam Robinson they decided who their LT was going to be this year. They also love, Walker Little, who they took 45th overall last year and I'm pretty sure they plan on playing him at RT and using 2019 35th overall pick Jawan Taylor, RT, who has played every snap since being draft as their immediate/swing T. I dont know. I'll admit, it's a hard draft to predict. I have no clue how this thing is going to go down but the Jags taking Hutch or Walker feels like a lock.
  6. I agree with your first point. I really cant see the Jets taking Williams at all. And while I agree w/ your second point as well, I dont think taking Sauce at 4 means they wont address edge. Edge is pretty deep, they might be able to address at 10 and/or 35/38 and I think Sauce is the best player in the draft.
  7. You think the Jags used the franchise tag on their LT and they're going to go ahead and draft, a LT w/ the first overall pick? That seems like, highly highly highly unlikely. I mean, you think Doug Pederson's first order of business as the Jags HC is to franchise a player and then not play him in 2022?
  8. He posted combine numbers for a player who's been in the league 3 years. lmfao
  9. I cant imagine him getting past the Lions. Having the Michigan boy stay in state, playing for a defense minded HC who probably adores what Hutch brings to the table, be very surprised if he fell any further.
  10. I'm fine with it, the kid was heading quickly toward all time bad type of season, looking like one of the worst QB's to take an NFL field. So, getting around to just being worthy of taking snaps in an NFL game was a good turnaround in itself. I love that he took care of the ball better, was completing at a higher rate post injury but I hate that it was at the cost of throwing for 120 yards a game. Not sure that's the way to develop a QB but at the same token, you have to think JD and the coaching staff were having panic attacks watching him bounce ball of the ground on simple swing route in the flats, so honestly not sure what else they could do with the kid, especially as the injuries started to pile up.
  11. This is neat but the evidence that the weaponz werent a problem was presented and confirmed when he was injured and the combo of White/Flacco/Johnson led the most explosive offense in the NFL. He came back and was trigger shy, wouldnt even try to get the ball down field to Moore. Numerous shots of guys breaking free down the sideline, scared to pull the trigger. Is what its, they clearly neutered him into playing "boring" Football. You just got to hope they didnt cut his ball off completely and somewhere tucked away in that prepubescent hairless body is the remnants of his balls.
  12. Well, they wrote it, so I can appreciate the opinion but you still deserve a smack for giving Pixies the "decent" title.
  13. Fun thread. I've posted a couple of the silly mock simulators that I think would be ideal but if I had my way and the draft felt in such a manner, this is what I'd do if I were Joe Dougie. I should preface though, if I were Joe Dougie, we'd already be loaded and awesome and this draft wouldnt even be all the critical. But I digress, I'll share my genius; I'm on the fence still w/ 4 and 10. I'm going back and forth between 2 players but I'm still favoring; Sauce/Johnson - but I'm really intrigued by Thibs/Davis but since I can control this draft and get whatever I want, where I want, this is it; RD 1 - CB Sauce/Edge Johnson - baller studs who change the identity of the D. RD 2 - OC Linderbaum/DT Wyatt - you win and lose games at the LOS, these 2 help address that in a major way. RD 3 - WR George Pickens - yeah, I think he falls. Injuries and character concerns are real and I think it means less to fans than it does to front offices. If I'm wrong and he doesnt fall, Alec Pierce would be nice here as well. RD 4 - TE Jelani Woods/WR Wan'Dale Robinson - freaky franchise caliber TE who can line up all over the place and you grab the shiftiest player int he draft who has freaky joystick like traits who can also line up anywhere and that Lil Mikey can get creative with like his buddy Kyle does w/ Deebo. RD 5 - RB Dameon Pierce/OT Myron Cunningham - another full blown freak at RB, who can run you over and break away, plays with a mean streak, has a nose for the end-zone, perfect compliment to Michael Carter in what is going to be a run heavy offense. And looking for depth at T with Snr who logged a lot of snaps in the SEC, he was a team C, in a solid offense, good pass pro, held his own vs. Walker when they played UGA.
  14. Nothing would surprise me in this draft. I have no clue how this thing is going to go down.
  15. Anywho, depends on what they want for Tony because they could just take his clone in Wan'Dale Robinson
  16. lmfao I think Vanderbilt probably would have a say in that claim but they're private, so you kind of have to exclude them from the convo. Florida is top 5 public school in the country and just stupid hard to get accepted. You clearly havent stepped foot in Gainesville in a long time. Sante Fe is now a state accredited college and the University of Florida campus is by far, not even comparable at all actually, the most diverse campus in the SEC. Rich Rednecks cant get into Florida, nor do they want to. They go to FSU or UCF now.
  17. For sure and I think he's going to be a pros pro who wants to be an all time great, someone who consistently works hard, high character, etc. great culture builder/enhancer type of kid.
  18. Or a little more recent and similar positions, Derwin James. Freak. Straight freak and just an absolute animal when healthy at FSU but battled injuries his whole career. Dude went 17 overall and he was 10x the player of Jamal Adams.
  19. 100%. His ability to track when the ball is in the air is ridiculous too.
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