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  1. He held it too long, Moore was open and even if he didnt get back up in time, he throws it away instead of taking a sack. He also didnt even look at the wide-open receiver in the middle of the endzone because he stared Moore down and held the ball too long. This was shared on a video that you ******* complimented. lmfao You're so all over the place defending any little criticism of Wilson, you dont even remember the sh*t you've said here. lmfao Nicco - you're terrible at this and have zero credibility. Dont step to me.
  2. Yes. And tons of just toss ups 50/50 balls where he required a receiver to make an absolute ridiculous catch. Lots of open receivers vs. the most laughable defense you've ever seen.
  3. This ******* guy, what play did hold the ball too long and then literally references a play, where held the ball too long. lmfao
  4. Yes, very evident on this film that he struggled mightily with simple drop backs and abandoning clean pockets, honestly, not sure it's fixable. This is the same thing I hated about Bakery Mayflower when he came out and it's plagued him in the league as well, he's just much more accurate than Wilson.
  5. The OL has been very good for a few weeks now. Getting Van Rotten out and LDT helps too, so I honestly expect it to continue to get a little better each week. They were clearly adjusting to new a new blocking scheme at the start of the season and Wilson was holding the ball way too long. VR was a liability but even so, it's never been as bad we thought. OL's are going to allow pressure. It happens. It's the NFL. I'm most impressed with their run blocking improvements, to be honest. What Zach needs to learn is how to help his OL out by not only getting the ball out faster but more
  6. If only we saw one of these combos win 4 playoffs games together vs. HOF QB's.
  7. Well, the point of me showing you the first half of the Houston game was that Lil Mikey did what you were asking for and Zach, was still, not good. He was not predictable. He was running all sorts of different looks including RPO's, rollouts, screens, etc. And I've also done this before in another thread for another game and proved this run, run, pass (something you accused him of as well) wrong but I'm not going to go there. Overall, I think your narrative that Lil Mikey is intentionally sabotaging or somehow forgets how to call the good plays within the flow of the game when Zach i
  8. well, if you want, here is the play by play, just scroll down, it's just addition. no calculator necessary https://www.pro-football-reference.com/boxscores/202111280htx.htm#pbp
  9. Well, you dont need to go through and do the math, I just did it for you. So, this isnt a feeling or a prognosis, it's fact. Lil Mikey called more throws on 1st than runs on 1st during the 1st half of the game. lol I have no idea what Justin Fields has do with this but I do know for a fact that I never said Fields was all world, that's just putting my words in your mouth to try to help prop yourself up because you cant argue facts and doublding down on invalid statements doesnt make your argument stronger. This isnt about my opinion of Zach Wilson. This is me simply showing you t
  10. Defend all you want but when it's something you can simply just look up to disprove, I dont even know why you'd float it.
  11. People keep saying this and it's just flat out wrong. On the first drive of the game, they opened with a throw. They ended up throwing it on first down twice and ran it on first down once and kicked a FG. On the second drive, they opened with a run but then threw it twice resulting in Zach Wilson bouncing a ball off Johnson's back for an INT. Next drive, they still trust him enough to go, run, pass, pass. On their 4th possession of the game, they did the dreadful!!! run, run, pass. That is clearly killing Zach Wilson. lol Oh and then, on their 5th possession. The
  12. That's pretty wild when you think about it. For both teams to be in the league for as long as they have, only have meet 11 times and the Jets have never won. I wonder if there is a similar dominance of one club over another in the league? Like, can any other franchise say they've never beaten a team they've played 10+ times?
  13. Foundation players; AVT, Moore, Carter and we're hoping for Becton, Mims, Wilson. If the later hit, the offense foundation is legit and all I think you really need, is a TE and arguably a C/IOL but you could move forward with this roster and have a lot of success with the right QB.
  14. Hell to the no. And I kind of feel like they already drafted this dude, albeit clearly not the same level of prospect but Sherwood and Nasirildeen are kind of the same guys, no?
  15. He stole it from Metchie who does it but he was doing it at the end of the Iron Bowl. Bama boys being Bama boys
  16. bwhaahahahahahahahahahaha what a ******* idiot bwhahahahahahahahahahahaha ******* scum bag.
  17. I was pumping Kinnard back when I cared about the draft.
  18. Yep, and the dude is all muscle. He's a rare human who probably runs faster than Zach Wilson @T0mShane
  19. LETS ******* GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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