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  1. So random, I've been jamming out to the Ramones all day
  2. Gsexy looking eveN more sexy? Proud of you!
  3. Well Sir, you missed out on a masterpiece. One of the finest moments in cinematic history.
  4. Round, bald men with facial hair are sexy, that's my observation.
  5. Going to be tough to get out there this year, we're expecting!!!!!!!!!! Never say never, but probably not happening this year.
  6. Too funny, I was legit searching for this thread to share that I thought Ozark was an absolute smash from go and had one of the very best endings, like, ever! lol Like I legit, let out a "YESSSSS!!!!"
  7. That would be a pretty cool experience, seeing an NFL QB and his sexy ass WR that hyped filming the crowd at a Game 7 OT win when the Rangers were down 3-1 in the series. Pretty rad memory for those dudes in the stands around him.
  8. Honestly, though, that's awesome, kind of surprised by this news though...
  9. also, might be one of the reason Ive been obsessed with Dobermans my whole life (and Mangum PI)
  10. RIP - Fred Ward. Personally, I will always remember him as Remo Williams. I absolutely loved the movie grow up. It was epic. And lets be real, American Ninja warrior never happens if it werent for Remo Williams.
  11. The Titans had the most injuries in the NFL and won the AFC last year. Historical injuries are not why the Jets are hard to predict. The Jets are hard to predict because their team is largely built off 2nd year players and rookies, namely, the most important piece to his puzzle, Zach Wilson. Unfortunately, that's other reason why this is hard to predict because nobody has a clue who Zach Wilson is/going to be. He's nothing at all like advertised, so we're all just in limbo to see who he truly is when he actually reveals himself and because he was so bad last year, it's impossible to know how he's grown without seeing it in action
  12. Robert Saleh and JD are creating culture, real culture. These dudes love playing here, love playing for each and love playing for Saleh. It's time. It's happening. @Joe W. Namath Enjoy it Jets fans! We have it right, buckle up, we're doing it.
  13. Meh, that's a fun board, he's a kook. Sexy kook though. At least he's standing up and not a boogie board like the bonehead Darnold.
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