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  1. I didnt like the way Chrome looked. It was all primitive looking. But I appreciate the passion.

  2. I dont like the Patriots

    1. PatriotReign37
    2. Greenranger


      Nor do I. I also strongly dislike their fruity QB.

  3. I googled, really dumb annoying internet persona and it took my to this page.

  4. I hate running.

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    2. T0mShane


      JiF once shredded the skate park with Tony Hawk and Bam Margera and Shaun White and Chris Cole and Sandro Dias. I read it all on his blog, "IDropMadNamesAndNuts@blogspot.com"

    3. THE ILK

      THE ILK

      Well I am huge.

    4. JiFapono


      Truth is Tom, skating and surfing gives you the unique experience of rubbing elbows with pro's. I've seen some pro's out there, but none that high profile. Surfing on the other hand...I need a whole book to name drop.

  5. I like Football.

  6. I like myself

    1. Vicious89x


      You're a douchebag though. Douche. Douchy McDouchester.

    2. JiFapono


      Poop on your face. I just noticed these little response thingys.

  7. I like surfing.

  8. I like surfing.

  9. I miss you Salina Cruz, Mexico. I'll be back sson.

  10. I never check rep...but noticed you gave me a couple recently...thanks bud!!! So the Misfits eh? Was it that particular song "In the Doorway" or do you like them in general?

  11. I think I might have found that in you....you sexy beast ;-)

  12. I usually x it out when it comes up. Do I need to keep it open for people to know I am online.

  13. I wanted to be the first to say hello and welcome you to this mafia forum of madness.

  14. I will be back soon, when you coming this way?

  15. I'm better than McKnight

  16. I'm having major issues with the site. Cant see people avatar, cant tell if I'm quoting or not, I wasnt allowed to post for a while. Ih8 technology

  17. I'm new to the world of the IM'ing thingy. I thought you could still tell. Havent been on too much lately anyway...probably a good thing!

  18. I'm not sure what I want...I was thinking like some type of combo of Gators, Mets, Jets with my favorite logos..idk. Let me think about it. Could you do something like that?

  19. I'm sorry, will you take me back?

  20. I'm too sexy for JN.

  21. I'm working, but then I dont have anything planned...I think I might have a client happy hour. Why whats up?

  22. If you customized one for me, I'd probably ask for something completely different then that picture. Do the size bother you?

  23. Its only preseason, but JETS football tonight baby!!! I'm pumped

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