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  1. Bengals just won their first playoff game in, what, 31 years? Pretty sure we've won a few during that time frame. It's funny, when I first started posting on message boards, Herm was our coach. He went to the playoffs 3 out of his 5 years, won a few playoff games. He was universally hated by all and holy sh*t, I would die to have that type of mediocrity.
  2. Great minds? I was coming with that heat too... That said, if I knew how to photoshop, the dude holding Becton's foot would have Rex Ryan's face on it.
  3. 5-10, 8-8, 11-5 and the playoffs. So next year....13-4 and a playoff win? Seems like the trajectory for that sexy stud of a Head Coach and something this fanbase would sign up for in a heartbeat.
  4. Was that Bruce? Or Michael? Or Bob? Cant tell them apart.
  5. Remember when I started saying the NFL has turned into pro wrestling? Now they have Michael Buffer.
  6. The Jets have 2 top 10 picks for their first time in franchise history and they dump into the best unit on the team? And the back half of this draft is terrible. All those dudes suck at after Wilson.
  7. Cory Davis - 6'4 Denzel Mims - 6'3 Kenny Yeboah - 6'4 Tyler Croft - 6'6 Ryan Griffin - 6'6
  8. Another case for Mac sucking worse, is that he sucked so bad, he was fired by Adam Gase.
  9. Yep. Here you go. Here's the list, the only one on here who's career wasnt ruined or halted because of injury was Christian Hackenberg. The 15 highest-drafted players of the last decade who have never played a down in the NFL - masslive.com Round 2, Pick 51: QB Christian Hackenberg, New York Jets (2017) A one-time prized quarterback prospect from Penn State, Hackenberg showed little development during his time as a backup in New York. In 2018, he was traded for a conditional seventh-round pick to the Oakland Raiders, who waived him shortly after, negati
  10. Big Mac passed on Watson and Mahomes for Jamal Adams because he had Christian Hackenburg on the roster, who never played a single down in the NFL and if I'm not mistaken, that has never happened in the history of the NFL to a healthy player. I could be wrong, but I think I'm right, that Hackenberg is the highest selected player who was healthy and never saw the field. Big Mac is arguably the worst GM in the history of the sport.
  11. Positives: - All-Pro Berrios turning into the heart and soul of this team - Zach Wilson actually being tough and not a man baby who would die upon impact - the 2021 draft class - the OL being the best unit on the team Disappointments - Zach Wilson not being as advertised from a polish perspective - The injury bug plagued this team yet again - Denzel Mims - handling of the back up QB position
  12. This is hands down, bar none, the worst take I've read which is amazing because it's 24 pages deep in the worst thread ever created in the history of interwebz.
  13. Fair enough, wasnt really comparing them as coaches, just noting the similarities if it happened. I'm not going to pretend I know how much Moore's coaching has impacted the offense but they are absolutely loaded. It cant be that hard of a job to make that offense tick.
  14. Which is funny, considering Jerry would have done basically the same thing he did with Garrett. Scared to lose him, so you promote him and hang on way too long.
  15. Could have fooled me while he employed Jason Garrett for a decade.
  16. I think Robinson is one of those unique athletic talents that is able to overcome his somewhat smallish frame, which lets be honest, there are smaller dudes putting out in the league. He's bigger than Elijah Moore. The guy caught a school record in passes and yards (104 receptions for 1335 yards). He was a transfer from Nebraska where he played more RB than WR. 134 carries vs. 94 receptions. He's not breaking tackles like Deebo but I think he's pretty damn dynamic with the ball in hand and is a very explosive playmaker. Like I said, a poor man's Deebo. Just dudes who roll out of be
  17. The 49ers turned it over twice in 4th quarter, the Cowboys tried to get cute. They screwed themselves on the DOG when they tried to draw them offsides and then the draw at the end of the game? Just bad...
  18. Agreed 100% and I could argue the Cowboys lost that game more than the 49'ers beat them. Wan-Dale Robinson is my poor man's Deebo is this draft, if we're forcing comparisons, he's the closest thing.
  19. Deebo was my favorite skills player in his draft and Juan Jennings was my favorite late round sleeper. I should be a draft consultant.
  20. Love me some Deebo. Wan Dale Robinson is a poor mans Deebo. Could be a sleeper in the draft.
  21. Really like Pierce and Cook as sleepers in this draft.
  22. I also read that Cager was transitioning to TE. Which is intriguing. Not relying on it but keeping an eye on it. It seems like it makes sense. Big, long, willing blocker who's not going to consistently win on the outside. We'll see.
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