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  1. Robert Saleh and JD are creating culture, real culture. These dudes love playing here, love playing for each and love playing for Saleh. It's time. It's happening. @Joe W. Namath Enjoy it Jets fans! We have it right, buckle up, we're doing it.
  2. Meh, that's a fun board, he's a kook. Sexy kook though. At least he's standing up and not a boogie board like the bonehead Darnold.
  3. I wonder if he has nice abs?
  4. Danny Woodcock has a stick?! Damn, some guys have it all.
  5. Whoa!!! Zach hit puberty!!!!!!!! Did you hear that voice?
  6. The Gators used to eat his ******* lunch. Threw 7 picks in 3 games vs. the Gators. That's all I have to add on this topic.
  7. I like the Aussie but this is bad. At one point he pulls a full on JN Zackamania line and it's amazing. Zach makes a nice throw over a defender into a window and he says, "this arm talent, this is velocity, this about fitting a ball into a window that nobody else in the NFL can" and then immediately says "I say nobody, ofcourse there are" and starts reeling off QB's. lmfao. So good. He must be a poster. I've got a few guess. lol
  8. This might be the dumbest stat I've ever seen stated. 0-20? No sh*t!?!?!?! lmfao. Who's targets are only 20+ yards? No sh*t his target share is 0-20. lmfao
  9. Interviews are pretty typical before job offers.
  10. ha! Look at me, look at me! I just asked why he wasnt signed a couple of days ago!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!!! I love you JD!!!!!!!!
  11. At least give a disclaimer in the title so you dont get your hopes up!
  12. I vote for the Aussie. He's by far the best.
  13. Draft grades are dumb but the logic he uses as to why, is pretty moronic. I could hedge every pick in the first round with well, "this one time, that pick was a bust, so like, dont get your hopes up". Pretty dumb. Reminds me of the "dont pick a position from this college because history" logic during the draft.
  14. Was jamming out the Stooges this afternoon when I was grilling out and clean up around the pool! Ron Asheton was/is soooo underrated.
  15. Jason is a Jets fan and in the last 3 years he's seen this taken in the first round and second rounds; LT, WR, QB, G, WR, CB, Edge, WR, RB and he saying its a bad approach? lmfao. Yeah, I guess we should go back to Safeties and Defensive Tackles and Kickers. That was a great approach.
  16. That’s some saucy news!
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