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  1. I’ve been training my whole life for this and I’m proud to say, my body is ready.
  2. Urban and Mullen join forces at Notre Dame to win a couple of Naty’s?
  3. 2 for 2 on threads @ZachWilsonSupporter Great new addition!
  4. Lost my interest when he starts going into the theory of evolution, lol but I get the point the author was trying to make. That said, I dont think using the examples of Mahomes/Rodgers/Jackson as how the position is evolved is really the strongest way to support the overall hypothesis but I digress. The article seems more focused on the "throwing motion" and the associated footwork and delivery, etc. IMO, mechanics are more involved and I guess there is a fine line between mechanics and fundamentals. For example, Zach looks great throwing the ball, his delivery is beautiful, fast and
  5. True but it was excessive this year, for sure. It was bleeding into every thread and people were over the top. And now it's carried over into the regular season. People like full on have grudges for sharing a bad opinion on Zach, I've never seen it this bad. For example; I get tagged in every thread about Justin Fields. Yes, I preferred him to the other prospects but I was steady on the trade down train because overall, I didnt like the class but if we had to go QB, I'd have taken him. So now I'm a Zach hater/Fields lover and get treated as such and it hurts.
  6. All good in the hood, I'm just over here like kind of pointing out the irony of "innate bias" in a thread wondering why people are so impatient. You're standing by your seemingly wildly inaccurate assessment while simultaneously claiming his OC wants to ruin his own career by ruining Zach Wilson's career. That's a JN special right there, baby! lol
  7. lmfao this is miserable. He looks like he's grounding the ball and purposely throwing at Moore's feet but again, it's so much more and this is a beautiful example of my frustration with his fundamentals/mechanics. WTF is this drop back? Like, explain it to me because what I see is what should have been a 3 step drop back and a perfect pocket, that turns into a 5 1/2 or 6 step drop back where he ends up 3/4 yards to the right of the Center and 12 yards deep when he finishes his drop back. Not sure what it should be but it shouldnt look like that, I know that for certain. Break it
  8. It's like you call him Big Kev on purpose to make me mad because make up sex.
  9. Lil Kevy Kev, look at you with the level headed take! Feeling good off that HUGE must win victory?
  10. I get it. I really do. I fell victim to it with Sam, so I understand. You want it so bad that you ignore conventional wisdom and pretend that things are either "overblown" or "easy to fix" or it's ok because "he's young and other QB's do this too" and "learning the game" and you've seen "glimpses of greatness", etc. And if you were a Zach fan during the draft process and wanted him desperately to be the pick your emotional investment goes through the roof, as we're seeing on the board. What is concerning to me and what I think honestly is going to make or break Zach Wilson is coaching.
  11. edit: honestly, I think a lot of this, like I said stem from the preseason. The extremes with this kid are unreal. You called him the greatest college QB you've ever seen and the best NFL QB prospect you've ever seen. You said this, lol. When you read stuff like that and you feel the other way, the responses will be equally as extreme. And now, he's the worst rookie Jets QB we've ever seen and naturally, the extremist (just like in real life) take the stage.
  12. Ummm, errrr, sorry? I mean, he asks questions and stuff.
  13. It probably has to do with how obnoxious the offseason was around here regarding Zach. There were people outright cursing people out and telling them they "knew nothing about Football" for questioning him as a prospect. People were so dramatic on both sides, that lines have been crossed in the sand and those lines were dug very deep. Many of us arent ready to write him off but simultaneously very worried about him because IMO he's the worst rookie QB I've ever seen take a snap for the Jets and that's saying something and not in a good way.
  14. Which goes to my first post in this thread, if you're fundamentally flawed with terrible mechanics, are you eligible for the "yips"? I'd have to say no. Zach Wilson was never a QB, he was flag Football player running around making sh*t happen vs. nobodies. What he put on film, was never ever going to translate to the NFL. Ever. Which is why if you were the team to draft him, they needed to treat him like the raw project he is and break him down completely and build him back up based on traits. Which would require a year of sitting and learning. There was nothing he did in college to giv
  15. This is an interesting thread and I'm eager to read the responses because when you're a fundamental mess, can it be mental? I'm not sure you're good enough yet to even experience the "yips" when you are as raw as Wilson is at this point. He was an absolute disaster fundamentally in college, so not sure how this would be considered the "yips" when he's just repeating the same things he did in school. This is just kind of who he is at this point, which is why I never wanted him to see the field this year. He needed to be completely broken down and rebuilt into an NFL QB.
  16. Nor did I imply that anyone did. I just pointed out how playing the Texans, helps. Personally, I dont care about wins or losses at all. So, I couldn't careless about the win. I would have preferred seeing Zach Wilson ball out of control and lose, rather than win with him continuing to play like the worst QB in the NFL. So being that's all that really mattered to me, it's hard to find silver linings because the opponent was pure trash. Gun to head? The only really encouraging thing I saw yesterday, was LDT being better than Van Rotten. Fun seeing Walter's burst. Otherwise, i
  17. There werent many of us but if you were one of the few posters who agreed with me then you probably shouldnt have taken offense to a simple comment. I was obviously exaggerating when I said "the entire board" - would "majority" have made you feel better? I am sorry for offending you.
  18. 100% which is why I hated this QB class so much, even with advocating for Lance or Fields, my plan would have been to have him sit them entire year. Wilson too, none of these dudes see the field if I had a say in it.
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