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  1. Its over. **** off! Dont contact me again.

  2. Its over. **** off!!! Dont ever contact me again.

  3. LETS GO JETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Mevi$ is a doodoo head.

  5. Mevi$ is becoming more and more of a punk with every passing moment. His new comment is outstanding.

  6. Mevi$ rocks the party that rocks the body. All haters beware. Its here to stay. Sure beats Revis Island...thats what got us in this mess

  7. My measly thread is the hottest thing going in the lounge..eat it!

  8. My pleasure man. I just hope I make a fun game. I think you'll like it.

  9. My pleasure. You have been working hard lately and you really stepped up your game. I see a bright future for you.

  10. Never. Dont even text me. Get over it and move on.

  11. Never. Take a hike. I dont even want to see a text from you. Get over it. Move on.

  12. Nevermind, ih8u.

  13. Nice!!! When? Where? How long are you in town?

  14. Nice. It will be epic by all epic standards.

  15. No worries. My pleasure. You are now forever in debut to me.

  16. No worries. Water under the bridge. Congrats on your SEC Championship and first ever Heisman. Ingram deserves it. Class act, hell of a player. Good luck in the Nat'l Champ, keep it in the SEC!

  17. No, you are awesome!

  18. O.K...I'll try and find the pictures I'd like to add and shoot you a pm with which ones I want.

  19. Pissing off Rib Boy is one of the greatest delights of posting at JN. Take full advantage of this treat.

  20. Re: Kiffin. Its a good hire. Monte coming with him is what scares me the most. Recruiting in Tenn. is difficult and thats why Phulmer was great for many years. Thats where their success will be decided. But, I think they bring solid coaching with them.

  21. Reward the good soldiers.

  22. Rex Ryan is the man! Fact.

  23. Surfing at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon Tonight!!!

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    2. JiFapono


      Thanks Crush. Miss you. I'm filming it so hopefully I'll have some good clips for you and I make you proud

    3. Jets Voice of Reason

      Jets Voice of Reason

      Are you triking there?

    4. T0mShane


      They won't let you within 500 ft. of an elementary school but you're allowed at a theme park? Holy loophole.

  24. Switched to Chrome...no issues! Me likey

  25. Thanks for the kind words about my pooch. She was my best friend. I loved that damn dog. 19 years of pure loyalty, rest her soul.

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