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  1. 13 minutes ago, Dunnie said:

    Upvoted your post because it was considered and well written ... I'd buy it if NFL cheerleaders weren't decked out as sexy as ****.

    It's not like they are competing in athletic cheering.... their purpose is to enhance a fun exciting environment.

    Dont you think part of their purpose is to appear as beautiful eye candy ... I can provide more than a plethora of examples for you if needed.

    The dance skills are the secondary purpose ... watch The Replacements for a comical but slightly accurate lampooning of NFL cheerleading.

    It's really not an argument at all ... just stating my opinion that it's part of the concept... probably moreso than the idea that their purpose to provide aspiring cheerleaders role models because of their athletic prowess.

    Maybe this repressed new world has moved on from the concept and if so fine ... it's sad... but I'm good with them retiring. Maybe sports illustrated should follow suit and kill their annual swimsuit edition.

    Bottom line sex sells.

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    How would you like the cheerleaders to dress?  Jeans and a tshirt?  How many women do you know that dont enjoy looking good and feeling sexy?  


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  2. On 8/5/2022 at 8:14 AM, munchmemory said:

    The original is a disturbing masterpiece.   Now we have Lady Gaga in the cast?   Please stop it.  They should let the first film stand on its own.  No way they recapture the original's magic.

    It's truly is an original work of art that would really be impossible to ever recreate, which I guess is why they're not even closely trying too by making a musical, which boggles my mind.  Why?  Why do this? 

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  3. 23 hours ago, Warfish said:

    My opinion is that cheerleaders are not needed nor desired for a professional level sports product.  

    Same as Fight Songs.

    Same as Team Marching Bands.

    Same as Male Clowns.

    Anything else is secondary or tertiary in terms of my personal opinion.  


    What's your opinion on the J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets chant?

    Do you sit during the wave? 



  4. 23 hours ago, JetPotato said:

    Easy to say "start their own league" but we all know how that goes down. See: WNBA. No one shows. The NFL gives them a nice platform. Maybe it sparks one kid's interest who would otherwise had no exposure. And it costs nothing to the league, or the fans. No one makes you look. You can still just focus on football if that's what you want to do.

    I wasn't a fan of the idea when it started. And frankly, I don't care that there are people out there that enjoy it for "creepy" reasons. If they want to go home and rub one out, whatever. As for the Snyders of the world, eliminating cheer is a form of punishment to the victims. Address the root cause. Harassment doesn't exist because cheerleading exists. It's because a-hole men exist. I'm on board for the very different discussion that is what Dan Synder got away with. Its simple to say, well, just limit the risk. No. Seek to eliminate it, so that people can dance in public if thats what they want to do. Practically speaking, less opportunity to expose the creeps of the NFL only serves to obscure their existence. Ferret them all out, and make them feel pain, publicly.

    I just don't understand the "It doesn't appeal to me, so let's get rid of it" mentality that 90% of the world seems to be on board with these days. Cheerleading does you zero harm, but it does provide benefit to the people that willingly choose to participate in it. In fact, to do so, these women have to put in work while also dealing with not only the creeps, but also the men that dismiss and characterize their work as "merely T&A". Neither viewpoint is respectful. 

    Personally, it was nice when I could pull my daughter in, who would otherwise have zero interest in a Jets game, because she really enjoyed watching their routines. Just seems like when stuff like this goes away, it should be because of market force, not because "dudes can't behave"

    Great post.  Love it.  One of my very favorite viral videos of the past few years is the Cheer Dad guy who does his daughters routine in the stands are her High School games.  It's awesome.  Does his/her joy and passion for this just suddenly end?  Ofcourse not, I'm sure this father would be over the moon if his daughter made a professional team.



  5. 37 minutes ago, Raideraholic said:

    What you get in preseason is some really bad Qb play.  None of those Qbs competing for backup Qb job for the Raiders are starting caliber NFL Qbs . The Raiders have serious super bowl aspirations but if D Carr goes down , the season goes down the drain.   ( some big drop off from him to backup Qb.That why you can have all the talent in the world , but if you don’t have the Qb play -good luck producing on offense.    

    Also preseason games is trying to figure out your 53 man roster , not winning the game. . Very vanilla on offense , + defense , as you want to see players competing against other NFL prospects to see who makes the cut .   

    Wow, thanks Raiderholic, this was profound!  Prior to this post, I never knew what teams got out of the preseason and the importance of the QB position!

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  6. 36 minutes ago, neckdemon said:

    zonovan is flashing

    flacco made a highlight reel play

    eyes on zuniga

    jermain johnson trending up

    oline trending down

    no fighting

    ruckert and coleman are back

    ty johnson hurt

    What if Becton, Mims and Zuniga all ball out this year w/ Hall already balling out, that suddenly would look like a great draft possibly putting Joe D in for contention of greatest GM of all time.

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  7. 29 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

    It was a simple sentence a 4 year old could understand and you made a mockery of it. If you can't  take it,  don't  dish it out. 

    If he had a shot. You woukd be hearing something by now out of camp

    How does this translate  to I never heard of him or he isn't  making the team. Do you understand  what "out of camp" means. We were discussing who backs up so having a shot was in terms of that. That is why I said read the thread instead of pulling conclusions out of your ass.

    And if you ever ventured outside of the US, everywhere except here says we speak American. 

    This is not an apology. 




  8. Is Rodgers violating the league substance abuse policy by admitting this?  What about PED's?  Why isnt this on the main forum.  The MVP of the league is saying this the reason he plays well.  Maybe Zach should try?

  9. 29 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

    Ok, the answer is, you can't  read English. 

    Here is what I wrote

    "If he had a shot. You would be hearing something by now out of camp". How you gleaned I never heard of Mitchell from this sentence clearly show you don't  know how to read. 

    Here is how a person who knows how to read English  (or American, you can take your pick) would comprehend that

    Camp had been going on. We are hearing all kinds of things about players. We have heard about Becton, Fant, Edoga, and McDermott.  Nothing about Mitchell. Now you might say we have not heard about AVT or Laklin, but they are going to be starters. Max is a rookie and if a rookie is pushing a vet like Edoga and McDermott, you would hear about it. 

    See if you can figure out the rest on your own. 

    I cant read?!?!?! ruh ruh ruh, really?  omg, is it English or American? ruh ruh ruh wow, you got me!!!  grow up

    You said Mitchell didnt have a shot, I asked for clarification, I didnt realize that wasnt allowed.  Now clearly I see that you jumped from general depth which the conversation was about (omg can you read the american!)  to what I'm guessing is your depth chart based off 1 week of preseason updates, that you clearly arent paying attention to at all.  Mitchell was in the rotation with the rest of the gang before he got hurt and Fant came back.  So yeah, we are hearing about it.  And there are 2 T's positions, if both Becton and Fant go down, ofcourse he has shot at playing.

    Now apologize for your behavior. 

  10. 3 minutes ago, section314 said:

    Not gonna bitch too much about it, and it made perfect sense for Diaz to pitch to the heart of the lineup in the 8th, but it would have been nice to turn the 9th over to David Robertson.

    First time I really question Buck all year, I really thought they'd turn it over to May or Lugo for the 9th but it worked out.  Check swing on a 3-0 count, lol

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