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  1. Yep, thats the if. IF he can stay healthy and adjust to carrying the ball that much. He is going to be very good. And then theres the chance that he doesnt even make it past week 6. He isnt someone that gets injured a lot and he carried the ball quite a bit in college. I think he will adjust well, but there's always that IF...and you pointed that IF out.
  2. Dude, I love your enthusiasm, but get over it. We had no "offensive attack" in 06. We used smoke and mirrors to move the chains. We sucked donkey dick on offense. We won when we ran the ball well and our D was playing lights out, which is where we are headed now, but lets not call this an "attack".
  3. Does me saying....I hate you all...ruin the board? Because its true.
  4. MJD is going to have a big year IMO without Fred Taylor around. He is now the focal point of the offense. He is a very talented back that runs with power and has moves. He knows how to pick up blocks so he can be any every down back. And he caught the most balls out of the backfield then any other RB last year. There Oline seems healthy at this point and Tre Thomas is a great addition for them. I was talking to Kennedy Pola, (Troy Polamalu's Uncle) the other day at the bar. He is the RB's for the Jags. He was talking about how good MJD has looked and how he become the clear leader of this team...even more so then Garrard. Apparently, he is really vocal and leading by example by having the best off season on the team. He was talking him up like no other. And he was saying that Holt looks amazing and will definitley be opening lanes for MJD this season...he also said that Underwood from Rutgers has the potential to pull a Colston...super fast and catches every thing. Serioulsy, expect a HUGE season from MJD. They didnt throw that type of money at him for nothing.
  5. LOL, the first thing that came to mind when I read this title was....what offensive attack?
  6. I appreciate your feedback, but Tomlinson has to prove that he can bounce back and force the Chargers from not handing it off more to Sproles...the kid was lights out last year. Matt Forte had a great year last year and I am projecting for 09. With Jay Cutler in the mix, he is going to see a lot bigger lanes and he might catch even more balls out of the backfield. The kid was a rookie playing with no pass threat, Jay Cutler changes that and I expect to see dividends for Forte in his sophmore campaign. This is not about who I think is the best RB, but who will be the most productive for their team.
  7. Thats a problem, though I love who they have for 3-4 DE's. We won 10 games with a make shift 3-4 and undersized DT. They have talent on D. Does it mean it will equate, no, but they have talent.
  8. Solid list...I just have a problem putting Westbrook and Jackson in there because of their injury problems.
  9. Its coming, why do you think we released Bubba? kidding. Its really ridiculous. This is the kind of player you want to retire on the NY Jets. Class act, hard worker, loves the game and is the best game changer this team has had in years and years and years.
  10. They have a lot of talent on that defense. A lot is very young and some old. They got Mike Vrabel, Zack Thomas, and Mike Brown in FA....yes old, but good veteran leadership for guys like...Glen Dorsey, Tyson Jackson, Brandon Flowers, Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson and some other small school guys that might have a big impact. That division isnt what it used to be either, Denver is going to suck donkey dick in a major way and Oakland isnt very good either. Thats 4 games against what I think is weak comp. Overall, this is scary, their D might be better then their O. Losing Tony G. is a HUGE loss. By no means am I saying that the Chiefs are going to be good, but they might not be as bad as you may think.
  11. I've always wonder if Christ would be a RB or QB? I always assumed QB because you would think he could conspire with God to read the defense.
  12. Hi guys, I am really JiF and chicks dig me cause I dont wear underwear.
  13. If I had man boobs, I would wear a bra.
  14. Key was good, but not nearly as good as he think he was. He never put up insane numbers consistently but he is up there on all time charts. He is 19 receptions, 26 yards. Which in the history of the game at a multi-player position is impressive, but not nearly as impressive as he thinks.
  15. That would break the hearts of many resident posters. We will be blasted to high hell and Mikey T. will be the worst GM ever for 3 weeks, possibly 4 depending what he does in the first preseason game.
  16. He was playing banged up all year long and he still managed 1100 yards, 11 TD's and had 52 catches and 1 TD receiving. I hear what you are saying and he is not in my top 5, but Im not ready to write off LT2 just yet.
  17. For some reason, the rest of my post wasnt on the above but I addressed those names...weird. Anyway, Lynch is an interesting choice. He is an all around back. Good downhill runner, great hands, great blocker, and utilizes one quick move to make people miss because of his power. Good choice, but I dont think he is that good. Tomlinson is still the man. The guy had a naggin injury last season and still put up some serious numbers. He might be a ***** in the playoffs but he is still the man in the regular season. If he's healthy he's still nasty. But Sproles scares me for projection reasons. He was awesome last season and they are going to use him...a lot. And thats the reason why I left him off my list.
  18. Its hard for me to argue that based of talent, but injuries plague Westbrook and Jacobs. Not to mention, I think they will both be spliting carries, both of teams drafted what I think will be very good RB's. Andre Brown is a steal in the 4th for the Giants and the Eagles took LeSean McCoy in the 2nd. These guys are going to get carries, consequently the starters wont have the numbers some other guys in the league will be putting up.
  19. Ronnie Brown is not a top 5 back. Lets move on. What do guys think about Darren McFadden this year? Anyone feeling like he might have a big year? I think he will. And who ever said it is right, there is a ton of talent in the backfield these days in the NFL.
  20. Yes, my perfection is underrated and often unnoticed.
  21. This is true, but I think you are just going to see an increase in Bradshaw's carries who in 07 was just beastly in the playoffs. And apparently they really like this kid Danny Ware, ever heard of him? lol And didnt they draft a RB as well?
  22. Once again, my thread wasnt started about who is the best. Its who I think will project as top 5 Rb's in 09. Jackson is amazing but his team sucks and he is injury prone. I just dont see him having the numbers as some of the others I mentioned.
  23. Yep. Thats why I didnt put him in the top 5. Also, the Giants like to have multiple ball carries so from a projection standpoint, he might not get the stats the others I mentioned will accumulate. They pull him out of the game in the strangest situations sometimes that just keep me scratching my head.
  24. Last year Matt Forte ran for 1238 yards 8 TD's and caught 63 balls for 477 yards and 4 TD's the only running back better then him catching the ball was MoJo Drew. What are failing to see? The guy is really really good and that was just his rookie season. He is only going to get better.
  25. He had a great, I mean great!, rookie campaign. You must assume he is only going to get better. Throw in Jay Cutler and the threat of the deep ball, which Orton does not possess, and I think Forte is going to see some HUGE lanes this season.
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