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  1. Huh??? You honestly think Big Ben is a better Qb than Peyton Manning. And you believe that so much that you would even go to the length of saying there is HUGE drop off between Peyton and Big Ben. I'm sorry, but that is crazy talk.
  2. Yep. And I think its important to note that we havent had the same oline return for the next season since the Parcells days if I'm not mistaken...something like that. Continuity on the Oline goes a long way.
  3. This is probably the truth. A close competition is most likely going to go to the kid that they traded up to get in this years draft.
  4. I go with Kellen. He knows the play book better and has live experience. He has a better rapport with the WR's and the Oline. It makes sense to let Sanchez sit since we arent forced to throw him to the wolves right out the gate. Give him sometime to see what its like from the sideline to see what an NFL game looks like and then if Kellen falters, you throw him in there and let him take the bumps and bruises of learning how to be a QB at the next level.
  5. Good read. The one thing that makes me nervous about this situation is that from all accounts, Gholston hasnt been the most mentally prepared player out there. This Pace situation instantly puts a ton of a pressure on him. Some players rise to the occasion, while others fail. Usually its the mentally sound players that are able to come through in the end. Lets just hope some of the Veteran leadership is helping instill confidence in Gholston and he believes enough in himself to rise to the occasion.
  6. I agree with the Kurt Warner talk and was going to put him in top the 5 over Rivers, but I am just curious to see if he can keep it going in 09. I was more basing my judgements off of what I thought was going to happen in the upcoming season. So he just barely didnt make it in my eyes...but I cant really argue against it. Since the end of 07 and all of last year, he has been playing as well if not better then anyone in the league.
  7. I'm just not willing to say that he is a top 5 Qb. It was his rookie year, it was very impressive. And Im not decrediting anything he did, but there were a lot of other Qb's playing better then him toward the end of the year that werent even on my list. What is with Jets fans and the tendency to do this with players? 1 year and you are comparing the guy to Marino, jeez. I just said this in another thread, we have the quickest fans to throw someone in the HOF and just as quick to call a player a bust.
  8. Dont be offended, I love you, but I dont think Eli is top 5.
  9. Ryan is an interesting choice. He played well last year but he wasnt really asked to do much. It would be tough for me to put him in the top 10 to be honest. And why are you answering for 124?
  10. I am not quite sure he cracks the top 5.
  11. Pretty bored and tought this would be fun to actually talk Football. Figured we could do a different position each week to keep some Football talking going. This is based off what I think will happen in 09. 1) Peyton Manning 2) Tom Brady 3) Drew Brees 4) Phil Rivers 5) Big Ben Peyton takes the number 1 spot for me because I dont know what Tom will be like coming back from injury. Most Qb's just dont seem the same after serious knee injuries, Carson Palmer and Daunte Culpepper are 2 recent examples that were playing Top 5 ball and fell off big time. Big Ben wouldnt have been there last year but after a 2nd SB, he is on my list. Honor Mentions Kurt Warner Donovan McNabb
  12. Chad Pennington signing with the Dolphins the already heated rivalry to the next level. And I dont know why the article implied that the rivarly had died. Just cause we own them doesnt mean its not a rivarly. Kinda like the way the Gators own the Bulldogs lately. Its still our biggest rival. I hate the ****ing Dolphins more than any other team in all of sports and that will never change. I just hope that Sanchez can keep the recent tradition of owning the Dolphags going in our favor!
  13. I wanted Chris Long or DMC...knew that wasnt going to happen. I just didnt want us to draft Matt Ryan or Vernon Gholston. I would have rather reached for Derrick Harvey or Keith Rivers. The Gholston pick made sense. Its hard to pass on such an athletic talent. And I agree with some of the above statements. Mangini made him think too much. He was making a difficult a transition and Mangini put even more on his plate. Im not part of the Jets fans that anoint a player to the Hall of Fame when they breakout early or throw them to the Hall of Shame for not coming along right away. This is a crazy phenomenon among Jets fans that I have never understood. I think Rex can help him and Im holding out judgment until I see him this year.
  14. He took off plays? How many "plays" was he a part off?
  15. Agreed...I'm not ready to judge anyone's past perfromances in Mangini system. That D is dog ****...literally dog ****. Who knows what Calvin would have done in the first 4 games and how he is going to look in this D.
  16. Yep. The other juicer on our team needs to step it up.
  17. Yes, but you are lying. We all see your picture and you are petite.
  18. Who underrates him? He is being talked about as a top 5 LB'er in the league and he has the 2nd most votes in this thread. I think most people know Ryans is a beast. Beason is the most underrated of all the players on this list...IMO.
  19. Yes, but I dont have a strong addiction to prescription meds. Sorry, but my stomach is growling...and I have totally zeroed in on getting a philly at lunch. Ghey.
  20. Well, thats not what I am saying. I am saying that the comparisons were there and overall, most Jets fans were severly dissapointed with Pennyboy. I am not saying that because Penny sucked and was compared to Montana that now Sanchez is going to suck. I was just warning homeboy that people probably arent going to take this comparison well because the last time we made that comparison for a Jets QB, it blew up in our face.
  21. Oh, thats a great idea for lunch...I going to get a greasy Philly Cheesesteak
  22. Not that I agree or disagree with you but this isnt going to go to well for you considering Pennyboy had similar comparisons....look how that ended up. Just take warning.
  23. He was my second pick, followed by Beason.
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