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  1. I have never said you were retarded, just certifiably insane. This thread however, actually makes some sense, good job buddy!!!! I am a supporter of anyone on this team. Unlike you, I dont have favorites or agendas. My hope is that a 2nd round pick that we blew on Kellen Clemens actually works out for us and he can become the player we drafted him to be because we passed on 3 prospects in that draft, 1 of which we are now apparently trying to trade for... I seriously could careless who our QB is, as long as he plays well. I laugh at all this Brett Ratliff nonsense because just
  2. Wait, if you dont want to waste your time getting into it, then why are you hear again?
  3. LMAO!!! Well said. Some trolls do, most dont. I have never quite understood the mentality of a troll. I have actually tried it before, and it really wasnt fun. It felt creepy. Like I was masturbating to my sisters dolls. What is it guys? Why do you get a kick out of posting on a Jets message board and derailing good conversations by acting like arrogant know it all dweebs? Why do you care if a fan of the lowly Jets wants to be a homer about...say his favorite player or his favorite team? I can understand talking about whats going on in the AFCE an
  4. You are right. He was exposed as a 4th round rookie that was thrusted into a starting position and was forced to shut down WR's with the help of guys like Eric Smith and Abram Elam. 90% of the time for some odd reason, Kerry was playing deep on Revis side, so he got picked on. He had moments of both good and very bad. It didnt help that the longer the season went on, as our pass rush worsened, so did everything else. Lowery was picked on because teams were scared or had no reason, to throw toward Revis and Rhodes. I dont understand that hate for Lowery. Did anyone really expec
  5. First off, this is clearly a Dolphag fan and you have clearly photo shopped over the Dolphag gayness Teel and Florescent Orange, with the beauty of the Green and White. Secondly, is it too late to take my vote back for favorite troll? Your attempt at humor in this thread is making me quite embarrassed.
  6. Unfortunately, I dont know the feeling of winning a SB. Thank god for my brains and the Gators. We are not all as fortunate as you. I wish my team could have had the idea of cheating to win SB's.
  7. If you were a little more responsible with your money maybe you wouldnt need donations...
  8. Vic, thank you for brining the suck back to life. You dedication is impressive to suck the least. Suck off,
  9. Ahh. That patsies are settling for the hope of the playoffs these days. So sad. And how much did your precious Brady help you in 07?
  10. Wow you guys are dense or in serious denial. Its like Lotto, you gotta be in it, to win it. News flash, you guys werent in it. I almost feel bad for you guys. This is obviously taking its toll on you guys.
  11. How can you be in contention when you didnt make the playoffs?
  12. Close. He hasnt had a negative one since his rookie year, but you are definitely in the ball park.
  13. Thats because he had 2 picks his rookie season. Guess how many he has for his career?
  14. You didnt know that Patsies fans invented Football. The things that come out of their mouth Football related are equivalent to the words of the gospel.
  15. + 1. Rody White and Derrick Mason played a HUGE part in the success of young Qb's. Granted, they are veteran WR's, but the concept is the same. A great WR can help a young Qb out in a major way.
  16. LOL How many posts do you have in this thread?
  17. Your avatar is cool. Remind me the outcome of that game?
  18. This guy is potential pro bowler. Great signing.
  19. I dont like it. Personally, I see the level of play going down. The amount of injuries going up. And potential for another couple of expansions teams. Dont do it NFL. Dont fix what isnt broken.
  20. My bad. How easily we forget about things that we are constantly reminded of as if it has some type of significance in todays NFL. Chadwick is God.
  21. Wait a sec. You are complaining to us about whining. You team is so whinny that the league has to change the rules to get them to shut the **** up! Maybe now that we have are changing the game to your teams liking, you guys can back to your winning* ways.
  22. Because they have 2 first round picks, one that can be used for a franchise Qb, the other used to recoup more more picks. Just a thought.
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