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  1. Yep. I took Willis too. The guy is the best in the biz right now.
  2. I think Coles and Cotch are borderline #1's. I actually like Cotch a lot. He is a play maker IMO. And I see your point. This team might be more out of that mold. And I dont neccessarily think we need, you're right we want, but IMO and history definitely supports me, a big play #1 WR, helps in a major way. I agree with most of this but I think T.O. and Chad Johnson was definitely a #1 at one point in his career.
  3. Deon Branch was the SB MVP and he was heavily recruited during FA to be teams #1 WR. Mushin Muhammed is a #1 and he has led the league in receiving. Rice and Brown, I dont care what age, were 2 of the best ever. Bobby Engram was a stretch. The Pats and Ravens you can put in that category for the early 2000's. Im not saying its necessary, but it obviously helps...I mean you cant deny that 85% of th WR's that I posted are top 15/20 in the league...with 32 teams, that IMO constitues a #1 WR. I would only take Cotch over maybe 3 of those names I listed comparing them at the time to Cotch now. You said Championship. The Cardinals won the NFC, I think most Jets fans would be elated with an AFC Championship. Bottom line, Ward and Holmes are studs and #1's on just about any team in the league. Wasnt Holmes the MVP of the SB? And we obviously view #1 WR's differently. To say there are only 5, is insane. Maybe 5 ELITE, but plenty of WR's that I think are #1's.
  4. You keep saying this and it couldnt be further from the truth. Last year, Steelers vs. Cardinals. Hines Ward, Santonio Holmes, Larr Fitz and Boldin. Year before, Randy Moss, Wes Welker and Palxico Burress. Year before, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne and Mushin Mohammed. Year before, Hines Ward, Bobby Engram Year before T.O and Deon Branch. Year before Steve Smith and Deon Branch Year before Keyshawn Johnson, Jerry Rice and Tim Brown. Year before, Torry Holt and Issac Bruce. I mean, where do you come up with this stuff? Championship teams have clearly had a true # 1 receiver. Is it the end all be all, No. But to act like it has no baring on the success of a "championship" team is completely and undeniably false.
  5. Yes, but you werent totally off. After the Kendall debacle we went and signed Faneca and Woody...veterans to lead our young guys and it paid off. Agree IJ, if the line is strong, everything else false into place and that can really be said about both sides of the ball.
  6. I wouldnt count on it.
  7. I actually see it too, but only when my tan is gone. When my tan is in full tan mode, Im just a straight up stud that doesnt need to be compared to others. What?
  8. I often get Noah Wiley...who I know nothing about. But recenlty I have been hearing Dane Cook and I dont if that more because of my personality or if its only when I am rocking a beard.
  9. I feel bad for you.
  10. Sell, some punter will break the record for most record tackles by a punter or something crazy like that. Records were meant to be broken.. B or S LT2 will have more then 8 rushing TD's next season.
  11. Manuel is terrible. And your a Jets fan too?
  12. Is there more leniency when attacking trolls?
  13. Have you been watching this team? There is no way they are going to the playoffs.
  14. Yes. Its not really fun being a Mets fan. Then only thing I can say is that right when I started getting into sports and my family still lived in NY, the Mets won the series. I went to games that year. I was young but I still remember it well. If it werent for that 1 Championship, none of my pro sports teams have won anything in my life time. Thanks Dad. The Islanders won when I was really young, but I dont remember and I not a huge hockey fan, so I dont coun thatc:D Luckily I got into UF and they are in straight domination mode...if it werent for the Gatorsn I would in sports fan hell.
  15. Thanks for the kind words about my pooch. She was my best friend. I loved that damn dog. 19 years of pure loyalty, rest her soul.

  16. Its hard to watch, there is no doubt about it. Are you a Mets fan?
  17. +1 I'm a recruiter and I worked my ass off to get this lady a job. She was out of work for a year and kept getting the runner up in her interviews with my clients. Finally, we find something perfect for her, she interviews and they love her, want her to start immediately. Well, we have to run a background and stuff and during that time frame she was called about a position she interviewed for a couple of months ago and company offered her the job. It was better pay, better benefits, better hours. So she backed out on me for this company. Here's the catch, we work with this other company and they are going out of business. I warned this lady that they were offering her the world because they knew she was gone in a few months Where as, my position was with one of the best companies in town. I told her repeatedly that she would be calling me in a couple of months to let me know she was let go. She didnt listen. 2 months ago after 3 months on the job, she called to tell me she was laid off. Obviously, I felt bad that she was out of work, but my god I talked to her for a hour about how big of a mistake she was making and predicted that exact moment.
  18. I disagree with this entire thread and feel that this is straight contradiction to the site rules and regulations. I thought everyone at the nation was equal and we were to treat everyone with respect and dignity. This thread goes against that whole rational. And you all dared to blame it on us immigrants. I'm out of here. F this place.
  19. LOL @ Sanchez backing up John David Booty. Is that sad?
  20. It was a pricey but worth it. I mean my dog was almost like brand new, she had spunk again. It was really something else. The vet showed me these areas to message as well...pressure points that sent feeling to areas that she was struggling with. You should have seen how she responed...it was likey a doggie O-face. Really amazing stuff. She was a mobile vet to. I mean, when she came to see my dog, she was bleeding from the mouth and just in terrible condition. I'm telling you, within 2 weeks, it was like she was a puppy again. It was almost miraculous!
  21. +1 L.A sucks. San Diego could be the coolest city in the country. But, I'm from the surf/skate culture, so I am biased....but L.A. is just a mess. I dont know how anyone could live in the hell hole. San Fran is a cool place to visist, dont think I could ever live there...but definitely a great place to spend time.
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