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  1. These are all attempts to drive up his value. I dont really see him staying with the team at this point. Maybe its working, the Lions are claiming the #1 is available now.
  2. So does that mean they are only looking to trade for picks....or are they open to trade for a player. Is this a play for Cutler?
  3. They might, they are starting the other Chad in '10. I still doubt it, but at least they are preparing for the future knowing "Chadwick" can only take you so far.
  4. How do you report that Rob asked to get out of his contract while both Head Coaches are claiming just the opposite. Where did they get this info from? Rob himself? I love stories like this, making something out of nothing.
  5. The nip and tuck rule is named after the Patsies too.
  6. I think you were the worst thing for the town and made the game way more difficult than it was. I didnt notice a restriction on Crusher. You just got took on a ride by the Mafia and in the end helped BG win.
  7. Well guys, I must say, I blew potentially the greatest role ever created for a mafia game. When I returned, I was not a Guardian Angel. I was a rival Zombie. It was my job to take down the town. Each night I was allowed to either kill or bite another a player to immediately join me. If I bit a Zombie, my night actions failed. I bit CTM, trying to get the so called Cop to join me and defend my innoncence. If I chose to kill and I chose a zombie, he would only half die. If I wanted him dead I would have had to vote him again. If I voted for a townie, they would de that night.
  8. I told you aholes to go after him next...I also said JVOR, but still.
  9. Wait. So BG was working alone since Vic's death?
  10. Considering we were one of the better running teams in the NFL and we are returning all our starters for the first time since I dont know when...I would say yes, because you can only imagine that we are going to get better. Its no wonder that both Brick and Mangold had the best seasons of their career with Alan playing in between them. 40 mil wasnt to play one season.
  11. We play well in them. But they are ****ing hideous.
  12. LOL!!! For years to come? You must be content with a playoff birth and a first round loss every other year.
  13. U talkin bout Mike Williams?
  14. JiFapono

    My Hope

    Absolutely. I think that Tanny will beon the phone trying to trade back if their guy isnt there at 17.
  15. 15 Lbs in 3 weeks is strange. He as a reach in the first anyway. I wonder how much this hurts his stock?
  16. Gotcha. Thanks for the breakdown. Its definitely not my preference. I think we can get that type of a player later, obviously not that caliber, but maybe some of the names you provided in the later.
  17. Bit, obviously I have a problem with TE in the first again with all the TE talent out there. So let me ask you because I respect your opinion.... How much better is Pettigrew (who would require a first) than say guys like.... Chase Coffman Shawn Nelson Travis Beckum Dan Gronkowski I mean, if we are looking for a blocking TE, these guys are that and can be available in the 3rd possibly 4th.
  18. ****y - true. Pussies - true. Scared becaus they are ****y pussies who cant back up there attitude - true.
  19. And I dont think we need to spend a 1st round pick on a blocking TE. Not to mention, this draft is loaded with TE talent. It would be very foolish IMO to take a TE in the first 2 straight years, especially when at the spot were are in we could potentially take a solid 3-4 DE, 2nd tier WR, or top notch RB or CB. I would be very very upset with a TE and I highly doubt it happens.
  20. Atlanta Falcons select CB - Asher Allen - Georgia 124 is OTC PM Sent
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