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  1. Its a good point. I must say that I thought that way about Favre, but I think its even more the case with Lewis. And the reports are saying that he was kind of discontected from the team. I guarantee you that Lewis wouldnt be that way. If we got Bart Scott, I would be happy as well.
  2. No doubt. But at this point, we need to take how we can get it.
  3. Right. This is coming from the guy who said that none of us stoners make any money. We'll, I was just handed my bonus check!!!!!!!!! Too bad its going straight to my college loan. Yeah, thats right. College Educated and successful and a stoner. I win!
  4. I live in Jax. There is nothing real about the Jags. Nice approach on the interview. The only thing I can say is, make sure you are washing if you decide to take that route again, you dont want to be mistaken for a stinky hippy.
  5. No serioulsy, the guy is stange. I seriously dont know how anyone can respect him on that team after watching that.
  6. Agreed. The 3 areas we need improvement is WR, CB and ILB.
  7. Sorry Tyson, I disagree. The impact Ray could have on this team seriously could last for years even when he's gone. His leadership and intensity is unrivaled by anyone that I have seen in decades. The guy demands accountability from his teamates and the passion he exudes is infectious. This team has lacked identity, emotion and intensity for...well...ever. Ray still has a couple of very good years left and everything he provides extra is worth the money. IMHO Very well written and a great read...just respectfully disagree.
  8. I was watching Live Wire on NFLN the other day....they were showing a lot of Cutler...he is one strange dude.
  9. Saw the same thing. Why in the world would anyone want to go to the Cowboys for anything other than $$$. Ray seems to be the kind of guy that thrives on team unity and the Cowboys are no where near it.
  10. Just further proof that professional athletes love Sticky Icky.
  11. Does anyone have a good year playing for a 0-16 team not named Calvin Johnson? That defense is horrendous. Hodden can flat out ball in the right situations. He knows the 3-4. And can be very productive in a system that brings pressure.
  12. I paid same reason as EY and the rest. Supporting the site. Then some things started to take place that I wasnt cool with so I didnt renew.
  13. Wrong. He was cut because of the hit they were going to take against the cap. He is a baller.
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