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  1. Smooches. QFT. No mystery, its science. Do I get anything for being the inspiration? You guys are starting to see the light. There is no mystery. Its science. Like Newton or Einstein. JiF is teh amazing. Believe in him and all your aspirations will come to fruition.
  2. LOL! Its really a beautiful thing when people start to realize the powers that I contain. I could see it now, Crush and Kleck in drag lining up to place their vote. It would be like that old Bud Light commercial with the dudes in drag trying to get into ladies night. Yes. I would definitely help sell PSL's. Also, I have Chadwick like accuracy and arm strength. And my intangibles are unquestioned. I bet you I could take the Lions from 0-16 to 10-6 division champs in 09 and put HUGE butts in the seats.
  3. Lets start our own list. The "Who's proud not to be on EY's Uppity Bitch List - List". It would be epic.
  4. Yeah but dont you think the majority of women that watch the NFL are overweight? I think I'm in good shape.
  5. Well thats a relief. I have been trying to save you the embarrassment of revealing how small it was because I didnt want it to tarnish you legendary status. Nope, still not ringing a bell. But he surely sounds like a loser that would take after my brilliance. And it wasnt BP, that hat would have been a dead give away. Is Aqua04eva fat?
  6. The real question is, if I were an NFL QB, would I make the TOP 5 hottest QB list? IMO, yes, I would be on that list because I am HOT!!!
  7. Who? He refused? Then who's chain did I yank?
  8. Yes. He looked much better without his shirt on then expected. My golden tan and toned body didnt stand a chance next to his tan anorexic bean pole body. I hear its going straight to blue ray. Well, I had to do something to get you to shut up. You were taking my spotlight and Chad Pennington wasnt available because he was busy losing to the lousy NY Jets. Jealousy is a wasted emotion.
  9. Come'on, he is not my type. You should know better. Long Flowing Golden Locks. ~ nuff said
  10. True. I had the displeasure of meeting him briefly once. It was obvious that he was an uppity bitch the second I met him. The egotistical ******* part I didnt notice until he start pounding his chest inside Dolphag stadium and screaming at the top of his lungs that he was EY the interwebz legend and that all should bow at his feet. I really didnt see that coming.
  11. Sorry, you asked. It wasnt personal, strictly bizness You are special, but nobody is lining up for that kind of special.
  12. Why would anyone want to be you? You arent even kind of special...you are a little bit special. Thats ghey.
  13. FWIW, I was planning on starting thread for top 5 of every position until the season starts but if keeping getting mocked in threads, I will take my ball and run.
  14. 10 pages easily with the amount of homo's that post on this board. And how on earth do you not have Sanchez on this list?
  15. Thank you muffin top. He is definitely not the JiF. I was the first to go to the initials of my user name...all these other chumps followed, EY, CTM, JMJ, GOB, SMC. All the initial users on Jets message board followed my lead. What does this have to do with EY's thread? Not a damn thing.
  16. Its because we trade away our young talent for old vets that are on the downside of their career and are injury prone. They suck. The franchise is doodoo.
  17. Uppity Bitch? I thought you were just an egotistical *******. Hmmm, go figure.
  18. Really? I havent seen too many positive comments coming from those that are outside any affiliation with the Jets.
  19. Yes, this is true. The average IQ among dolphag fans is around 40. Later we will learn that they are all what some may call as mentally retarded. I'm still not sure if he actually believes himself or if he just saying these things for an opportunity to virtually blow Chad Dolphagington on the interwebz.
  20. The concerning thing is that everyone in the organization is claiming he is doing well. All the outsiders looking in are saying different. That makes me nervous...but Im holding out judgment on our entire defense at this point. I want to see what this D looks like with Rex orchestrating chaos.
  21. Ah this just screams for my favorite song... Chad bashing,,,is what I like to do,,, I like Chad bashing with you! However, I dont think it would have gone this route if the homer phin fan didnt start with his nonsense about how Chad is better then Big Ben.
  22. I think the best thing to do is to send your friends some informative material on how swinging can change your life. Maybe Woe was really a god send and was brought to them to spice things up and keep their marriage interesting. Also, it might not hurt to get some personal and professional references on Woe. Maybe if they can here some first hand accounts of the type of work that Woe can do, they will feel more comfortable with the situation. Overall, I dont think its too big of a deal. From your story it almost sounds as if the couple was intrigued but caught off guard. IMO it sounds like with a little more information about swinging, they might become more comfortable with the idea and willing to give it a shot. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball right over the plate when you are expecting a fastball high and tight. You decide to take the pitch because it wasnt what you were expecting and then you dont see another strike for the entire at bat. Think about it.
  23. You call that "hitting on me"? Damn. If thats the case, that man has no game.
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