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  1. Smash, I have no clue why we would no lynch again, if there is mafia and we pull that move, I wouldnt NK again to just F with us. I fear a no lynch leaves us right in the same place, with no knowledge about this game. Vote EY Its apparent to me that we must lynch EY. First off, I think he is lying about his role. This is why, I was told by Doggin that I could even slightly hint at my role. I literally wrote out 10 different scenarios of how I could word hinting toward my role and he told me if I posted any of them, he would mod kill me. We might as well spill as much as we can that we know about this game. Obviously Doggin has restricted what we can say, especially know that roles are not released upon Lynch. EY lied. EY flat out gave his hand away, and I'm not buying it. He has disappeared since. He pushed hard, really hard for the no lynch. He posted numbers, odds and scenarios and the 2nd CTM joined the charge, EY unvoted. With all the theories CTM is posting, this scares me. Could they be linked, maybe EY converted CTM last night. EY was the first to bring up the conversion scenario. Bottom line is, lynching EY tells us something and that is more then we can say about anything else right now. Even if he does kill someone upon his lynch (which I think he wont), it at least gives us some inkling to wtf is going on. Right now, this is what we MUST do, because it gives us information and thats the only play that guarantees that at this point in the game.
  2. Good point. That would make sense. If not, we better hope Bryan Thomas plays HUGE or Ghoston figures out how to play Football, cuz I dont see much a pass rush any where else.
  3. I dont think its all that bad.
  4. CTM always orchestrates, its kind of his thing. Sometimes its good, most of the time its really bad. How so? Yes. I noticed this too. You are som observent my muffin top. Pac is not being his doucheself. Though his little break down was funny. That said, doesnt it always seem when a player does that little breakdown that they're scum? I swear, I know I've done it and know I've seen it happen for others. I said this early and you werent into the idea. Why the change of heart?
  5. Agreed. Let him watch us get our asses kicked the first 3 games. No need to subject him to that, and only will take less pressure off him when he comes in and we have a losing record. There will be no expectations because nobody expect a rookie to save a season. Also, you have to take into consideration how much experience these other QB's had in college. Sanchez doesnt have a ton and the experience he does have, is different then most. He team dominated and he never had to put them on his back and will them to victory. He is going to have to do this with our offense and even if he out plays Kellen, that does mean he will be able to do this and we shouldnt ask it of him immediately.
  6. So we are taking the word of some kid that Percy was saying all this stuff to him on a visit? Even so, who cares? You're plain ignorant if you dont think all these guys smoke. They do. And if he was able to party and have a good time and still peform the way he did...more power to him. The guy was the best offensive player on 2 Nat'l Champ teams. I do think its funny though that WR's are notorious for this type of behavior.
  7. Nice breakdown and those were all the questions I was running through my head, what about the potential of only 1 scum? This player needs to convert before he can kill? So potentially last night there was no kill because he couldnt until he converted someone to become a commie. Doesnt really explain outside the box thinking though, because its still standard assuming Doggin didnt put the restrictions he did on me when I was cult leader (dickhead), but then it would explain him telling everyone that there was no chance to win. I dont know, just thinking out loud here... Until I hear from EY, he's my number 1 suspect. That move was shaddy, he hasnt posted since, yet he has had some posts in the main forum. As far as a possible slip from Kleck, its definitely note worthy but it could be genuine. He has had a lot of questions, but how perfect would that be if he was a commie. Play dumb (though not hard for him) and just go under the radar asking questions and playing confused.
  8. Maybe he didnt convince you but I think he definitely persuaded you especially with the threats on your life if you were a part of his lynch. But that would be so fun.
  9. Its not so much about the vote as it is about him pushing so hard and then unvoting the no lynch. Its strange, especially when he was "diggin his heels" and taking his stance to switch right when he convinced CTM and the theory was gaining steam. Fully. Im just wanted to hear from him because I figured he had something up his sleeve. EY is a good scum hunter, thought maybe he was going to pull a "gotcha". Am I the only one bothered by his move?
  10. I was hoping to hear from EY before this happened, but I agree its only delaying the inevitable. Still want to hear why he pushed so hard for the no lynch and then unvoted right when he convinced CTM. Doggin's not usually active during the weekend, me thinks we are still waiting to Monday to find anything out.
  11. If Doggin is only revealing alignment upon death, then I doubt he would allow anyone roled up to reveal their role.
  12. EY - whats the deal? You are pushing pushing pushing no lynch. Running numbers, throwing out scenarios and you unvote the second you convince CTM to go along with it. Now the ****ing theory is at L-1 and you arent too be found. You are obviously up to something, please ease my curiosity or my boredom with this stalemate is going to make me vote for the no lynch.
  13. I'm just not into chicks that are bigger than me. Nothing wrong with being fat, I <3 Crusher. Its just that Football is such a violent sport. I would just take you as more of a chess fan.
  14. Since you decided to go no vote, you have been sticking with it, no doubt. Thats not what I mean when I said you are all over the place, I was referring to your actions and not your vote. You have been all over the place with your posting. And I like your style, its similar to my typical play. And you havent played over here yet, but Vic is just a dick. Thats his style.
  15. Here's the issue, I dont think we are going to get a train giong to get anyone lynched at this point. Smash is all over the place, but dont make the rookie mistake of getting blinders for one guy. At this point, its not going to happen. We have the no lynch at L-1 right now, does anyone think that they have a solid case that those of us against the no lynch can cling to, post it now, because I think we have reached a stalemate and I'm tempted to vote no lynch to get the game going.
  16. How is that running with my tail between legs? I never changed my vote, I made very astute comment and Im willing to bet Im 100% right, EY has the ability to kill people upon lynch. And doodoo brain you are the one who is voting for no vote, not me. Poop face, you suck.
  17. That fine, I dont like fat chicks, they just love me. Doesnt mean a thin girl cant love me, if you want to.
  18. What are you talking about? I havent changed my vote, nor am I running for anything. In fact, I said that it looks like EY was setting CTM up for something and it makes me warry of him. So poop on your face.
  19. You are confusing the hell out of me, probably intentfully, but I hear what you are saying here and I think you set CTM up to make the move he did only to do exactly what you are doing now...I recognized immediately, but its also starting to make me warry of you.
  20. Thanks for the reports Tom. But now who is going to give us reports? Very happy to hear our bust for a QB played well last night.
  21. Really? Just because of a threat from that uppity bitch. I dont get it either and not just because he is a dbag. Its not like EY was closed to being lynched, he just caved in. Not following....how so?
  22. Muffin top, just the thought of you keeps me warm at night.
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